Recently, many parts of Europe have been hit by floods.

So far, the number of victims has risen to 188.

  German police said that since July 14, the worst floods in German people's memory have claimed the lives of at least 157 people.

In Rhine-Falz State alone, 110 people were killed and 670 injured.

  In addition, at least 31 people died in the floods in Belgium, and Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands were also affected.

  The authorities in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany stated that many companies in the flood-stricken western region of Germany were flooded and oil and other materials were leaking.

  Currently, experts are collecting samples of air and water sources, and suspected that the contaminated water may have flowed into local reservoirs.

Swimming, diving, fishing and boat trips in local reservoirs are now prohibited.

(Producing Zhou Jing)

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]