Recently, in Korea, the number of presumed breakthrough infections that are infected with the Corona virus is rapidly increasing in Korea. Among them, the most common cases of infection even after receiving the Janssen vaccine, a study result was announced that this Janssen vaccine may require additional vaccination due to the low efficacy of the delta mutation, which is spreading rapidly in Korea. Decided to start a discussion on whether booster vaccination is necessary in the United States, where the delta mutation has spread.

Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung from Washington.


This is a research paper published by Professor Landau and others from New York University Medical School on the effectiveness of vaccines based on blood analysis results of vaccinated people.

The New York Times reported that the Janssen vaccine may be ineffective in responding to the delta mutation, so booster shots and additional vaccinations may be required.

Although laboratory analysis has not yet been evaluated by fellow researchers, the paper concludes that the 13 million Americans vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine may need a booster shot, the newspaper noted.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) plans to hold an expert meeting tomorrow (23rd) to discuss the need for booster shots.

[Wollensky / CDC Director (hearing yesterday): Although the effectiveness of the vaccine will decrease, it is expected that it will not drop sharply. We are watching the effect diminish, and there will be time to act.] The number

of daily corona infections in the United States is now approaching 40,000.

As the delta mutation spread, it exploded by nearly 200% compared to two weeks ago.

There are concerns that if the US decides to inoculate the booster shot, which is a trouble even after accumulating vaccines, it may adversely affect the global vaccine supply.