Next, let's take a look at the political news in the midst of the presidential race. First, in the Democratic Party, a nerve war between Candidate Jae-myung Lee and Nak-yeon Lee seems to be spreading to an emotional fight.

Reporter Koh Koh pointed out the content of the two candidates attacking each other and the points of controversy.


Lee Nak-yeon's camp highlighted the relationship between Gyeonggi-do officials who slandered Lee on social


and Candidate Lee Jae-myung.

[Rep. Young-chan Yoon / Nak-yeon Lee, Camp Political Affairs Officer (on KBS radio): (A person named Jin Mo) was said to have

served as the

SNS team leader in the Gyeonggi governor election in 2018.]

Calling Nak-yeon Lee a 'pro-Japanese greeting' or 'Giregi', etc. It is said that he made an outright slander, and he raised the level of offensive by mentioning criminal charges.

[Lee Nak-yeon / Democratic Party Primary Candidate: It is a matter of compliance or violation. It's not a personnel issue.]

Jin, who answered the phone with SBS reporters, admitted that it was wrong for not maintaining political neutrality.

However, it was explained that candidate Lee Nak-yeon was opposed to the pro-Japanese liquidation law and pointed out the problem, not an active criticism.

[Mr. Jin: Because I am doing the matador over there (Lee Nak-yeon camp), I am too harsh as a supporter of (Lee Jae-myung).] He

also said that he worked at the Lee Jae-myung campaign in 2018, but he did not have a personal relationship with this candidate.

Candidate Lee Jae-myung's side sparked controversy during Lee Nak-yeon's military regime.

Although he did not mention his real name, he made clear the point of suspicion that he glorified the Chun Doo-hwan regime.

[Lee Jae-myung / Democratic Party Primary Candidate (Yesterday, MBC Radio): There are people who advocated the 5/18 massacre. Also, there are people who praised Park Chung-hee.]

In April 1987, when Lee was a reporter at the Dong-A Ilbo, former CEO Nak-Yeon Lee evaluated "there is no doubt that President Chun Doo-Hwan's will for a single term is unquestioned" "I wrote the remarks of Kwon Ik-hyeon, secretary-general of the Democratic Party of Korea, in the article.

[Kim Kwang-soo/Rep. of the People's Party (Prime Minister's Personnel Hearing in 2017): What do you think about writing a publicity article.]

[Lee Nak-yeon/Democratic Party Primary Candidate (2017 Prime Minister's Personnel Hearing): I'm not proud of it. I'm ashamed.]

Candidate Nak-yeon Lee's side refuted the expression 'a great leader', saying, "It's hard to say that it was praised because it conveyed the remarks of the officials."

As the nerve war between the two candidates escalates into an emotional battle, the Democratic Party has decided to postpone the presidential primary for five weeks from early September to mid-October.

(Video coverage: Park Jin-ho, Kim Yong-woo, Video editing: Park Jeong-sam)    

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