Chinanews, July 16th, a comprehensive report, it has been a week since the assassination of Haitian President Moise, but who planned and funded the assassination is still under investigation.

Recently, the Haitian police announced the arrest of several Haitian politicians and former government officials.

At the same time, the U.S. Pentagon confirmed that some former Colombian soldiers arrested on suspicion of assassinating the President of Haiti had received U.S. military training.

On July 7, local time, in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, a cordon was pulled up at the door of the residence of President Moise of Haiti, and there were scattered bullet casings on the floor of his residence indoors and outdoors.

Latest development: Haitian politician and former government official arrested

  The latest developments in this suspicious murder case. Haitian police arrested Elal, the security chief of the presidential palace on the 15th, and said that his suspicion was serious.

Haitian prosecutor Claude and Prime Minister’s spokesman Kontaf confirmed the arrest of Elar.

  Earlier, many Haitian people wondered why the assassination team accused of assassination could easily penetrate into the president’s private residence and was arrested soon afterwards. The anger of the people was directed at Elal.

  In addition, the Haitian police announced on the evening of the 14th that they had arrested two suspects, including former senior police officers.

The Haitian National Police Commissioner Charles also stated at the press conference that the police are fully pursuing other fugitives, and four senior members of the presidential guard team have also been isolated for interrogation.

  The police statement pointed out that the officers searched the residence of the former senior police officer Dragun and found multiple magazines, several guns and several bulletproof vests from the residence of Dragoon.

  Another suspect arrested by the police is Covington, who is accused of providing a residence and a car siren for the suspect.

Data map: After the assassination of President Moise of Haiti, the whole of Haiti entered a state of martial law.

The Pentagon: The soldier who assassinated the President received U.S. military training

  At the same time, as relevant investigations deepened, the United States had more and more connections with the assassinations.

On the 15th, U.S. Pentagon spokesperson Ken Hoffman said in a statement, “A review of our training database revealed that a small number of Colombians detained as part of the investigation had participated in U.S. military training and education programs. "

  The statement did not specify how many people received the training or the content of the training.

Hoffman said the department is reviewing the matter.

  According to reports, the Haitian authorities have arrested at least 20 people in connection with the murder of Moiz, and at least 13 Colombians suspected of participating in the assassination have been identified as former Colombian soldiers.

  Haiti has asked the US military to help protect critical infrastructure during domestic riots, but the Biden administration currently has no plans to send troops.

Earlier this week, US government officials traveled to Haiti to review the country’s security situation and assist in the investigation of the assassination.

  Prior to this, the US Drug Enforcement Administration and the FBI had confirmed that some of the arrested persons involved in the case were their informants.

  According to the report, the US military training of South American troops is very common, especially Colombia, which has been a close partner of the US military for decades. They have received funds and other assistance to combat drug trafficking and guerrilla movements.

  But former Colombian soldiers are also often used as mercenaries.

The country’s nearly 60 years of internal conflict and elite military training based on the US Army Ranger School have made these Colombian soldiers appear on the battlefields of conflicts around the world.

Speaking again, the first lady publicizes the post-attack photos

  Martina, the first lady of Haiti, who was seriously injured in the assassination, also spoke again on the 15th. She sent a message thanking the medical staff for helping her persevere, and for the first time publicized her photos after the attack.

Image source: Martina's social media screenshot.

  According to reports, Martina wrote on social media: “Thank you to the guardian angel team for helping me through this terrible time. Because of your gentle touch, thoughtfulness and care, I was able to hold on.” She also attached one. In the photo of herself lying on the hospital bed, she can see a lot of bandages on her right arm.

  Martina also wrote that the loss of her husband will never fade.

  Previously, Martina posted a message on social media, calling for the continued promotion of Moise’s "battle" in pursuit of "stability" in Haiti.