The pandemic has been stressful for older people.

This is the opinion of Daniela Forsberg, who is unit manager at the preventive unit within the health and care administration in Eskilstuna municipality.

- It has been difficult for many seniors who have already been isolated and alone before.

Open with restrictions

But now the various meeting places for seniors in Eskilstuna have reopened, even though there are restrictions.

- Now we can be more depending on how big premises we have.

We measure them and put up notes so you know how many people can stay in the premises, she says.

At Nålmakaren's meeting place, friends Mary Stolpe and Hjördis Bengtsson sat and played Yatzy on Friday.

They both think it's nice when more people can meet indoors again.

- But we have been out a lot this time, says Mary Stolpe.

Time goes faster

Hjördis Bengtsson agrees and points out that it feels like time goes faster when you can meet more people again and, for example, play cards indoors.

- There is a difference, she says.

In the clip, they tell more about what it means for the meeting places to reopen and how it was during the pandemic.

In addition, Daniela Forsberg tells more about what rules apply now.