An alarm about a ground fire in the grass next to the clubhouse was received by the rescue service at 03.22.

When the rescue service arrived at the scene, the clubhouse was on fire and the house could not be saved.

- When we arrived at the scene, the cabin was completely overheated, says the rescue service's external commander Dick Svennefelt.

Post-extinguishing on Thursday

The extinguishing work continued until about eight o'clock in the morning.

On Thursday morning, fire residues remained in the ground and burned, but the rescue service had handed over the post-extinguishing work to the association.

Club chairman Hans Mellquist was called by the alarm center last night.

- I threw on my clothes and went here and then got to see how our locker room was in the bright light, says Hans Mellquist, chairman of Visborgs orienteering club.

Investigated as arson

Visby orienteering club has about 400 members and the clubhouse is located about a mile outside central Visby next to Stora Vede.

At present, the rescue service does not know how the fire originated, and the police will investigate the fire as a suspected arson.

No person was injured in the fire.

Hear club president Hans Mellquist talk about the fire last night in the video.