China News Service, July 22. According to Korea Radio International, the 34th Echelon of the Qinghai Forces dispatched by South Korea to the Gulf of Aden returned home early on the 20th due to a collective infection of the new crown.

According to the PCR test results after returning home, 270 officers and soldiers tested positive and 31 were negative.

  Currently, 14 officers and soldiers of this force are receiving hospitalization.

Some critics have criticized that the collective infection incident was caused by the Ministry of National Defense and the Joint Staff Headquarters' laissez-faire treatment of the Ching Hai troops.

  According to reports, none of the officers and soldiers on the ship was vaccinated with the new crown vaccine, which caused a large-scale mass infection.

  According to the report, in the first and second quarters of the new crown vaccination plan formulated by the Ministry of National Defense, only the vaccination plan of the medical force and the personnel scheduled to be stationed is included.

In April 2021, the Ching Hai troops were not taken into consideration when negotiating with the Disease Management Agency on the vaccination of the dispatched troops.

  The reporting system is also full of loopholes.

On July 2nd, the Qinghai Army had the first symptom, and nine days later, the number of symptomatics soared to more than 100. However, the Joint Staff Headquarters did not understand the situation until the report was received on the 10th.

  The Ministry of National Defense's Office of Inspectors will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the Joint Staff Headquarters, Navy, and Medical Command from the 22nd.