Correspondence: China went to Pakistan to express condolences to the victims

  Xinhua News Agency of Pakistan Su July 17 electric 

Newsletter: China went to Pakistan inter-departmental working group condolence victims compatriots

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Chao

  The inter-departmental joint working group of China to Pakistan and the staff of the embassy in Pakistan took a Pakistani military helicopter to Dassu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, northern Brazil on the 17th to express condolences to the nine Chinese compatriots who were killed in the recent terrorist attacks.

  Dasu is about 350 kilometers away from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.

After the Chinese arrived in Dasu, senior officials from the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior and the military accompanied them to the scene.

Local friendly people also came spontaneously upon hearing the news.

  The mountains are towering, and the river is turbulent.

At the condolence ceremony, the portraits of nine Chinese engineers and technicians who died and clusters of white bouquets were displayed.

  Wu Wei, the head of the Chinese inter-departmental joint working group in Pakistan and the deputy director of the Foreign Security Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Chinese ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong led all the people on the scene to stand in a silent tribute for one minute and bow to the portrait three times.

  Wu Wei delivered a eulogy on behalf of the joint working group.

Wu Wei said: "For compatriots who died, on behalf of the Chinese government's inter-departmental joint working group, I would like to express my deep condolences and sincere respect to you."

  "The Karakoram Highway is the place where you died. As the builders of the new generation of Sino-Pakistani friendship, history will not forget the blood and sweat you paid, and the two peoples will not forget. May you rest in peace." Wu Wei said.

  After the condolence ceremony, Wu Wei, Nong Rong and his entourage went to the site of the Dasu Hydropower Station Project Department contracted by a Chinese company to visit and condolences to the cadres and employees, convey the concern, care and condolences of the leaders of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and encourage the cadres and employees to work together to tide over the difficulties. .

  Wu Wei said: "The relatives of the motherland always miss you. I would like to pay high tribute to the engineers and technicians who stick to the front-line positions abroad during the special period. Any interference or damage cannot shake the all-weather friendship between China and Pakistan. The joint working group has asked Pakistan for relevant information. The department has effectively strengthened security measures to ensure the safety of all Chinese engineering and technical personnel in Pakistan."

  On the same day, the criminal investigation experts of the Ministry of Public Security in the joint working group will also conduct investigations and evidence collection at the scene of the terrorist attack with relevant departments of the Pakistani side.

  In the early morning of the 16th, Beijing time, the Chinese inter-departmental joint working group to Pakistan departed from Beijing for Islamabad. On the day of arrival, they had talks with various Pakistani departments and rushed to the army hospital near the Pakistani capital Islamabad to visit and condolences the terrorist attack in Dasu Chinese personnel injured in the incident.

  The Chinese Embassy in Pakistan issued a statement on the 14th, stating that the shuttle bus for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dasu Hydropower Station project undertaken by Chinese companies exploded on the way to the construction site on the same day, causing 9 Chinese personnel and 3 Pakistani parties. Personnel were killed. Pakistan is investigating the cause of the explosion.