• "Fuck you Greta": this is the message of a sticker on the rear window of a submerged car in Germany, where floods have killed at least 165 people, according to a latest report.

  • Many Internet users have relayed this cliché, highlighting the irony of the situation, while the young activist Greta Thunberg has been warning for years about global warming.

  • Problem, the image has been retouched: the mention is not present on the photo published by the German daily


    last week.

  • This type of anti-Greta Thunberg sticker is, however, for sale on the Internet.

She remakes the headlines of the news of her without her knowing it.

The last time we heard (officially) about young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg was on July 1, during a climate summit in Austria.

The 18-year-old then accused some political leaders of exploiting the climate crisis.

Since then, his name has reappeared virally during the recent deadly weather in Western Europe (at least 165 dead and many missing due to flooding, in Germany alone, according to a latest report released on Monday. ).

The photo of a submerged car with a sticker saying "Fuck you Greta" affixed to the rear window has been re-shared on social networks.

For many Internet users, the cliché sums up the irony of the news: while, for years, Greta Thunberg has not ceased to warn, among other things, about the effects of global warming, the cliché seems to be making a snubbing his detractors.

Some French Internet users, in their comments, rush into the breach.

We can read: “Immanent justice or immediate karma… Look at the sticker on the left on the rear window.


The photo might have been relevant, if it hadn't been edited.


Although many netizens saluted the photographer's eye, some did not take long to question the authenticity of the photo.

To verify it, a search on Google images makes it possible to find the cliché showing the same car submerged to the trunk, but without the sticker on its rear window.

The first time this photo was published was last Friday, July 16, on the website of the German daily



She illustrated an article on how owners can claim compensation in the event that their vehicle was damaged during flooding.

There are many photos embedded in the paper, including the one we're interested in, taken by photographer David Young, as shown in the credit.


, AFP… Several media, via their section devoted to the fight against false information, have already pointed out this fake.

So much so that, on Facebook, some publications with the faked photo carry the warning "Photo retouched".

Finally, note that, if the photo from the



has been hijacked, the “Fuck you Greta” sticker does exist.

Several platforms offer it for sale for a few euros, promising drivers to make their vehicle "unique".


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