The first years of children’s puberty witness a number of changes and mood swings and behaviors that are greatly disturbing for the son or daughter, and also for the parents, but in addition to the physiological and behavioral changes for the children, there are some things that the mother should start addressing with the children before it becomes a problem that causes the teenager Embarrassment among those around him, and perhaps the most prominent of these things is the increased sweating caused by hormonal changes.

That distinctive smell that emanates from adolescents is linked to increased adrenal gland activity, and contributes to increased sweating in adolescents, especially in the armpits and thighs, and this increase can be a social burden on the adolescent or adolescence, especially those who feel shy and afraid to go out in gatherings and events. .

At the same time, they may not always realize that they have a problem with personal hygiene, as they are no longer young children whose mother follows up on their personal affairs regularly, so the mother should provide some factors to help the children at this stage to overcome the smell of sweat.

  • Fixed shower time

Make sure your son showers daily, and if he is exercising or sweating excessively, showering twice a day may be a good thing.

Establish your daily shower routine at a specific time, which can be before lunch, after exercise, or after returning from school, so that it becomes a habit that is not affected by daily conditions.

A back-cleaning brush should be provided that helps reach areas that they cannot reach on their own.

At this stage, children welcome a sense of independence, so it is okay if you take your son with you on a shopping trip to choose his own bath items such as shampoo, soap, relaxers, foams, and other bath-encouraging items.

In the world of girls, there are many products that a girl needs to bathe and maintain personal hygiene, and the daughter will very much welcome the purchase of skin care products with pleasant smells.

Sneakers should be washed and dried completely before use (Shutterstock)

  • Deodorant is not a luxury

Using deodorant is essential for everyone, and even more important for teens, so make sure your son or daughter has more than one pack of deodorant or antiperspirant in his schoolbag, gym bag, and room.

If the skin is sensitive, you can use a deodorant without smell, in addition to making sure to use the appropriate products for this skin.

The teenager should be well aware that perfume alone will not hide the smell of sweat, the most important is personal hygiene and bathing, followed by the use of deodorants, and perfumes come at the end of these steps.

  • Feet cleaning

Most mothers face a problem with their sons in this matter as a result of wearing socks and sports shoes for long periods of time and perhaps more than once, while some wear shoes without socks, which causes a bad smell to the feet.

Teach your son to wear cotton socks, and wash them immediately after the first use, taking care not to wear them twice in a row without washing.

The son should be careful to use foot powder, and put a little baking soda in the shoes to absorb the smell, sweat and bacteria.

Athletic shoes should be washed and dried completely before use, even if they need to be placed in the sun for several days in a row.

Teach your son to wear cotton socks and wash them immediately after the first use (Shutterstock)

  • Washing clothes

In contrast to childhood - in which children's clothes get very dirty as a result of running and constantly falling - the mother can easily notice stains, but in contrast, in adolescence, children's clothes appear clean, but as a result of constant sweating, they harbor bacteria that cause sweat odor, so clothes should be washed regularly and exposed to the sun Or heat to get rid of unacceptable odor triggers.

Teach the children how to use washing machine programs that fit their clothes, such as jeans or cotton clothes, and you should also warn about the need to separate white clothes from colored ones. Through this plan, you will win several points, the most important of which is maintaining their personal hygiene, teaching them responsibility, and helping you with household tasks.

  • Watch the types of food

Be careful not to eat foods that contain onions, garlic and pungent spices, as well as foods that cause bad body odor, such as pastrami and fenugreek, and limit large quantities of red meat, and drinking water helps to get rid of the causes of unpleasant odors from the body.

But if your son or daughter suffers from excessive sweating without a clear cause, they should be shown to the doctor to determine the cause of the problem, as the cause may become hyperthyroidism or conditions related to stress or diabetes.