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Biden: The pandemic is for people who have not been vaccinated

The pandemic is for people who have not been vaccinated, US President Joe Biden said Wednesday evening during his first so-called town hall meeting since taking office. The 'question time' was broadcast live by 


. Biden started the evening with a message to Americans who are skeptical about vaccinations.

"It's very simple, we are dealing with a pandemic for people who have not been vaccinated," the US president said, according to whom of all 10,000 Americans who die from the effects of the coronavirus, 9,950 are unvaccinated.

The US president expects that children under the age of 12 may soon also be eligible for a corona vaccination.

It may already be "end of August", Biden said.

In addition to the coronavirus, Biden also discussed the US economy and reputation abroad.

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Corona measures on Bonaire due to an increase in the number of infections

Bonaire will increase the security risk on the island to level two from July 23 due to the increase in the number of corona



Lieutenant Governor Edison Rijna announced this on Wednesday.

Although there are no corona patients in hospital, he calls the situation "worrying".

Those who have not yet been fully vaccinated are especially at risk of becoming very ill, says Rijna.

Since last Monday, all travelers, also from the Netherlands, have to take a PCR test five days after arrival on Bonaire.

From July 23, it is no longer allowed to sing and dance together on the island.

Discos and nightclubs must close, events must not exceed 50 people.

For indoor sports, only 50 percent of the maximum allowed audience may be present.

Restaurants and gyms have to start registering visitors again.

According to Rijna, the number of infections is mainly due to the delta variant found on the island.

On July 9, there were four people infected on the island, twelve days later there are seventeen.

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New York introduces vaccination obligation for healthcare providers

The American city of New York is tightening the corona rules for employees of public hospitals. They must be vaccinated or undergo a weekly corona test, reports 

The New York Times

. This concerns more than 42,000 hospital employees and part of the personnel of the Public Health Department of the municipality. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio opts for that emergency measure, according to the newspaper, because the delta variant of the corona virus is spreading and two million adults in the city are still not vaccinated.

According to official figures, about 65 percent of adults have been fully vaccinated.

There are, however, major differences between neighbourhoods.

The vaccination rate among employees of public hospitals is about 60 percent.

The new rules will come into effect at the beginning of August.

It is unclear whether the municipality also wants to tighten the policy for other government personnel, such as teachers and police officers.

The metropolis does not go as far as San Francisco with the new rules.

There, the local authorities have already announced that everyone who works for the municipality will eventually be subject to a vaccination obligation.

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vaccination sites will close


As more and more people have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and the vaccination rate is decreasing, some major vaccination sites will close soon. The last shots will be taken in the Expo Houten on 4 August. The locations in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht and De Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort will also be closed at the end of August, the GGD region of Utrecht reports.

"Almost everyone who is eligible for vaccination has now been fully or partially vaccinated, has scheduled an appointment or has received an invitation. We still schedule thousands of appointments every week, but those numbers are already declining," the health service explains.

The large capacity that the GGDs have built up to vaccinate large groups of people as quickly as possible will "be no longer needed".

"We are shifting our focus to smaller-scale vaccination, in all municipalities in our region and in specific neighborhoods where the vaccination rate is still lagging behind."

This can be done with or without an appointment.

In other regions it is already possible to get a corona jab without an appointment.

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