• A second fire, probably of criminal origin, was started on Tuesday evening in the Krakow camp, in the immediate vicinity of the Aubiers district.

  • Already Monday evening, a first fire had destroyed about fifteen caravans and car wrecks.

  • No injuries were to be deplored and all the occupants of the camp left the scene.

The situation is straining.

A camp of caravans of Romanian and Bulgarian nationals was again hit on Tuesday evening by a probable arson attack, just 24 hours after a first disaster started following a brawl, we learned Tuesday from the police and an elected official.

The two disasters did not cause any victims in the camp located 100 m from the sensitive working-class district of Aubiers in the north of Bordeaux.

According to the last census carried out in early July by the prefecture, it had 180 adults and children, but it hosted up to 400 people according to the municipality.

"This is the result of the fire on Monday evening"

When help arrived on Tuesday around 10:30 p.m., the fifty or so inhabitants present had already evacuated the site, said the Gironde firefighters.

"A dozen barracks and caravans burned down without causing any external spread," added the departmental fire and rescue service.

"According to testimonies, between 20 and 40 young people who had incendiary objects, fireworks, systematically set fire to several caravans," said the deputy mayor of the district, Vincent Maurin, referring to an "organized" group in the fashion operative according to him of "urban violence".

"This is the result of the fire on Monday evening," assured the elected PC.

Partially destroyed by the double fire, the camp is "now empty" of its occupants, added the elected, specifying that most left the place on their own to go to other camps.

A squat stuck between two sensitive sites

The deputy mayor asks that "the prefecture act the final closure of the site as claimed by the two owners of the land, the metropolis of Bordeaux and the public establishment of the Grand Port Maritime".

"This squat is stuck between two sensitive sites", justifies the elected official, citing on the one hand a "cohabitation that has become impossible" with the Aubiers district, and on the other "its proximity" to the Saft factory (batteries ) "Equipped with a Seveso-type security perimeter", but not classified as such.

The police officers of the departmental security are seized of the investigations on these two fires.


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