China News Service, Haikou, July 21st (Reporter Qianyi Zhang) In order to make more patients affordable for foreign anti-tumor drugs, Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pioneer Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Lecheng Pioneer District") passed the agreement with insurance companies Cooperate to establish a comprehensive insurance service platform, create and launch the "Hainan Free Trade Port Boao Lecheng Global Special Drug Insurance".

The reporter learned from the media briefing held on the 21st that the 2021 version of Lecheng Global Specialty Drug Insurance will be launched on August 2 and you can receive a maximum of 1 million yuan in compensation for 29 yuan; the national version starts from 39 yuan and the maximum compensation is 200 Ten thousand yuan.

  Gu Gang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Lecheng Pioneer District Administration Bureau, introduced that Lecheng Pioneer District gave full play to the special policies granted by the state, combined with the Hainan Free Trade Port construction system integration and innovation policy, and launched the "medical insurance + commercial insurance" innovation mechanism. After launching the Hainan version and the national version of Lecheng Special Drug Insurance in August, it has solved a series of problems such as the high cost of domestic drugs for malignant tumors and the difficulty of using special drugs abroad, and realized the reimbursement of foreign special drugs for Chinese patients from "none" to "Yes" breakthrough to reduce the economic burden of drugs used outside medical insurance for cancer patients.

  Lecheng Global Special Drug Insurance is the first domestic and foreign anti-cancer and rare disease special drug cost-compensation medical insurance product tailored by the Hainan insurance industry based on high-quality medical resources in the Boao Lecheng Pioneer Zone.

As of the end of May 2021, the number of people participating in Lecheng Global Specialty Drug Insurance has exceeded 1.7 million nationwide. In the case of claims that have already occurred, it is estimated that the maturity compensation can receive a maximum of 550,000 yuan.

  Yi Xichun, the second-level inspector of the Hainan Supervision Bureau of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, introduced that the 2021 version of Lecheng Special Drug Insurance will upgrade its products in terms of the number of drugs, the benefits to the population and health services:

  First, the number of drugs has increased from 70 last year to 100, including 75 overseas special drugs and 25 domestic social security special drugs, which cover cancer types, from 35 last year to 42 types, covering Hainan’s high incidence of liver cancer. , Lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, etc., while increasing the incidence of leukemia, prostate cancer, lymphoma and other high-incidence species.

A total of 41 domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies participated in the supply of medicines this year.

  Secondly, in terms of benefiting the population, the pre-existing disease is insurable and non-compensable and upgraded to pre-existing disease insurable and compensable. For example, if a patient with lung cancer needs to be paid for other medical conditions after being insured, and the specific disease is not caused by the pre-existing disease, the compensation can be paid normally. If it is caused, it will be paid in proportion. This is an important breakthrough in this year's special drug insurance "insurance with sickness.

  The third is to expand the scope of health services, increase the content of global health management services, and add 8 upgraded services to the 8 basic services last year, including global drug discovery services, patient recruitment services, cancer genetic testing services, and early screening of major diseases , Proton and heavy ion medical through train, graphic consultation, overseas second diagnosis and treatment, and emergency rescue services.

  People registered in Hainan Province, Hainan Province ID card holders, Hainan Province local basic medical insurance participants and their immediate family members can participate in Polic City Global Special Drug Insurance (Hainan Version), and there is no age limit for participation.

People of all nationalities residing in Mainland China can participate in the Perl City Global Special Drug Insurance (National Edition).

The first insurance age is from 28 days of birth to 60 years old, and the non-first insurance age does not exceed 99 years of age.