According to Kamkin, this statement by the head of Naftogaz can be regarded as an innuendo intended for an internal Ukrainian audience.

“In reality, the Ukrainian question is the object to a greater extent of Washington's pressure on both Russia and Germany.

The current Ukrainian political structure is essentially a protégé of American curators.

Of course, Germany also has its own interests in eastern Europe.

You can recall the Eastern Partnership program, which is being implemented by Germany in the countries of the former Soviet Union ... But in general, we can say that Merkel has repeatedly emphasized the economic and not the political nature of this infrastructure project, ”the specialist explained.

He noted that there are political circles in Germany that are opposed to the implementation of Nord Stream 2.

At the same time, the expert expressed the opinion that Merkel would not overshadow her departure from the post of chancellor with such statements, and also actually disavow her own statements of many years. 

"Therefore, I believe that Vitrenko's statement should not be taken seriously," the interlocutor of RT concluded.

Earlier, Vitrenko said that Ukraine managed to convince German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Nord Stream 2 is a "real threat", and she "even changed in many ways her point of view on this project."

In his opinion, Merkel also "understood the threats posed by simplified decisions" regarding the gas pipeline.