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What days and at what time are the draws?

Each EuroMillions jackpot actually has two draws.

Both are organized directly in the premises of the Française des Jeux, under the control of a bailiff.

The first draw is for My Million.

For each EuroMillions grid completed by a player, the FDJ associates a My Million number.

Then, before each EuroMillions draw, one of the numbers issued is drawn and the winner wins one million euros.

This draw is made every week at 8:20 p.m. and announced at 8:50 p.m. on television.

You should also know that you can cancel your grid until the time of the My Million draw.

Then comes the EuroMillions draw.

This is done at 9:05 p.m. and broadcast on television at 9:50 p.m.

This draw can be followed live on the TF1 channel.

But you can also play online and find the results directly on the Internet.

These are available on the FDJ website even before they are broadcast on television.

Thus, you can obtain the results on the Internet from 8:35 pm (My Million) and 9:45 pm (EuroMillions).

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What are the EuroMillions earnings this week?

As promised, the EuroMillions payouts are staggering.

This week, on the occasion of the July 20 draw, the FDJ has planned a prize pool of 26 million euros.

Such an amount will allow the winner to completely change his life.

However, the Française des Jeux regularly organizes super jackpots, with sums sometimes exceeding a hundred million euros.

To win these jackpots, all you have to do is find the 5 right numbers and the 2 right stars.

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Remember that if you can now play online on the FDJ application, the traditional method remains to go to one of the partner points of sale.

Visit your tobacconist to participate in the next EuroMillions and My Million draw.

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