720 euros in cash, a vaccination certificate not established in his name, and social security numbers written on a sheet.

According to the Actu17 site, this is what the search carried out by the police in the home of a 30-year-old woman in Grenoble gave.

She was arrested on Wednesday at the main vaccination center in Grenoble, at Alpexpo.

"Suspected of establishing false vaccination certificates", she was placed in police custody, the prosecution said Thursday.

"The suspect's custody has just been extended and additional information will be given later," adds prosecutor Eric Vaillant.

Police intervention on "suspected fraud"

According to Actu17, the suspect was surprised as she validated false certificates of vaccination against Covid-19.

“There was a suspicion of fraud.

The police intervened ”in this vaccinodrome installed in the Grenoble exhibition center, as confirmed by the prefecture of Isère.

This vaccination center performs around 4,700 injections per day.

Contacted, the Grenoble University Hospital, which participates in its operation, indicated that it did not want to make "any comment".

Last week, six people were indicted, including two imprisoned, in an investigation into trafficking in false vaccination certificates conducted by the Paris prosecutor's office.


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