Running records have been set in new faith in the near future as athletes have introduced new types of running shoes with carbon fiber board.

This is not accepted by Jamaican sprinter legend Usain Bolt.

Bolt knocks out over-development of shoes in a Reuters interview.

He thinks the development steps are taking the fast track off track.

- When I was told about these shoes, I couldn't believe we had reached this point.

We’re adjusting the spikes to a level where they give athletes an unfair opportunity to run even faster, Bolt commented.

Norway's Karsten Warholm, who set a 400-meter authentic world record, and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, a women's sprint superstar who ran 100 meters in women's fastest 33 years in June, are wearing horror times on shorter runs this summer.

Although shoes have been estimated to have only a small advantage on quick trips, Bolt believes they put athletes on an unfair starting point.

He thinks the shoe should have no effect on the race track.

Bolt, who has been running in Puma shoes all his career, is amazed at how significant changes can be made to shoes today.

Sprint shoes have been made faster in the past, but before that extreme changes were overturned.

- The unions used to tell the shoe manufacturers that the spikes should not be modified, so now that it is known that the manufacturers are actually doing so ... it is ridiculous, the eight-time Olympic winner settles.

Trayvon Bromell, an Olympic sprint pre-favorite who runs the New Balance sprint spikes, is not on the same lines as the Jamaican.

“I don’t think there’s enough data to show that shoes have such a big impact,” says Bromell.

Trayvon Bromell runs with New Balance sprint spikes.

Photo: Iain Mcguinness / SOPA Images / ZUMA / MVPhotos

Also, double Olympic gold medalist Fracer-Pryce doesn’t want to give too much value to new shoes.

- You can give the shoes to someone else and you will find that they cannot do the same things with me.

That is why I do not ignore the hard work that I and my coach have done.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce ran her new record of 10.63 in June, the fastest time for women in 33 years.

Photo: GILBERT BELLAMY / Reuters

The men’s 100 and 200 meter world records are still held by Bolt.

At 100 meters, record readings are recorded at 9.58 and at 200 meters at 19.19.