A motorcycle cop was killed by a truck driver in Rotterdam at the beginning of July.

A colleague of the


says in the radio program

Met het Oog op Morgen

that motorcycle officers had been instructed to check the driver only with a police car, because the man would be life-threatening.

The truck driver had also hit a motorcycle cop in 2015.

After the fatal collision, the truck driver drove on.

He was arrested thanks to witnesses and CCTV footage.

The man is suspected of deliberately hitting the victim.

According to broadcaster


the truck driver was

previously convicted of hitting a motorcycle cop in 2015, who lost an arm.

He was also involved in a fatal accident in Rockanje last year, in which a cyclist was killed.

According to the colleague of the deceased officer, the truck driver said aloud to people around him that he would hit motorcyclists if they tried to check him for his load or the condition of his truck.

'One goal: never this again'

"I have one goal: never this again," says the colleague about why he sought the publicity.

He says he did so without permission from his superiors.

He would have shared his concerns with the police.

The colleague of the deceased police officer also checked the truck driver several times and, in his own words, found violations each time.

"I am 1.91 meters tall and well built, but I was afraid of that man," he recalls.

"Because you see you're dealing with someone who isn't healthy, who is capable of anything and yet keeps driving around."

Dutch Police Association: 'The bottom stone must come up'

In a response to the colleague's statements, the Dutch Police Association (NPB) says it awaits the investigation into the case with interest.

"The bottom stone must be up," said NPB chairman Jan Struijs in conversation with NU.nl.

"The statements in

Met het Oog op Morgen

justify that this case is being tackled on a large scale."

The Zeeland-West-Brabant police are investigating the case.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) in Rotterdam is the spokesperson.

"We have strong indications that the suspect deliberately drove into the agent," a spokesperson for the Public Prosecution Service told NU.nl about the progress.

"The man is suspected of manslaughter."

OM does not want to comment on statements from fellow motorcyclists motor

The Public Prosecution Service does not want to comment further on the statements of the colleague of the killed motorcycle officer.

These would overlap with the ongoing investigation into the case.

However, the Public Prosecution Service has announced that the suspect must appear in court on July 22 to hear whether his pre-trial detention will be extended by ninety days.