China News Service Client Beijing, July 21. The extreme heavy rainfall in Zhengzhou, Henan Province has attracted national attention.

  Severe waterlogging, traffic paralysis, passengers being trapped, network and power outages...Any news about Zhengzhou affects everyone's heart.

  The whole country is paying attention to Zhengzhou. So, what has happened to this city of more than 12 million people?

  In the past ten hours, we have interviewed people who were in Zhengzhou. They were either trapped overnight, helping each other in distress, or going retrograde... In the intermittent Internet and telephone signals, we recorded their "storm stories". .



All the way home, strangers help each other"

  Xiaohui (pseudonym), 29 years old, architect:

  When I got out of the unit, the water had already reached my knees, and the electric car was swaying around. The owner of the shop next to me helped me lift the car up three steps in the rain and put it under the canopy of his house.

  After walking 100 meters, I met the first intersection. I saw a girl crossing the road was washed away by the water and was brought back by two warriors. A strange girl with a similar destination and I helped each other and walked forward. With the water that has already flooded the roof of the car and the big waves slapped in front of me, I knew I would not be able to go back for a while.

On July 20, there was continuous heavy rainfall in Henan, causing serious water accumulation in some streets.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Zhangyun

  After waiting for about 20 minutes, we were surprised and pleasantly surprised when we saw firefighters arrived!

Hearing from the person next to him, he came to rescue the elder brother who was holding the tree on the other side of the "river". He had been trapped beside the drowned car for a long time.

  The firefighter pulled the rope. At this time, I was soaked, my feet started to cramp, and my left knee was aching. I thought it would be impossible to wait for someone to save it. After discussing with the firefighter, we decided to pull the rope little by little. Move to the other side...

  Finally, we went to the next intersection. The water was too urgent. We ran into the eldest brother who was picking up the child. Five or six people were pulling, shouting, and moving. I didn’t know how long I had been walking. I was more than 1.7 meters tall. When the water was the deepest all the way, it flooded to the chest, and was almost on the shoulders of the girl with him.

  At the intersection of Songshan, I had to be separated from the older brother who was picking up the child. It seems that we are not good enough. The older brother said that I will send you to the other side of the road. The traffic police saw that we were struggling.

  For the first time in more than 20 years, I felt that kind of life-threatening fear, and I was also moved from the heart by the help from strangers. I hope everyone is safe.

"The subway line 5 that had an accident is behind my train."

  Jiao Yajie, 28 years old, company employee:

  The subway that happened yesterday (20th) is the car behind me.

  At about five o'clock in the afternoon, our company asked to leave early, saying that the company was going to cut out the power.

I want to go from Jinshui East Road to the Central Hospital, which happens to be on Line 5.

Passengers queuing in Zhengzhou subway station on July 20.

Source: Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  The rain was heavy and the subway was crowded. The car stopped shortly after passing the beach temple station. Then the lights in the car were dimmed, and the air conditioning and exhaust systems were stopped. People in the crowded car had difficulty breathing.

  Fortunately, our car started again in more than ten minutes, but the car behind was filled with water and did not drive out.

  When I saw the news on Line 5 at night, I was really scared, and even had a psychological shadow on the subway.

The heavy rain has not stopped. My house now has electricity, but the water is turned off. Our small shop downstairs is still open, but mineral water is not easy to buy.

  The terrain here is high and the water accumulation is not serious, but the road surface is partially collapsed.

The rain is still falling, and I did not go to work today.


"Because of a socket, there is a long line at the train station toilet door"

  Kaixi (pseudonym), 26 years old, company employee:

  At 14:56 on the 20th, I ended my training in Tianjin and returned to Zhengzhou. Our 12 people embarked on the high-speed train back to Zhengzhou. At that time, no one thought that rain would cause us so much trouble.

People resting in the waiting hall of Zhengzhou East Railway Station on the evening of July 20.

Source: Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  At Xinxiang East Station, the conductor told the passengers: There are several trains returning directly, without continuing to Zhengzhou.

Although it was late, but fortunately, our car arrived at Zhengzhou East Railway Station at around eight o'clock in the evening.  

  After getting out of the carriage, I found that the train on the opposite side was full of people, and that train was leaving Zhengzhou.

The power outage in the departure hall has long since gone, the large electronic screen has been extinguished, and only the emergency lights are on.

  We have to soak in the water when we go out. We can't go back home. We decided to stay at the station temporarily because there will definitely be rescuers delivering water and food.

  Some of the girls in the same group had emotional breakdowns, and none of them had ever experienced such isolation.

My dad kept reminding me on the phone to keep the battery on the phone and not lose the connection.

  There was a long line in front of a bathroom in the station. The line was not for going to the bathroom, but because the bathroom had an electric socket.

  It was late at night, water and food in the station were already in short supply, and snacks such as melon seeds were also hard to find.

On the evening of July 20, at Zhengzhou East Railway Station, some stranded passengers slept on the conveyor belt.

Source: Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  Countless people are sleeping in their clothes in the lobby of Zhengzhou East Railway Station. A few of us discussed and took turns to take care of the valuables. Each time one person wakes up and replaces the last person on duty.

  At 6 o'clock in the morning on the 21st, we finally waited until the company came to pick up our news. Near noon, we finally arrived at the company.

After a night of heavy rain, the company already has water, electricity and food, and there is no problem with living needs.

"After more than ten hours from get off work, I finally got home"

  Yang Yang (pseudonym), 33 years old, company employee:

  When I got off work in the heavy rain, I was going to get off at Liuzhuang Station on Line 2, but when the car drove to Guanhutun, I was told to get off.

  Forced to get off the subway, my colleague and I sat in the subway chair. We also had an old lady who had just returned from Wuhan, carrying a large suitcase. I really don't know how she is now, and I am very worried.

On July 20, Zhengzhou Metro Line 2 Guanhutun Station.

Source: Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  The subway was out of service and the staff let us out.

My colleague and I were trapped at the gate of China World Trade Center until 7:30, and we had no choice but to wade through the water to Jianye Kaixuan Square.

The water was deep on the road, and a girl fell in the water, but soon someone pulled her up.

  After arriving at Triumph Square, we finally found a restaurant to eat.

It was late at night, and a friend inquired about a news that a company not far from us allowed trapped people to go in and rest.

  So, in the early hours of the morning, we finally had a place to stay, and it was still raining outside.

  Today (21st) at 6 o'clock in the morning, the rain outside is lighter, and the stagnant water is also shallower. I decided to go home, first by car, then wading, and finally home.

  On the night of being trapped, I watched videos of other people being trapped in the subway, and it felt like a nightmare and desperate.

  I only hope that the disaster will pass quickly, and that everyone can get home in peace. 


"In the

heavy rain, I saw a cat being washed away"  

  Sun (pseudonym), 29 years old, civil servant:

  I worked in a field and just returned to Zhengzhou on the 20th. Because it was too rainy, I did not choose to enter the city. Instead, I lived at my brother’s house. His house is a little bit south of Zhengzhou Erqi District. Due to the high terrain. , So I was not flooded.  

  In my impression, this was the worst flood since 1996. At night, there was only 2G network at home, and there was only intermittent 4G signal this morning.

On July 20, the heavy rain in Zhengzhou caused serious water on the road area.

Source: Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  The water and gas at home are cut off, the surrounding supermarkets and shopping malls are almost closed, and the supermarkets that are not closed have basically nothing to sell.

However, the family still has food and ten barrels of purified water, and the situation may be a little better than other families.

  The surrounding roads have been closed, and the traffic in the city is paralyzed. It is estimated that it is impossible to travel.

As far as I know, even in places around the city that are not so seriously affected, such as factories, water and electricity have been cut off, and the water has reached the knees or even the thighs.

  Under severe waterlogging, the lives of animals are also threatened. Last night, I saw a cat was washed away. I wanted to take a photo at that time, but unfortunately I didn't get it.  

"The stagnant water has covered my calf, I played the guitar"

  Bajie (pseudonym), 26 years old, restaurant chef:

  My restaurant has just started trial operation for half a month. After eating at noon yesterday, I am preparing to discuss the upcoming Tanabata menu.

  The water in the restaurant has passed the calf, and the sewer is beginning to flow back.

The rain was endless, making people a little desperate. I suddenly remembered Chopin's piano music, so I picked up the guitar and played Richard's "The Wedding in a Dream" (because only this).

On July 20, a chef played a guitar in a flooded restaurant.

Source: Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  I really wanted to curse at that time...too weak.

  The rain did not stop, so we had to move all the wooden homes. At that time, the water in the house was nearly 40 cm, and there was about 1 meter outside the house.

  The restaurant will continue to operate normally afterwards. I hope that all people who have been affected by the disaster can get through the difficulties as soon as possible. The restaurant is small. What we can do is not to run around or add chaos. I hope everyone is well.

  On the way back this morning, my mobile phone got a signal. Many friends sent messages of condolences. Some friends on Weibo gave me encouragement. I also watched many scenes that made people cry. I couldn’t say anything about it, but everything settled down. Life has to go on. It's hard to walk, and there are many divergent roads. I'm here today.


"On the train bound for Zhengzhou, people are talking about heavy rain."

  Lang Lang, 26 years old, reporter:

  Received an interview mission to Zhengzhou at 2 a.m.; left home at 5 a.m.; the train departed west of Beijing at 7:21...

  It was already 10 o'clock in the morning, but since the train to Zhengzhou left Beijing, the sky was gloomy along the way.

  Fuxing No. G71 is one of the few trains that can still go to Zhengzhou on the 21st.

The electronic screen of Beijing West Railway Station showed that many trains had been delayed or cancelled, and the front desk was crowded with passengers asking for refunds and train operation status.

On July 21, the G71 train of Fuxing from Beijing to Zhengzhou.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Xu Pengpeng

  Passing by Baoding, Hebei, "Yeah! It's starting to rain in Hebei too?" An aunt with a Henan accent exclaimed.

Such an unremarkable sentence caused a lot of sighs in the car.

  Sitting next to me was Mr. Li who was going to Xinxiang, Henan. He kept inquiring about the rain ahead, "To be honest, a little anxious".

  On the train bound for Zhengzhou, it was extremely quiet, and the occasional cell phone noises were all news about heavy rains in Henan.

  The Henanese on the train began to talk about the rain in their hometown.

"When I left home, it was raining in our place, heavy rain", "It's okay near Luohe, unlike Zhengzhou", "I haven't seen such heavy rain since I was young"...

On July 21, the G71 train of Fuxing from Beijing to Zhengzhou.

Photo by Lang Lang, a reporter from China News Service

  As the train entered Henan, the sky became more and more gloomy, the water vapor was too high, and the farmland close at hand outside the window had long been invisible.

The water droplets on the car windows gradually turned into a water column as thick as a little finger, and the farmland outside was also soaked in the yellow mud water.

  It was nearly 50 minutes late and stopped twice on the way. This retrograde train finally arrived in Zhengzhou.

  Although some lights were turned on, the platform of Zhengzhou East Railway Station was still dark, and people's faces could not be seen clearly.

  I will start the interview in Zhengzhou.

  May everyone be safe.


  Finishing: Kan Feng, Ren Siyu, Yuan Xiuyue, Zhang Xu, Shangguan Yun Xie Yiguan Lang Lang