China News Service, Shanghai, July 21 (Xu Jing and Feng Junting) The highly anticipated "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Supporting the Pudong New Area's High-Level Reform and Opening up to Build a Leading Area for Socialist Modernization" has been officially released. , Play a leading role in integrated reform, system opening, function building, and urban governance.

  Guoquan Sheng, chairman of the Shanghai Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, said that in the process of reform and development in Shanghai and Pudong, the majority of returned overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese have made valuable contributions. On the new journey of reform and opening up in Pudong, it is necessary to further consolidate the hearts of overseas Chinese and the ensemble era. Strong tone.

Representatives of the overseas Chinese community in Shanghai have stated that Shanghai and Pudong are the places where new overseas Chinese talents gather. In the process of creating a "leading area", the overseas Chinese people should make greater contributions.

  The "Opinions" proposed to promote Pudong to play a leading role in innovation and development, fight for key core technologies, and be a pioneer in science and technology and industrial innovation, and provide high-level technological supply for the country.

For example, to further enhance the concentration and visibility of the Zhangjiang Comprehensive National Science Center, focus on key areas such as integrated circuits, life sciences, and artificial intelligence, and gather elite forces to achieve major breakthroughs as soon as possible.

  Dr. Shen Zhiyong, the co-founder of Shanghai Zhenge Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which is located in the Pudong Lingang New Area, said that Lingang is a place that is very like Manhattan, especially like an innovative highland. When you come, you don’t want to go.

  "The advancement of policies each year has made the development of biomedicine in Lingang very fast, and biomedicine and talents are at a good time to catch up." Shen Zhiyong said that as an entrepreneur in the overseas Chinese community, we must seize opportunities and live up to the times for China. Contribute to independent innovation and development of the biomedical industry.

  Ding Yu, an overseas member of the Shanghai Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, is full of expectations for the “through train” system for the introduction of global high-end talents mentioned in the "Opinions".

Ding Yu said that he was very excited to see the "Opinions", and we must further do a good job in "attracting talents with overseas Chinese", introduce Pudong's policies and environment to overseas students and friends, and attract more outstanding overseas talents to return to China to start businesses.

  Qian Ying, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Federation of Overseas Chinese and Chairman of the Shanghai Business Foreign Language Vocational College, also pays attention to the talent introduction policy mentioned in the "Opinions".

She hopes that vocational education can provide vocational talents for enterprises entering Pudong, so that the production links of enterprises can be implemented in schools as soon as possible. She also hopes to use Pudong as a hot spot to seek a better future for vocational education.

  "The reform and opening up, especially the Pudong development since the 1990s, has provided us with great opportunities for the development of entrepreneurs in the overseas Chinese community. The release of the "Opinions" has provided us with new historical opportunities." In 1989, he went to Pudong. Chen Kunxiao, the executive chairman of the Shanghai Federation of Overseas Chinese Businessmen, participated in the entire Pudong development process.

He recalled that there were construction projects in several major functional areas of Pudong, and this time to catch up with the new round of strategic opportunities for Pudong development, it was still necessary to work hard to strengthen the courage to "break".

  "In the past, we have also entered the world in this way. Now we must have the courage to provoke this burden. It is both a bone-breaking and a big opportunity to contribute our entrepreneurs in the overseas Chinese community to Pudong's comprehensive building of an important window for a modern socialist country." Chen Kun said.

  Duan Zhibai is a Hong Kong resident who was born in Shanghai.

According to the vice president of the Shanghai Overseas Chinese Merchants Association, Pudong is the Pudong of the whole country and even the world. The development of Shanghai depends not on the total economic volume but on the development of high-tech fields.

In the process of building a leading area for socialist modernization in Pudong, it is necessary to improve the executive power and quality of cadres, increase publicity, and introduce professional talents. Economic exchanges between Shanghai and Hong Kong are a favorable way to promote Pudong's development.

  Guo Chunqing, executive director of the Shanghai Federation of Overseas Chinese Merchants and CEO of Shanghai-Hong Kong International Consulting Group Co., Ltd., said that Pudong has shifted from opening up elements to opening up systems from the "Opinions". It used to be in line with international benchmarking, but now it can do it. To connect with each other with confidence and good foreign systems to come to China, we must also consider the scenes with Chinese characteristics. This is a very good opportunity for the overseas Chinese community, because the development and opening up requires more international talents, she will Study the specific policies one by one with colleagues and look for opportunities among them.

  Quan Sheng told reporters that the Shanghai Federation of Overseas Chinese will carry out publicity, exchanges, investigations and investigations, explore and promote in the "leading zone" to create a model of the overseas Chinese community, actively attract talents, and tell the story of Pudong overseas to be a "leading zone." Contribute more power to the overseas Chinese community in construction.