It is more likely that Peter R. de Vries was murdered because of his involvement in a criminal trial than because of his work as a journalist, Public Prosecutor's Office boss Gerrit van der Burg told

Nieuwsuur on

Thursday evening


Van den Burg understands that a link with Ridouan T., the main suspect in the Marengo trial, is quickly established.

"But we're also exploring other directions."

De Vries announced in mid-2019 that he had been put on a death list by T., which the top criminal denied.

The crime journalist assisted crown witness Nabil B. in the Marengo trial, who can make incriminating statements about the organization of T.

In the process, B.'s brother and his lawyer, Derk Wiersum, were previously liquidated.

This week life sentences were demanded against the men who probably carried out the attack on Wiersum.

According to the family of the deceased crime journalist, one of the suspects, the Rotterdammer Delano G., was controlled by the 'murder gang' associated with T. He would also have been in contact with the police several times.

Van den Burg argues for a tougher approach to organized crime in the Netherlands. The youth should be less likely to be tempted to commit crime, according to the Public Prosecution Service boss. "A petty thief may be tempted to commit murder tomorrow - so to speak."