Olivia Breen, 24, selected for the Tokyo Paralympics, received unpleasant feedback at the British Championships on Sunday.

The clerk at the long jump site had shot sharp comments about the race outfit Breen wore.

In an instant and long jump, the athlete who grabbed the World Cup medals was appalled by the criticism.

- After the long jump competition, a female clerk felt it necessary to tell me that my pants were too tight and unsuitable.

I was speechless.

I’ve been competing in similar types of wefts for years, and they’ve been specifically designed to compete, ”Creen, a disabled person, wrote in Instagram’s stories.

Breen told The Guardian that she wore the official race outfit of Adidas in Sunday’s race - the same one she plans to pack in her bag for a trip to Tokyo as well.

He suspected that male athletes would not receive similar commentary on their own outfits.

- Many female athletes and their coaches have told me that they have encountered similar criticism.

I’m shocked about that, he told The Guardian.

Ball pusher Amelia Strickler, interviewed by the British magazine, settled in support of Breen.

She recalled that female athletes experience enough appearance pressure without even questioning comment.

- We're competing on the track.

Don't like our outfits?

Don't judge.

We don’t need more unnecessary stress from officials in the real world, Stickler would speak.

Breen said he reported the case to the English Athletics Federation without receiving a response yet.

The Tokyo Paralympics begin on August 24th.