After a Defense Council, Jean Castex spoke on Wednesday at the 1 p.m. newscast on TF1 to detail the modalities of the extension of the health pass, in force in places of culture and leisure.

But the Prime Minister has not announced any braking measures against the epidemic, thus referring the decision to the prefects.

The Prime Minister spoke on Wednesday in the 1 p.m. newspaper of TF1 to detail the modalities of application of the health pass against the coronavirus.

From now on, access to certain cultural and leisure establishments open to the public is therefore subject to this system.

However, Jean Castex has not proposed any national braking measure against the Covid epidemic, while the number of contaminations has jumped by 140% in a week and many tourist areas are concerned. 

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"We need very strong measures"

It refers to the prefects the decision to take local and targeted measures, as is already the case in Haute-Corse and in the Pyrénées-Orientales, namely the closing of bars and restaurants at 11 p.m. or the obligation wearing the mask outdoors. Restrictions far too insufficient for Jean-Paul Stahl, professor of infectious diseases at Grenoble University Hospital. "The epidemic is on the rise and I think that for the time being we are watching it flare up. Medically there are no miracles, very strong and undoubtedly very temporary measures are needed," he said. "A two-week confinement seems perhaps sufficient at the point where we are now. Or a closure of the places of contamination." 


- Covid: "It will be difficult to put in place new restrictions"

Still, according to him, there are no other solutions to curb the dynamics of recent weeks.

"Recent data show a contamination of + 675% in people who have frequented bars," continues Jean-Paul Stahl.

But as the professor reminds us, his point of view is purely medical.

The level of acceptance of new strict measures would indeed be almost zero, not to mention those vaccinated.

But as recalled by the Prime Minister, who also did not definitively rule out a possible re-containment if necessary, 96% of the infected people identified on Tuesday had not received an injection.