The homicide department of the Palma police is expected to conclude its investigation into the fatal assault on the Spanish island of Mallorca on Thursday, local newspaper

Última Hora reported


This should immediately lead to a request to Dutch colleagues to arrest the eight identified suspects.

The newspaper previously wrote that the judiciary wants the suspects between the ages of 18 and 20 to be placed in pre-trial detention pending trial.

This is partly because a number of suspects or their families would have "a lot of resources" and there would therefore be a risk of flight.

The suspects are said to have deployed "an army of lawyers" in both the Netherlands and Mallorca to prevent extradition to Spain, to find out exactly who is accused of what and to find out whether surrender to the Spanish can be negotiated. justice.

The police wanted to arrest the group last week in their holiday home near Palma, but twelve of the thirteen suspects turned out to have flown back to the Netherlands at once.

The straggler could be arrested at the airport on Friday and was interrogated, but was released because he would not have participated in the fatal assault.


Deadly assault in Mallorca: should suspects go to Spain?

Victim kicked by two suspects

A group of thirteen youths attacked passers-by on the island's beach in the early hours of July 14.

They also attacked a group of five compatriots.

One of them was also kicked in the head.

The 27-year-old man from Waddinxveen died on Sunday as a result of sustained brain injury.

The Spanish police have surveillance cameras on the beach and therefore images of the abuse. According to

Última Hora, it

is therefore known to the Homicide Department that at least eleven suspects did not kick the victim who was lying on the ground and who later died.