The Cheonghae Unit's 34th base, Munmu the Great, was vulnerable to Corona 19 from the beginning.

He departed last February, before the vaccination of soldiers began, and lived in a cramped trap in the middle of the waters of Africa and the Middle East, where control of Corona 19 was low.

If even one person was infected, the infection was out of control.

The soldiers of the Cheonghae Unit never set foot on land in case of infection, and devoted themselves to the mission of protecting our people and merchant ships.

The Ministry of National Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Naval Command were worried about their health.

I wanted to send a vaccine, but I couldn't.

Like the 33rd and 32nd quarters of the Cheonghae Unit, which completed their missions under almost the same conditions, I hoped that they would survive and return.

Nevertheless, mass infection occurred.

Looking back now, I am deeply regretful that it would have been nice to have taken more detailed precautionary measures.

Cheonghae Unit soldiers and their parents are no longer immune.

Opposition parties and some media outlets are fiercely accusing them of "the military and the state abandoned the Cheonghae Unit" and "the government neglected it."

It is a matter of worrying about and devising countermeasures for the soldiers who were infected while serving the country in this area, not an opportunity to criticize the military or the regime.

I hope you don't shake the army too much.

Did you not send the vaccine or did you not send it?

About 300 soldiers of the Cheonghae Unit had to board the Munmu the Great for the Gulf of Aden in February without being vaccinated.

Military vaccination began in March.

As the Ministry of National Defense set the vaccination schedule, it also reviewed the inoculation of the Cheonghae Unit 34 aboard.

However, it was judged that it is difficult to cope with the occurrence of adverse reactions after inoculation, and there are many difficulties in transporting and managing the ships.

There were also legal obstacles to exporting vaccines overseas.

According to the Central Quarantine Countermeasure Headquarters, vaccines are not being delivered to overseas citizens and officers stationed abroad for similar reasons to the 34th camp of the Cheonghae Unit.

Since the Hanbit and Ark units were dispatched to land, they completed vaccination without worrying about adverse reactions in cooperation with the UN and the host country.

An official from the Joint Chiefs of Staff said, "The Cheonghae Unit, floating in the sea, has no stationing country, so it was impossible to vaccinate and manage adverse reactions on its own."

It was not that the Cheonghae Unit was neglected, but that was the reality.

It's not that they didn't send the vaccine, it's that they didn't.

Our military has not rotted enough to throw away the more painful fingers of the open sea of ​​Yiyeokmanri.

Why was the PCR test delayed?

The Munmu the Great made a call to land from June 28 to July 1 and was supplied with drinking water and food. In addition to minimizing contact with outsiders, the JCS explained that the soldiers wore protective clothing and carried out the shipment with a crane. I said I was careful, but it is highly likely that the virus has penetrated at this time. From July 2nd, cold symptoms appeared.

In this situation, you should immediately perform a gene amplification PCR test. But the PCR test failed. Instead, it was diagnosed with a quick antigen test simple kit. All of the simple kits were voiced because the accuracy was low. If the PCR test had been done, it would have been an initial response by identifying the confirmed person from July 2nd, but there is no gene amplifier screening clinic on the Munmu the Great.

I don't know how people's jobs will be, so it would have been nice to have a screening clinic accompany the dispatch ship. However, it is a bit embarrassing to blame them for spending a long distance without a screening clinic. There are a few other sad scenes, but looking back now, it's a pity. It is true that the military was not perfect, but he did not let go of his heart. The military has never neglected the Cheonghae Unit.

All soldiers are accustomed to peace, but they are on duty in dangerous places. In an emergency that might be today, you have to risk your life and jump into the pit of fire. In addition to the same danger, the 34th camp of the Cheonghae Unit also fought against Corona 19. They'll be back home in the next few days on an aerial tanker, and I'll have to give them a warm round of applause.

And, if given the opportunity, I hope that the practices of the politicians and some media that slander the entire military will be corrected. A high-ranking general told a reporter a few days ago, "A country that fears the military is a backward country, but a country that ignores the military is also a backward country." Countries that respect military uniforms are mostly developed countries. With the recent succession of incidents as an opportunity, the military is making every effort to restore trust, and I expect that society's negative views on the military will be corrected little by little accordingly.