The vice-ministerial level talks between Japan, the United States and South Korea were held, and it was confirmed that the three countries will continue to work closely together toward the realization of complete denuclearization of North Korea.

They agreed that it is necessary for the three countries to work together to respond to China's hegemonic behavior.

For the first time in about four years, the three countries' deputy foreign affairs-level talks were held in Tokyo on the 21st. Attended.

At the talks, opinions were exchanged on future response policies based on the review of the US Biden administration's policy toward North Korea, and the UN Security Council resolution was fully implemented toward the realization of complete denuclearization of North Korea. We agreed that is important, and confirmed that we will continue to work closely with the three countries.

In addition, Mr. Mori asked for understanding and cooperation on the abduction issue, while Deputy Secretary Sherman and Mr. Choi expressed their full support.

It is also important for the international community to unanimously oppose China's attempt to change the status quo unilaterally against the background of power by discussing hegemonic actions in the East China Sea and other areas. We agreed that it is necessary for the three countries to work together.

In addition, opinions were exchanged on international issues such as measures against the new coronavirus and climate change, and it was agreed that the three countries would further deepen their cooperation and cooperation.

USA "North Korea participates in denuclearization debate"

At a joint press conference after the talks, Secretary-General Mori of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, "We, the three countries, have been working closely together to deal with North Korea, but based on today's discussions, even more. We intend to work closely in a wide range of fields. "

Deputy Secretary of State Sherman of the United States has confirmed that China and other countries will jointly counter any activity that damages, destabilizes or threatens the order based on international rules. "I want you to understand that North Korea must participate in the denuclearization debate if it wants to secure a better future," he said.

South Korea's First Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Choi Jung-gon said, "The most important thing is to be able to agree on the issue awareness and future direction of North Korea's denuclearization. I want to explore between high levels. "