Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 21st. Topic: Summary: Urgent action of the transportation system to deal with heavy rain in Henan

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Fan Xi and Zhou Yuan

  In the past few days, many places in Henan have suffered continuous heavy rainfall.

The railway, civil aviation, highway and other departments took quick actions to deal with the heavy rain.

  On the 21st, the Ministry of Transport issued the "Emergency Notice on Effectively Doing a Good Job in Flood Control of Urban Rail Transit".

The notice requires that local transportation departments should strengthen emergency response and rescue and disaster relief related matters.

In the event of an emergency such as flooding, intrusion, etc., the requirements of the "Urban Rail Transit Organization and Management Measures" shall be strictly followed. If the conditions for safe operation are not met, the operation shall be resolutely suspended; the operating unit shall do the first emergency response in accordance with the requirements of the plan According to the emergency response level, the transportation department will promptly notify the relevant departments to quickly carry out emergency response work to ensure the safety of passengers.

For lines that have flooded and inverted, they can be put into operation only after the safety assessment confirms that they have safe operation conditions to prevent secondary disasters.

  As of 7:00 on the 21st, 29 sections of 26 expressways, including G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway and G30 Lianhuo Expressway, have been closed. The recovery time is yet to be determined. There are no large numbers of vehicles and people stranded.

At present, there are 8 national highways, 8 provincial highways, including G107, G234, and 30 sections of the Henan Province’s trunk roads due to heavy rainfall causing water and landslides in the road area.

The local highway department placed safety signs on closed road sections, arranged special personnel on duty, organized personnel and machinery and equipment to quickly carry out rush operations after the situation stabilized, and there were no vehicles, stranded persons, and casualties for the time being.

  In terms of railways, affected by heavy rains in Henan Province, on the 21st, the Zhengxi High-speed Railway and Longhai Railway between Zhengzhou and Luoyang experienced flood lines, subgrade collapse, and equipment flooding. The trains were unable to pass; the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway passing through Zhengzhou area The transportation order of lines such as, Xulan High-speed Railway, Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Longhai Railway, Jiaoliu Railway, Ningxi Railway, etc. are all affected to varying degrees.

  In response to the above situation, the railway department has taken measures such as speed limit operation, waiting to avoid midway stations, and suspension of trains to ensure the safety of trains; organize railway units and cadres and employees along the way to provide food, drinking water and other materials to the trains on the way to ensure the supply of train meals.

The railway department stated that passengers are requested to pay attention to information channels such as station announcements and official Weibo and WeChat information channels in time for specific train operations.

  At present, due to long-term erosion and soaking by heavy rainfall, the rainfall in some sections of the Pusu Longhai Line, Jiaoliu Line, Ningxi Line and Beijing-Guangzhou Line has exceeded the standard, and water intrusion into steel rails, slope slippage, slope slippage, and line slippage have occurred. Potential safety hazards such as pole tilting and falling trees.

  China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. has launched an emergency response to the first level of rainfall on the 20th. Public works, electricity, power supply, machinery, transportation, passenger transportation, housing construction, construction management and other related units quickly mobilized personnel, vehicles, machinery, and emergency supplies. Make every effort to organize water disaster rescue.

  It is understood that thousands of cadres and employees of China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. braved the rain to fight at the flood disaster site. Through such measures as filling the line with rubble, cleaning the collapsed body, piling and stacking woven bags, backfilling caverns, and changing the drainage route, etc. Intensify the inspection and repair of equipment such as lines, power supply, catenary, signals, etc., and implement 24-hour inspections on the speed limit operation sections affected by water damage, and constantly monitor changes in water damage to ensure the safety of trains.

  In terms of civil aviation, in response to the impact of the heavy rainfall on Zhengzhou Airport flights, the Civil Aviation Administration of China has held several industry-wide video conferences to make arrangements for the safe operation of Zhengzhou Airport and passenger service guarantees.

  At present, due to the fact that the subway, intercity railway, and highway passenger transportation from Zhengzhou Airport to Zhengzhou City have not improved, some passengers are still staying at Zhengzhou Airport.

Various facilities and equipment of Zhengzhou Airport are guaranteed to operate normally, but the rainy weather lasts for too long, which has a great impact on flights. After a comprehensive assessment, Zhengzhou Airport will closely cooperate with air traffic control, airlines and other departments to organize the evacuation of stranded passengers. , And make proper arrangements for food, lodging and transportation.