Chinanews Client Beijing, July 21 (Reporter Wu Tao) The reporter learned from the three major operators on the 21st that some areas of Henan Province are currently affected by heavy rains, and some optical cables and base stations are affected, and some users’ mobile phone signals are affected. Major operators have sent staff to the scene to make repairs.

  China Mobile said that due to continuous heavy rainfall, as of 10 o'clock on the 21st, China Mobile's Zhengzhou branch had power outages at 3,563 base stations and 3,152 base stations withdrew from service.

"Due to continuous heavy rainfall, the computer room is disconnected from the network, which has an impact on the user's mobile phone signal and broadband, as well as the group's dedicated line and other services."

  In addition, it was reported on the 21st that “Affected by local heavy rains, Henan Mobile suspends business acceptance. During this period, it provides delayed downtime services.” A reporter from China Mobile learned from China Mobile that Henan Mobile’s suspension of business acceptance is true, and Henan Mobile will Provide customers with no-stop service to ensure smooth communication for customers.

The staff is rushing to repair the communication equipment.

Photo courtesy of China Mobile

  China Telecom said on the 20th that due to local heavy rains, Henan Telecom’s Dengfeng branch had interrupted multiple optical cables along the river, (Dengfeng-Gongyi) backbone optical cables, (Dengfeng-Xinmi) backbone optical cables, (Dengfeng) -Dajindian Town) and many other townships such as optical cables were interrupted, nearly 144 base stations were interrupted, mobile phone signals of large-scale users and communication of more than 2,200 broadband users were interrupted. The emergency repair situation is very critical.

China Telecom said that the communication conditions of some users were affected.


  "Since July 19, heavy rainfall has continued to occur in many parts of Henan, resulting in damage to communication facilities and interruption of some regional networks, affecting the use of relevant users." China Telecom said in the latest release.

  The three major operators all stated that the current staff have rushed to the scene to carry out emergency repair work.

  "At 2 pm on July 20, China Mobile Henan Branch set up an emergency war room to work 24 hours a day to ensure smooth communication lines." China Mobile said that it has dispatched more than 400 support personnel and nearly 300 support vehicles. There are more than 200 diesel engines, 14 satellite phones, 2763 base stations that have been retired from service, and personnel are assigned to guard the core building 24 hours a day, firmly holding the bottom line of preventing serious network security incidents.

  "On July 20th, China Telecom Henan Company urgently convened a provincial meeting to deploy flood prevention and rescue work." China Telecom stated that its Henan company quickly initiated a flood prevention level IV response, and has dispatched 642 emergency repair personnel and 162 emergency repair vehicles. , 125 diesel engines.

Photo courtesy of China Unicom.

  China Unicom stated that the Zhengzhou Unicom Network Department immediately initiated a communications emergency response and carried out emergency rescue work in an orderly manner.

Operation and maintenance personnel are on standby 24 hours a day.

742 security personnel and 186 security vehicles were dispatched. Upon receiving the danger, they set off overnight and arrived at the breakpoint of the pole road for emergency repairs.

  At the same time, some operators reported that some places are not open to traffic due to weather and muddy roads, and the transportation of generator cars is restricted. In many places, equipment can only be moved manually, resulting in slow repair progress.