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Here we will keep you informed about the floods in Limburg, Germany and Belgium.

The most important thing you need to know:

  • The south of Limburg has been declared a disaster area.

  • Evacuations in Central and North Limburg.

  • VieCurie hospital in Venlo evacuated as a precaution.

  • Defense deploys hundreds of soldiers.

  • Thousands of residents of the Juliana Canal are allowed to return home after spending the night elsewhere

  • The damage is also enormous in Belgium and Germany.

    More than 150 people were killed there.

Giro 777 has already raised 2 million euros for Limburg

At Giro 777,

2 million euros were received

on Saturday around 3 p.m. for the flood-affected areas in Limburg.

The collection number was opened on Friday by the National Disaster Fund.

Tens of thousands of individuals, companies and institutions have donated to date.

Due to the enormous interest, the giro777.nl website was down for a while last night.

The action will continue "at full speed" for the next few days.

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People with (rubber) boats on the Maas at

Emergency Services signal that people with (rubber) boats are going on the Maas.

"Very dangerous", according to the Security Region, which also warns about the strong current and debris that can be under the water.

The emergency services signal that people are going up the Maas in (rubber) boats.

This is very dangerous.

The current is strong;

this can present an acute danger.

In addition, there are objects in and just under water that can cause damage to boats.

Stay out of the area!


Author Limburg-North Security RegionMoment of places11: 40 - 17 July 2021

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Emergency dike in already evacuated Horn has failed

In Horn, a hastily erected emergency dike

has failed,

according to the municipality of Leudal.

The dike built with sandbags has breached.

The municipality has announced that it is taking the necessary measures.

Further details are still lacking.

The power also went out on Roermondseweg in Horn.

The municipality is consulting with grid operator Enexis about a solution.

Residents of parts of the Central Limburg villages of Haelen and Horn (municipality of Leudal) had to leave their homes immediately around 10.30 am on Saturday morning.

It concerns residents of the Broekweg in Haelen and the Kemp in Horn, the municipality of Leudal reported at the time.

Everyone had to be gone by 1 p.m. at the latest.

Around that time, the municipality reported the dike breach.

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There is no longer a peak, but high water in Limburg for a longer period of time

In Limburg, there is no question of a high water peak that then weakens again. Such a peak will certainly remain at the same level for a day, if not longer. That is why the North Limburg safety region and the Limburg Water Board will henceforth speak of an elongated high water plateau. That said chairman Antoin Scholten of the Limburg-North Security Region on Saturday.

"The water behaves very erratic," Scholten said. According to him, many people have the impression that things will get better after the peak. But the high water in Limburg will remain for a longer period of time.

As a result of the high water wave persisting for a long time, the dikes are becoming saturated, which is a cause for concern for the water board and the security region.

Seepage water can bubble up behind the saturated dikes.

The shelf uses pumps in those places.

In addition, there is now a rapid defense intervention team that can be deployed for vulnerable quays and dikes.

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Several dike leaks in North Limburg: 'Postpone a visit to the region'

Leaks have arisen at several dikes in municipalities along the Meuse in the Limburg-North Safety



That is what mayor of Venlo Antoin Scholten - also chairman of the Security Region - said at a press conference on Saturday afternoon.

A business park at the Prins Willem Alexanderhaven in Roermond is being evacuated for that reason.

Scholten asks Dutch people to stay away from the region in the coming days.

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Dozens of volunteers are scrubbing, cleaning and scrubbing in the parish church in the center of Valkenburg on Saturday.

The church has been under water for the past few days, and that water has left behind a lot of gunk and mud.

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Security region warns of fake news about flooding The

Limburg-Noord security region has just warned during the press conference about incorrect information that is circulated via social media, among other things.

"Follow the correct and current information", says chairman of the safety region Antoin Scholten.

"It is always available via the website and social media of your own municipality and the website of the Security Region."

Stories include the construction of the Manhattan Toren, a waterfront flat in Roermond.

It is not true that there is a fear of the building collapsing, emphasizes the security region.

"There is no indication that anything is wrong with the construction of the Manhattan Tower."

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Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen visits Limburg today

Outgoing minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management) will visit Limburg, which has been hit by flooding, on Saturday.

She is given a tour of a nature reserve above Venlo, where water can flow to lower the stand into the Maas.

As the water level in the Maas rises, more and more water flows into Maaspark Ooijen-Wanssum.

In this way, the water level in the river can drop to 35 centimetres.

The nature reserve is half an hour from Venlo, one of the cities that has been hit hard by the extreme weather in recent days.

Many people were evacuated from the North Limburg city.

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water peak

leaves Limburg on Monday morning

The high water wave in the Meuse leaves Limburg on Monday morning, Rijkswaterstaat expects. The peak reaches Belfeld and Venlo on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning in the municipality of Mook and Middelaar, on the border of Limburg and Gelderland. The municipality of Mook en Middelaar has instituted an emergency ordinance and threatens with fines for people who come to areas where they have no business.

The water level in the Maas near Sint Pieter near Maastricht has been falling since Thursday evening.

The river reached its highest level on Thursday evening with a discharge of 3260 cubic meters per second.

That was the highest level the river has ever reached since measurements began in 1911.

On Sunday, the discharge at Sint Pieter will have fallen to below 1500 cubic meters per second, according to Rijkswaterstaat.

The Water Management Center of Rijkswaterstaat thinks it will remain dry in Limburg in the coming week.

It may rain again next weekend, but it will not be until July 27 that larger amounts of rain are forecast and 30 to 50 millimeters of water will fall.

This is not expected to cause any new problems, because the discharge of rainwater from Belgium and France is also decreasing.

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Hasty evacuations in Limburg sub-villages Haelen and Horn

Residents of parts of the Central Limburg villages of Haelen and Horn (municipality of Leudal) must leave their homes immediately.

It concerns residents of the Broekweg in Haelen and the Kemp in Horn, the municipality of Leudal reports on Saturday morning.

Everyone must be gone by 1 p.m. at the latest.

The evacuations are related to the high water in the Meuse.

The municipality fears flooding.

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Roermond threatens with fines for growing number of disaster tourists

The municipality of Roermond threatens with fines if spectators continue to visit disaster areas.

Repeated calls from the municipality and the security region to people to stay away from areas where they have nothing to do, make little impression.

Now the municipality is threatening to issue fines.

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Why the rainfall in Germany and Belgium is more deadly than with us

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Death toll in Belgium rises to twenty

At least twenty people have died in Belgium due to the storms of recent days, authorities announced on Saturday morning.

As previously reported, the exceptional amount of water also caused enormous material damage.

It is not clear how many are missing.

At least four people were mentioned earlier, but "about twenty Belgians" are still missing, according to 

VRT News. 

The death toll may also rise further, as some bodies found this morning in the province of Liège may not yet have been counted.

130 bodies have already been recovered in Germany.

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Giro 777 counter for Limburg exceeds 1 million euros

On Saturday morning, Giro 777 has already received 1 million euros for the flood-affected areas in Limburg.

The collection number was opened on Friday by the National Disaster Fund.

Private individuals, companies and institutions have donated en masse.

Due to the enormous interest, the website giro777.nl was down for a while last night.

The action will continue "at full speed" for the next few days.

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Damage to Wallonia's rail network runs into tens of millions

The flood in Belgium has also wreaked havoc on the railways.



reports that the damage to the rail network in Wallonia runs into tens of millions of euros.

About half of the Walloon rail network is currently still flat.

About a hundred cases of damage have been reported on the tracks between Libramont-Betrix, Namur-Ottignies and Liège.

Industry association UASW has set up a special task force to find enough personnel to carry out the repair work.

According to Belgian media, hundreds of people must be deployed, but many railway contractors are already partly on a construction holiday.

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Streets near a weak dyke in Meerssen difficult to access

The streets near the dyke near Meerssen, where a hole fell on Friday, are still under water in many places. Although the residents of four villages around the hole were hastily evacuated on Friday afternoon, it is still dangerous to go out on the streets. The South Limburg Security Region warns about this.

Although the acute danger of a dyke breach for the residents of Bunde, Voulwames, Brommelen and Geulle has passed, a lot of nuisance remains. Many meadows and especially streets are still under water. Basements are also still under water, as well as possibly other parts of the homes. The security region is calling on residents not to go out on the street, or only if necessary.

The murky water obscures the view of exactly where you are walking or driving.

Loose manholes and other invisible objects can lead to accidents, according to the safety region.

The warning applies especially to the Westbroek area.

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Safety region: All hands on deck in Central and North Limburg

It is all hands on deck in Central and North Limburg to combat flooding. That said a spokesperson for the Limburg-North Safety Region on Saturday morning. He said he was happy with the many citizens' initiatives that arise here and there to lend a helping hand.

"We strongly encourage private initiatives," he said for calamity channel


. "All appreciation for that. Help someone else where possible. Everyone has to work. We will have to get the job done together. As emergency services, we cannot do it alone." He again made an urgent appeal to people not to look at disaster sites.

The spokesperson said that the high water peak has arrived in Roermond and Venlo.

According to him, that peak will last for two days.

Many roads in Roermond and the surrounding area have been flooded.

The Maastrichterweg between Roermond and Linne was flooded.

The Linne exit of the A73 that connects to the Maastrichterweg is closed.

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Dike in Arcen reinforced with sandbags

About 300 people from Arcen and the neighboring German villages laid down sandbags late Friday evening on the dike on the Maas near Arcen, north of Venlo.

They did this at the request of the water board.

In particular, many young people from Arcen and the surrounding area took part in the shoveling work.

The work anticipated the expected peak of high water in the Maas, which reached Venlo on Saturday morning.

The volunteers received support from the German villages with tractors and trucks, among other things, one of the volunteers said on calamity channel L1 on Saturday morning.

If the water board asks for it, sandbags will be placed again.

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Relatively little nuisance in Venlo, at 12.00 press conference about the situation in North Limburg

It is not yet clear what height the water has reached near Venlo. The high water peak is probably slightly flatter than expected, but will last longer, until 7 p.m. on Sunday evening. As yet there are few reports of damage or nuisance, says a spokesman for Public Safety Northern Limburg to



Initially, the high water peak was expected at 3 a.m. That was postponed to 5 a.m. It is not yet clear exactly what height the water has reached. It was calculated at 18 meters above NAP, "but the peak is probably slightly flatter", according to the spokesperson.

More clarity is expected about the situation in North Limburg around noon.

Mayor Antoin Scholten van Venlo - who is also chairman of the local Security Region - will then give a press conference about the state of affairs in the north of the province.

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More than 900,000 euros already received on Giro 777 for Limburg

On the first day of action of Giro 777 of the National Disaster Fund, private individuals, companies and institutions responded en masse to the call for support for the areas in South Limburg affected by the flooding disaster. Within 24 hours, more than 900,000 euros was donated to the National Disaster Fund.

More than 20,000 individual donors have already come across the bridge. Due to the enormous interest, the website giro777.nl was down for a while last night. The action will continue "at full speed" for the next few days.

Chairman Clémence Ross-van Dorp of the National Disaster Fund: "We are overwhelmed by the enormous support that lives there and the willingness of the Dutch to contribute to the emergency in the affected areas in Limburg."

On Saturday, Radio 2 will pay a lot of attention to Giro 777.

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More than 130 dead in Germany

The death toll from the flood in western Germany has again risen sharply.

German media reported on Saturday morning that 90 people were killed in the Ahrweiler district (Rhineland-Palatinate) alone.

The authorities there had spoken of more than sixty deaths as a result of the storm on Friday morning.

In Ahrweiler there is, among other things, the badly hit place Schuld, where houses have been destroyed by the high water.

At least 618 people were also injured, authorities said.

There were also casualties in other areas.

The total death toll in the federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate is already above 130, according to regional broadcaster WDR.

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Security region repeats call: Do not come to the disaster area to look

The Limburg-North Security Region urges curious people to stay away from flooded areas.

The security region already made that call on Friday. Read more



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Evacuees are allowed to return home

The thousands of residents who were evacuated in Bunde, Voulwames, Brommelen and Geulle (below), are allowed to return to their homes on Saturday at 6.00 am.

They had to spend the whole night elsewhere, but the security region reports that it is now safe enough to return home.

Situation Julianakanaal: evacuated residents can return to their homes All residents of Bunde, Voulwames, Brommelen and Geulle (below) who have been evacuated may return to their homes from 06:00.


Author South Limburg Security RegionMoment of places04: 01 - 17 July 2021

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Britain's Prince William and his wife Kate responded to the flood on Friday evening via Twitter.

"The damage and losses from the floods in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are terrible. We think of everyone who is affected."

The damage and loss caused by the flooding disaster in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands is devastating.


AuthorThe Duke and Duchess of CambridgeMoment of places20: 16 - 16 July 2021

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Meerssen evacuees have to spend


night elsewhere.

The South Limburg Security


does not expect to provide more information about the evacuated area near Meerssen until around 6.00 am on Saturday morning.

This means that people who have been evacuated there in connection with the hole in the dike of the Juliana Canal will have to spend the night elsewhere.

Earlier on Friday, the Limburg Water Board said that the leak had been closed for the time being.

But a spokesperson for the security region immediately put it into perspective that "poem" is a big word.

The dike has been reinforced and propped up, he said, but the danger has not yet passed.

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More than 600,000 euros have already been raised for Giro 777

More than 600,000 euros have already been donated to giro number 777, treasurer Lodewijk van der Croft reported to L1.

The giro number was opened on Friday by the National Disaster Fund and is intended to support people in the disaster area in Limburg.

A large part of the damage is covered by insurance, but according to the National Disaster Fund, there are also projects that cannot be covered, such as initiatives to get society going again.

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Evacuation of patients in hospital VieCuri in Venlo completed

All patients of the hospital VieCuri in Venlo have been safely transferred to other hospitals. The hospital has been evacuated because it is right next to the Maas, which has yet to reach its highest level. The peak is expected to be reached at 5 a.m. Saturday morning and last until 7 p.m. Sunday.

"We are very grateful for the help from everyone who has helped us today and for the warm welcome all our patients have received," the hospital said Friday evening.

In total, two hundred patients were taken to surrounding hospitals, including forty vulnerable patients.

According to chairman IJsbrand Schouten of the board of directors of VieCuri, the evacuation took place as a precaution to avoid any risk.

Defense helped in the hospital with the evacuation of patients and protection against flooding.

The hospital will remain closed until Monday.

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The Limburg South Safety Region provided an update on the high water peaks in various places on Friday night.

For example, the peak in Venlo is expected at 5 a.m. tonight.

The high water peak in Roermond lasts until 6 a.m. on Sunday.

In Venlo/Blerick the peak runs from Saturday 5 a.m. to Sunday 7 p.m.

In Mook, the peak runs from 9 a.m. Sunday to 5 a.m. Tuesday.

Note: information can still change based on new calculations.


Author Limburg-North Security RegionMoment of places23: 09 - 16 July 2021

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Evacuatie in Duits Wassenberg wegens damdoorbraak
Bij de Duitse stad Wassenberg, zo'n 15 kilometer ten zuidoosten van Roermond, is vrijdagavond een dam doorgebroken en worden ongeveer zevenhonderd inwoners geëvacueerd, meldt omroep WDR.

Burgemeester Marcel Maurer zegt tegen WDR dat de dam is doorgebroken doordat de stuwen in de Roer aan de Nederlandse kant gesloten zijn. Volgens de omroep neemt de burgemeester nu contact op met de Nederlandse autoriteiten om de sluizen weer open te zetten.

Een woordvoerder van de Veiligheidsregio Limburg-Noord zegt nog niet te weten wat de damdoorbraak voor de situatie in de Roer in Limburg betekent.

over 7 dagen

More than 100,000 Germans without power

In German states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, more than 100,000 people are still without power, local news channel

WDR Aktuell


Friday evening.

Energy company Westenergie is working hard on a solution,

in 7 days

Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte visited Limburg on Friday.

Rutte emphasized in the flood-stricken Venlo that "we can all learn something from the resilience of Limburg".

Rutte: 'Can everyone learn something from Limburg's resilience'

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Maastricht Aachen Airport blijft opnieuw hele nacht open
Maastricht Aachen Airport blijft op verzoek van de Veiligheidsregio Zuid-Limburg en de crisisorganisatie van de politie opnieuw de hele nacht open. Zo kunnen helikopters van politie, defensie en andere hulpverleningsdiensten ook na 23.00 uur landen en vertrekken.

De heli's bieden hulp in het hoogwatergebied in Limburg en monitoren situaties vanuit de lucht.

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Geëvacueerde Roermondenaren kunnen voorlopig niet terug
De duizenden bewoners die donderdag en vrijdag in Roermond geëvacueerd zijn, kunnen vrijdagavond nog niet terug naar huis. De voornaamste reden is volgens de gemeente dat het lang aanhoudende hoogwater dijken en kades kan verzwakken of zelfs doen bezwijken.

Rond 15.00 uur bereikte de Maas in Roermond de hoogste stand, maar sindsdien schommelt dat peil. De Maas zakt niet, kan zelfs nog enigszins stijgen, aldus een woordvoerder van de veiligheidsregio. "De piek houdt lang aan, kan fluctueren", zei ze. "Kan zelfs toenemen. Het zijn immers maar prognoses die we geven. Het gevaar is niet geweken."

Intussen stijgt ook de Roer tot een ongekend niveau met een nooit eerder bereikte afvoer van 300 kuub per seconde, waar eerdere records rond de 120 kuub zweefden. Zo'n 270 mensen die in buurgemeente Roerdalen aan de Roer wonen, moesten daarom vrijdag ook al weg uit hun huizen. De piek van de Roer blijft naar verwachting 30 tot 48 uur aanhouden, aldus de gemeente. Wat dit betekent voor de omvang voor de overlast in het overloopgebied van de Roer is onduidelijk

De Veiligheidsregio Limburg-Noord heeft vrijdagavond twee nieuwe noodverordeningen ingesteld. Die zijn vooral bedoeld om evacuaties mogelijk te maken en ramptoerisme aan te pakken.

over 7 dagen

Premier Mark Rutte nam in Limburg ook even de tijd om het crisiscentrum van het Rode Kruis in Venlo te bezoeken, om daar met vrijwilligers te spreken.

Special visit to the crisis center in Venlo!

@MinPres Rutte came by and spoke to our volunteers who work hard to help the people in Limburg.



AuthorRed CrossMoment of places18: 08 - 16 July 2021

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Evacuees Meerssen may not be able to sleep at home tonight

Evacuated residents who live behind the


Julianadijk in the municipality of Meerssen must prepare to spend the night elsewhere, reports the South Limburg security region.

It is not expected until around midnight whether residents will be able to return.

There are several reception locations available throughout the municipality for people who cannot go to family or acquaintances.

Among other things, a community house, a gym, a library, a school and a childcare center have been set up as childcare locations.

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Rutte: We will not abandon Limburg in 'follow-up


' either

"The weather is nice now, but a disaster has occurred," said outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte this evening during his visit to Venlo about the flooding in Limburg. He promised that the Netherlands will not abandon Limburg not only now, but also after the disaster, "the follow-up disaster if the damage becomes visible". "That is the least we should do," said Rutte.

The Prime Minister also expressed his appreciation for all aid workers and everyone who has made a contribution to tackling the flooding in Limburg. "The fact that you stand shoulder to shoulder in such a disaster and help each other is a business card for the whole of the Netherlands," he said.

Rutte spoke in Venlo, among other things, with affected entrepreneurs and he visited the crisis center of the Limburg-North Security Region.

He called it "terrible" for the catering entrepreneurs in Venlo, who first had to experience all the corona misery "and now this".

Later in the evening, Rutte will also visit the Vie Curi hospital in Venlo, which will be evacuated tonight as a precaution to prevent a possible flooding of the Maas.

The hospital is right along the river.

In addition to the hospital, more than ten thousand people will be



in the municipality of Venlo.

in 7 days

When the mayor of the Belgian town of Pepinster was interviewed on Friday, a house collapsed in the background.

Pepinster is one of the municipalities hardest hit by the floods.

At least 20 houses collapsed and six deaths are known.

House collapses during interview with Belgian mayor

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Beter weer in Duitsland op komst
De kans op nog meer noodweer in het westen van Duitsland neemt komend weekeinde langzaam maar zeker af. De Duitse meteorologische dienst (DWD) voorspelt dat de stormdepressie Bernd, die de voorbije dagen huishield in vooral de westelijke deelstaten, vrijdagavond en ook zaterdag plaatselijk nog voor overlast kan zorgen met zware buien en onweer. Daarna krijgt een hogedrukgebied de overhand.

De DWD verwacht geleidelijke verbetering voor de regio's waar de hoge waterstanden voor veel ellende zorgen. Alleen in het zuidwesten van Duitsland kan het overdag nog hard regenen met op sommige plaatsen 20 millimeter of meer.

Het peil van de Rijn stijgt nog even door en bereikt zaterdag een vermoedelijke piek van 8,10 meter. Woensdag was de waterhoogte bij de stad 5,47.

over 7 dagen

Flooding has left a car in a cemetery in the German community of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler in western Germany.

in 7 days

Why the rainfall in Germany and Belgium is more deadly than with us

in 7 days

Vaccination locations GGD Limburg-Noord open 

Despite the weather conditions, the vaccination locations of GGD Limburg-Noord are open on Fridays.

The GGD calls on people to keep an eye on the traffic information, because not all access roads may be available.

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Belgium announces day of national mourning

Belgium announces a day of national mourning for the victims of the floods for Tuesday.

The national holiday, a day later, will be much more sober than usual.

The day of national mourning "will be a moment to reflect on the great human loss," said Prime Minister Alexander De Croo.


least twenty people

have died as a result of the


, nine of whom have now been identified, says Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden.

Another 20 people are still missing.

The governor of Liège previously spoke of 23 dead.

in 7 days

Honderden brandweerlieden uit het land schieten Limburg te hulp
Honderden brandweerlieden uit dertien veiligheidsregio's bieden hulp in het door overstromingen getroffen Limburg. De brandweer heeft in Zeist een speciaal actiecentrum ingericht voor concrete hulpvragen uit Limburg. Die worden verdeeld over de veiligheidsregio's, aldus brancheorganisatie Brandweer Nederland.

De brandweer heeft naast helpende handen ook al 130.000 zandzakken en duizend dompelpompen met aggregaat naar Limburg gestuurd. Daarnaast kunnen hulpdiensten in Limburg bij het actiecentrum aankloppen voor hulp van specialisten en voor advies.

Voorzitter Tijs van Lieshout van Brandweer Nederland is heel trots op de slagvaardigheid van de korpsen, zegt hij. "Het is geweldig, maar het moet ook, de problemen zijn groot. Ik wens alle collega's in Limburg, België en Duitsland veel succes."

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