In a major fire in an apartment complex on Portbeemden in the center of Eygelshoven in Limburg, one person died in the night from Saturday to Sunday, reports the South Limburg Security Region.

Two others were injured and taken to hospital.

The severity of their injuries is not yet clear.

The entire complex has been evacuated.

It concerns about 35 to 40 homes.

Mayor Petra Dassen-Housen of the municipality of Kerkrade, which includes Eygelshoven, announced on Twitter that the residents are being taken care of elsewhere.

The fire broke out on the third floor.

It is a complex with mainly the elderly and vulnerable.

The fire brigade responded with several fire vehicles.

The fire is now under control.

An apartment has burned down.

Several adjacent homes have smoke and water damage.

It is not yet clear when the residents will be able to return home.

@VRZuidLimburg We receive the residents on the spot in the Laethof.

This has an impact!

We assist them as best we can.

Good luck to paramedics, residents and environment


Authorpetra_dassenMoment of places01: 07 - 18 July 2021