"Mio, what are you doing? Haha, he asks."

Air Force Sergeant A, who made an extreme choice last May due to sexual violence and secondary persecution in the military base.

She was originally a 'butler' who raised cats.

One of the most precious memories of her life was the memories she had with her cats.

Sergeant A's older brother also included in the tribute song, unable to forget the voice his sister enjoyed with her cat 'Mio'.

Her happy voice and deep longing for her family became a song 'I'll Remember' with the efforts of her older brother, and was released to the world yesterday (21st).

A father who promised his daughter, “I will see you again in heaven,” a mother who said, “I was so happy that you came as my daughter,” an older brother who struggles to say, “Let’s meet later and have fun”, and even the voices of friends shouting “I will remember” to her. The last goodbye became music.

The promise not to forget and the promise to meet again in the distant future became a record to remember her longer.

Yesterday, I had a phone interview with my older brother Boreum (stage name), who wrote and composed this tribute song for my sister. After serving as a bass guitarist in the Navy's military band, he has been active as a bass player and aspiring composer since June 2019 under the stage name of 'Boreum'. Along with his life as an artist, as an after-school teacher and bass entrance instructor, as well as a part-time worker who goes back and forth between outlets and chicken houses, he is silently making a living by enduring the weight of four roles per person.

He asked why he wrote the song while enduring the pain at a time when he, who seemed to lack 24 hours a day, would have struggled with the sorrow of losing his younger brother. The answer returned was simple. “The fact that I had to live without my brother and that my brother would be forgotten in the world, these two things were the scariest things for me. I did what I could so that my brother, who grew up bright in an ordinary family, could be remembered for a little longer I decided to do it." The full text of the interview, which lasted about an hour, is as follows:

Q. The song you composed, I was deeply moved by it. Thank you for agreeing to the interview.

A. Thank you.

Q. You said you originally majored in music? Please introduce yourself.

A. Yes. After serving as a bass guitarist in the Navy's military band, he has been active under the stage name 'Boreum' since he was discharged in June 2019. Last year, I participated in the K-culture festival as a session on the stage of singers Lin-nim and Ben-nim. Although he has mainly worked as a bass player, he is also an aspiring composer. In the meantime, I have composed several songs, but I have never released a sound source. Originally, I was going to write a congratulatory song if my younger brother had not had this incident, and if the marriage had gone as planned... . I didn't know that I would be making a song like this this time.

Q. Did you write and compose the tribute song for your younger brother?

A. Yes. I wrote lyrics, composed, arranged, and played bass. The song wasn't sung by me, but by a friend of mine who knew my brother. He's a friend I've been wanting to do music with since middle school. Because I'm not that good at singing... . (Laughter) Still, I thought it would be nice if my friend who knew my younger brother would sing for me, so I asked a friend.

Q. Is the female voice in the beginning of the song and your brother's voice correct?

A. Yes. Among the three cats my sister had, there was a friend named Mio. My younger brother filmed a video while playing with that 'Mio' in the past, and it's his voice in the video. My brother really liked cats. It was a happy memory, so I put it in front.

Q. When did you decide to write this song?

A. It was about a week after my brother passed away. I thought a lot about what I could do for my brother. But the only thing I can express is music... . I wrote the song for that purpose, asking me to remember my younger brother a little more through music. And it looks like it took less than a week to complete.

Q. It must have been a difficult time for you both physically and mentally, but it must have been very difficult for you to work on a song that requires you to be more immersed in the emotion of sadness.

A. For me, the fear of living without my brother and the scariest thing about my brother was being forgotten in the world. I was so scared that my brother would be forgotten by people. In fact, no matter what happens, one day it will be forgotten. So that was kind of scary, and I wanted people to know about it a little bit longer. So what can I possibly do... . I've been thinking a lot about what I should do now. To be honest, I am very tired and exhausted both mentally and physically right now, but I am working hard not to show off to my parents. It was a lot of hard work for me too, but nevertheless, I wanted my younger brother not to be forgotten even more. I wanted more people to know about it for a while longer. So I decided. I vowed to do what I could so that my brother could be remembered even a little longer.

Q. As a younger sister, what kind of person was Sergeant A? And I wonder what kind of memories the two of you shared as siblings.

A. In middle school, we were often referred to as 'real siblings'. They were brothers and sisters who didn't even talk for days after they had a fight. Since then, the younger brother has been separated since high school, and it seems that they have become close friends. When their birthdays came, they gave each other pocket money, and when my younger brother was promoted to sergeant, I gave them pocket money and congratulated them. My brother and I didn't say things like, "Is it hard? Cheer up", but I think it was a brother and sister who took care of each other secretly.

I was very proud of my brother. While working part-time at a chicken restaurant, when I heard that my brother had come home, I would buy one or two chickens he liked and take them home. At that time, I miss the house filled with atmosphere so much... The memory of that time remains. It makes me cry and sad that I can't do that now.

My younger brother was very aegyo when he came home. To be honest, I'm not the type to have aegyo towards my parents. When my brother came, the house became warm. It was really fun.

Q. Have you ever heard directly from your younger brother regarding sexual assault and secondary harm?

A. (Around March) When my brother heard that his boss persuaded him to cover up this problem, I was with him at that time. I remember stroking my brother's hair and comforting him. He didn't explain everything to me, but he knew what he was going through. I really wanted to go to my brother's place and do something, but I was worried that things would go wrong if I intervened. But if I had known it would be like this... I have deep regrets.

Q. It seems that you have a lot to say about the incident.

A. I want many people to sympathize and understand that the daughter of a family who grew up so ordinary and bright in such an ordinary family has become so damaged and difficult because of bad people, and that this must never happen again. She was a daughter from a family that was too ordinary for others to feel, but now she has become like this. I hope you remember it for a long time.

Q. Let me ask you a little more about the song 'I'll Remember'. At the end of the song, I could hear the voices of myself, my family, and the voices of my friends. Wasn't the recording process mentally difficult?

A. Actually, it wasn't easy. Most of the voices were recorded with a cell phone, so there were no restrictions on the location, but it was very difficult mentally. My dad sent me several recordings. You cried a lot when you first sent it. So, I said, 'Father, I know how you feel, but if you cry too much, please put your mind to it again and let it go.' My mother suppressed her heart and sent her away. My voice was recorded in the studio, and my brother's close friends and my friends recorded the last part of shouting 'I will remember' together.

Q. You put your last greetings to your younger brother in a voice letter in the song.

A. My family and I wanted to make a promise to my brother. I put it in to promise it. Even if the overall content of the lyrics is a little difficult, I will live while taking care of my parents even if it is my younger brother, so please rest comfortably, see you later and have fun. So, I wrote lyrics that contain that promise.

Q. Are you working on anything other than music?

A. I make a living by doing various jobs. After school, I am also a secondary school teacher in the band club. I am also an instructor for bass and guitar entrance exams. I do private lessons and go to work at the academy. To be honest, chicken restaurants are going out, and outlets are going out too.

Q. So, are there more than four jobs you do for a living?

A. Yes. There are now four. In fact, it was for my younger brother that I had to do this much work now. We used to drive used cars all the time. At my sister's wedding, I wanted my family to go to the ceremony with a nice new car... . So let's work hard to raise money. There are a lot of things I need to do now anyway, but until then, I've worked a lot with the intention of trying harder.

Q. You seem to be having an insanely busy day.

A. To be honest, it's really hard if you don't do this. Since I worked as a younger brother, there are a lot of times when I'm very dazed. Because whether I'm meeting my friends or going to work, when I suddenly think of my brother, I'm like, 'Oh, can I meet my friends like this?', 'What am I doing now? My brother went like this... .' I keep thinking like this. So there are many times when I am dazed, but I am trying to overcome it.

Q. After finishing the song, did you ever think, 'Your brother must have been comforted too'?

A. On the one hand, I thought, 'It must have been a comfort', but on the other hand, should I call it emptiness? I ran to see only one, but that one is over... . How should I live my life with what goals now? I feel this emptiness. After the sound comes out. Mother and father were very sad as they cried when they heard the song.

In a way, I am now an aspiring professional composer rather than a full-time composer. Now, while working part-time like this, I am writing songs while saving my living expenses. I plan to continue making music and promoting in the future. I have to take good care of my parents while doing my music. Even to keep the promise I made with my brother.