(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Does China not allow the joint expert team to go to the South China seafood market for on-site inspections?

Official response

  China News Agency, Beijing, July 22 (Reporter Li Chun) In response to external voices questioning that China would not allow the joint expert team to visit the South China Seafood Market for field visits, Liang Wannian, the Chinese leader of the China-WHO Joint Research Expert Group on the Traceability of New Coronavirus, 22 Responded in Beijing that the joint expert group had visited the South China Seafood Market to learn more about the market.

  The State Council Information Office held a press conference in Beijing on the 22nd to introduce the traceability of the new crown virus.

Liang Wannian said that the joint expert team visited the South China Seafood Market at that time and had discussions and exchanges with relevant merchants and managers to learn more about the situation of the South China Seafood Market, including the distribution of stalls, types of items sold, merchant structure, management, and regulatory requirements. Wait.

  Liang Wannian pointed out that after finishing the on-site work, there are a lot of scientific issues that need further discussion. After the foreign experts of the joint expert group returned, the Chinese experts have maintained good communication and contact with them.

Throughout the traceability process, scientists have always upheld the spirit of seeking truth and established a good relationship.

  Regarding the follow-up testing of blood specimens from the new crown epidemic in Hubei residents, Liang Wannian said that if early specimens, especially blood specimens, can be tested, it will help trace the earliest cases.

The Wuhan Blood Center has retained blood samples, but experts pointed out that this is only used to deal with medical disputes or legal proceedings that may be caused by blood transfusion, and it is retained in accordance with the National Blood Center Management Measures.

After discussion, when the blood samples of Wuhan Blood Center expire and meet the requirements of the blood station management measures, China will start the next phase of research work.

  Liang Wannian pointed out that at present, the Chinese side has made a demonstration on blood testing methods and testing implementation plans in advance, and will implement them when they expire.

Relevant Chinese institutions also stated that they will notify the Chinese and foreign expert teams of the results in a timely manner.