Good morning and welcome to this live blog.

Here we will keep you informed about the floods in Limburg, Germany and Belgium.

The most important thing you need to know:

  • The south of Limburg has been declared a disaster area.

  • Many places were evacuated, some mandatory.

  • Defense deploys hundreds of soldiers.

  • Mark Rutte will visit the affected area this afternoon.

  • The damage is also enormous in Belgium and Germany.

    Eleven people were killed in Belgium, 81 in Germany.

Vlodrop evacuated with the help of the riot police

The residents of Vlodrop in North Limburg were called upon to leave the village on Friday morning, the North Limburg Security Region reports. The ME supports the evacuation in the village on the Roer to ensure that it runs as smoothly and smoothly as possible.

In the night from Thursday to Friday, there were already evacuations in several areas in South and North Limburg due to the extremely high water level. This involved parts of Maastricht, Roermond, Roerdalen (to which Vlodrop belongs), Eijsden-Margraten and Sittard-Geleen.

Mayor of Maastricht: 'Walked

past the hole


Maastricht 'went past the hole


in the night from Thursday to Friday, Mayor Annemarie Penn told

L1 on

Friday morning

. According to her, it was "very exciting" when the peak of the high water reached Maastricht. Penn reports that 350 people have been accommodated in sports halls. It is unknown when they will be able to return home. But according to the mayor, that can happen "quite quickly, if it remains dry".

The Maastricht neighborhoods of Heugem and Randwyck were evacuated in the night from Thursday to Friday. That went well, the mayor said. "People have packed their own." On Friday morning, the South Limburg Security Region reported that no streets in Maastricht were flooded.

The peak in terms of water level was reached in Maastricht around 3 a.m.

This peak is slowly moving north at the moment.

According to the security region, Limburg-South is now slowly entering the recovery phase.

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Water level of the Maas has passed the highest point

In South Limburg, the water level in the Maas has passed the highest point. Early on Friday morning, the rain river reached a level of more than 3,300 cubic meters per second, a record high that Rijkswaterstaat already warned on Thursday. The water level of the drain at the village of Sint Pieter (municipality of Maastricht) is now dropping rapidly. Rijkswaterstaat expects the level to be below 2,000 cubic meters per second on Sunday. 

Not much rain is expected in the river basin of the Meuse. However, the river still has to drain a large amount of rainwater from Belgium and France. The high water wave is now moving to the north of the province.

The high water will reach the Venlo area on Saturday evening, Sunday morning the high water in the Maas will pass the border between Limburg and Gelderland and later on Sunday the high water peak will flow past Den Bosch.

Along the way, river water drains into water storage areas, but these are also largely full due to the heavy rain.

The Meuse overflows its banks in many places, but because of the rain the groundwater is high and the river water cannot sink.

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550 Roermond residents woken up early to leave homes

Some 550 households in Roermond were woken early on Friday at 6.00 am with megaphones and sirens and requested to leave their homes immediately.

They also received an NL-Alert with the message: leave your home immediately.

"Due to flooding, you must leave your house immediately," blared through the loudspeakers of the megaphones.

Everyone had to be out of the house by 7:00 am.

Police officers rang the doorbell.

Those who did not wake up despite the ringing of the bell and the NL-Alert, were awakened by the sirens that the police let out.

Residents came out intoxicated.

Earlier they had been told that they had to go around 11 am.

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Power outage Valkenburg can only be remedied if water drops further

The evacuation measures in Valkenburg will remain in force for the time being, a spokesperson for the South Limburg Security Region reported.

This while the water in the river Geul is sinking.

Grid operator Enexis is not yet able to remedy the power failure, which affected more than a thousand households on Wednesday.

The water has to drop further for that, according to a spokesperson.

Earlier, a spokesperson for the security region said that the connections can only be restored when the water has completely disappeared.

"And that can take days."

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At least eighty dead and hundreds missing due to severe weather in Germany

At least 81 people were killed during the storm in Germany.

Hundreds of residents are still missing, authorities report Friday.

About thirteen hundred people are missing in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler alone, the city council reported on Thursday evening.





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More than 21,000 inhabitants of Wallonia without electricity due to flooding

More than 21,000 people in Wallonia are without electricity as a result of the floods, the Walloon electricity company Ores reported Friday.

There are power outages in Durbuy, Eupen, Rochefort, Spa, Theux and Verviers, among others.

According to Ores, nearly three hundred transformer houses have been flooded with water.

"It is impossible for our teams to access it," the company said.

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Traffic still nuisance in South Limburg

Traffic is still experiencing nuisance in South Limburg on Friday.

The ANWB has announced that the A76 at Simpelveld, the A79 between Hulsberg and Heerlen and the N926 between Roosteren and the Belgian border are still closed in both directions.

Motorists can, for example, take a detour via Maasmechelen and Hasselt.

In South Limburg, the #A76 at Simpelveld, the #A79 between Hulsberg and Heerlen and the #N296 between Roosteren and the Belgian border at Maaseik are still closed in both directions due to the flooding.


AuthorANWBverkeerMoment of places04: 49 - July 16, 2021

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The Limburg-South Safety Region opened a telephone number on Friday morning where residents can contact with their questions: 0800-1351.

From Friday morning 16 July 05.45 am, in addition to the public information numbers of the municipalities, the general public number 0800-1351 for information about high water and flooding will be available for the Limburg-Noord Safety Region.


Author Limburg-North Security RegionMoment of places04: 06 - 16 July 2021

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It seems to look good but we remain alert.

All measures remain in force for the time being.


AuthorMunicipality of MaastrichtMoment of places01: 58 - July 16, 2021

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At least 59 dead and hundreds more missing due to severe weather in Germany

At least 59 people were killed on Thursday as a result of the storm in western Germany.

Hundreds of people are still missing in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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In flooded Valkenburg: 'The power of the water... Everything is meaningless'

South Limburg was hit by extremely high water levels on Thursday as a result of the heavy rainfall in recent days.

Streets and houses were flooded and half villages had to be evacuated because of the flooding.

"The power of the water is so strong. Everything is just meaningless."



the whole report.

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Evacuations also in Walloon Brabant due to flooding

In Walloon Brabant, evacuations took place in the night from Thursday to Friday in Ottignies, Graven, Geldenaken, Mont-Saint-Guibert, Court-Saint-Etienne and Tubize. All residents chased from their homes by the storm have been taken care of.

Wavre and the sub-municipality of Limal also suffer from flooding. Sandbags have been distributed and local authorities warn of power cuts, but no evacuations have been made so far. Sandbags are also distributed in Rebecq, where the water level of the Senne is rising. In Tubize, the valley and part of the city center have been flooded. In Heylissem, the tap water has been declared undrinkable.

In a number of places, the level of the watercourses has fallen again.

That is the case in Bevekom, Hamme-Mille, Genepiën, Villers-la-Ville and Walhain, among others.

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Highest point of water level in Maas reached, slightly lower than feared

The peak of high water in the Maas near Maastricht was reached in the night from Thursday to Friday around 3:00 am, Rijkswaterstaat reports.

A spokesperson tells calamity channel 


 that the peak is slightly lower than had been feared in advance.

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Security region now sees no risk for areas

that have not been evacuated The South Limburg Security Region does not foresee any danger in places that have not yet been evacuated on Thursday evening. Earlier in the evening


 the security risk


an overview of the places that had to be evacuated - sometimes forcibly.

In Maastricht, the Heugem and Randwyck districts have been evacuated. People around the Hambeek in Roermond also had to leave their homes. There were also numerous streets in the villages of Eijsden, Laag-Caestert, Maasband, Meers, Berg aan de Maas, Meerssen, Steun and Grevenbircht. In the villages of Visserweert and Aasterberg (municipality of Echt-Susteren) evacuation is mandatory. The police keep extra surveillance to prevent possible looting.

We previously provided an overview of areas that are/are currently being evacuated. At the moment there are no new developments and we see no risks for other areas in the region. We are closely monitoring the situation.


Author South Limburg Security RegionMoment of Places23: 55 - 15 July 2021

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Defense arrives with emergency bridge in Valkenburg

A few dozen soldiers arrived in Valkenburg last night with an emergency bridge that is being built over the Geul.

A Defense spokesman said the emergency bridge is expected to be ready Friday morning.

The emergency bridge will be located where a bridge has been swept away by raging water.

As a result, a part of Valkenburg has become an island, which complicates the relief effort.


Emergency bridge has arrived in #Valkenburg #watersnood #floods


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Government buildings in Rhineland-Palatinate hang flag at half-mast

All government buildings and official bodies in Rhineland-Palatinate today hang their flags at half-mast in memory of the victims of the severe weather in the German state.

Severe weather in western Germany has already killed dozens of people.

At least eighteen people died in Rhineland-Palatinate.

There is flooding in many places and extensive damage has been caused throughout the region.

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Dutch campsite in the Eifel completely destroyed

The floods of the last few days have completely destroyed a Dutch campsite in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, in the heart of the Eifel.

On Wednesday, the river Kyll overflowed its banks and completely flooded Camp Kyllburg of the Dutch owners Mèlani and Roy Betten.

The guests were evacuated on time.

According to friends of the couple, the damage is in the hundreds of thousands of euros.

The glamping tents have been washed away, the bridge connecting the campsite has disappeared, the terrace is gone and the catering, reception, sanitary buildings and newly constructed playground are under water.

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Designer Outlet Center in Roermond must be closed until Monday

The Designer Outlet Center in Roermond must remain closed until Monday 9:00 am.

In the night from Thursday to Friday, the security region decided to do so by means of an emergency ordinance in order to keep the roads around the city free.

There is already an order in Roermond to keep out disaster tourists.

The now published emergency ordinance states that "a regular influx of visitors to the Designer Outlet Roermond during high water is not desirable".

People can be searched as a preventive measure, and anyone who has no business at the Outlet Center must leave immediately if ordered by the police.

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Evacuations also in Limburg municipalities of Eijsden-Margraten and Stein

The Limburg municipalities of Stein and Eijsden-Margraten have decided to partially evacuate due to the rising water in the Meuse.

In Stein it concerns the hamlets of Maasband, Meers, Veldschuur and Berg aan de Maas (streets Veerweg, Schoorvoetpad and Berger Maasstraat).

In Eijsden-Margraten, residents of Diepstraat, Bat, Trichterweg, Beethovenstraat, Bachstraat and Laag Caestert have been urgently requested to leave.

Also in Grevenbicht (municipality of Sittard-Geleen) the residents of some homes outside the flood defense have been called upon to evacuate.

According to the security region, the police keep an eye on the evacuated areas to prevent possible looters from taking advantage.

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All Meuse municipalities in Belgian Limburg will evacuate preventively

The Meuse municipalities in Limburg will carry out preventive evacuations in areas that are prone to flooding, Limburg governor Jos Lantmeeters announced on Thursday evening. For example, the municipalities along the Meuse and the Albert Canal assume the "worst scenario", where the Meuse goes over the dikes. This concerns the municipalities of Maasmechelen, Lanaken, Maaseik, Dilsen-Stokkem and Kinrooi. Riemst may add to that.

Flow rates of up to 3,750 cubic meters per second are predicted, which has not happened in a hundred years. People in the affected areas are advised to evacuate to family or friends. The police provide extra supervision, and there is also extra dike surveillance. The water levels are measured throughout the night.

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About 1,300 missing in town in Rhineland-Palatinate

Another thirteen hundred people are missing in the German town of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, the city council reported on Thursday.

A spokesman for the city in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate said the mobile phone network was down, leaving many people unreachable.

The spokesperson also confirmed that there have been fatalities, but could not give exact figures yet.

More than 1,000 first responders, including the fire service, police and military, were still in action, she said.

The local schools are closed on Friday, about 3,500 people are in emergency shelter.

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Two more deaths in Belgium, total death toll now at eleven

The severe storm has


two people in Chaudfontaine, in the province of Liège.

The mayor of the city confirms this to 



The ages of the victims and circumstances have not been released.

The total death toll in Belgium as a result of the floods stands at eleven.

A body is also said to have been found in the nearby municipality of Trooz, but that has not yet been confirmed by authorities.

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Defense on its way to Valkenburg to place an emergency bridge

A few dozen soldiers of the Engineers

left for Valkenburg on

Thursday evening under the leadership of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee to build a military emergency bridge over the Geul. A Defense spokesman said the emergency bridge is expected to be ready Friday morning.

The emergency bridge will be located where a bridge has been swept away by raging water. As a result, part of Valkenburg has become an island, which complicates the relief effort. "By building bridge sections, they will realize a span of 10 meters," said the spokesman.

There are dozens of bridges in Valkenburg. Some other bridges over the river are unstable, Valkenburg mayor Daan Prevoo said earlier on Thursday.

The Limburg-North security region reported that military personnel also help against flooding in other ways.

They are currently filling sandbags to reinforce the dikes.

They distribute it in the region.

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Residents of Maastricht neighborhoods listen to evacuation calls

Two Maastricht neighborhoods that are in danger of flooding were quickly emptied on Thursday evening.

The majority of the inhabitants of Heugem and Randwyck err on the side of caution and have left, notes a few stragglers.

The evacuation call was therefore quite compelling, says Desirée Snelling-Berg, even though leaving is not mandatory.

"An NL-Alert, a man at the door and then also those sound cars. Some people were terrified."

A good hour after the mayor's call, the exodus started, neighbor Vincent Ti noticed.

There was even some congestion, two employees of a car company saw that hastily drove its entire fleet to higher ground.

By 3 a.m., the Maaswater could flow into the district, the municipality says.

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Meerssen also proceeds to evacuations

The municipality of Meerssen, in the Limburg Heuvelland, advises some of its inhabitants to evacuate urgently. This concerns the area north of the Geul and east of the Juliana Canal.

Because the water in the Meuse continues to rise, the Geul cannot drain into it. As a result, the water level in the river is expected to rise a few decimeters at night. Parts of Meerssen are already flooded.

The municipality asks people in the area concerned to seek shelter with friends or family. For those who cannot, shelter is arranged in a community center. According to the municipality, there is no reason to panic and there is enough time to leave.

A spokesperson for the security region late on


, which functions as a calamity transmitter, know that approximately 2,300 people live in the area to be evacuated.

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Images of the A61 in Germany, rarely seen anything like this


AuthorKoos SluiterMoment of places20: 39 - 15 July 2021

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Maastricht Airport open all night for helicopter emergency services

Maastricht Aachen Airport will remain

open all night

at the request of the South Limburg Security Region and the police crisis organization.

For example, helicopters from the police, defense and other emergency services can provide timely assistance and monitor situations from the air with helicopters in connection with the high water crisis in Limburg.

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Rijkswaterstaat: Piek in waterafvoer waarschijnlijk rond 3.00
Rijkswaterstaat verwacht dat de waterafvoer van de Maas komende nacht rond 3.00 het hoogste niveau zal bereiken. De piekafvoer zal dan vermoedelijk rond de 3.300 kubieke meter per seconde liggen. Vanavond rond 21.00 werden alle voorgaande records al gebroken toen de Maas 3.122 kubieke meter water per seconde afvoerde. 

"Het woord record is in deze situatie wel een beetje ongunstig in een situatie met zoveel slachtoffers", stelt een woordvoerder van Rijkswaterstaat. "Maar de situatie van vandaag is zonder meer uniek."

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Mandatory evacuation in two villages in the municipality of Echt-Susteren due to high water

In two villages in the Limburg municipality of Echt-Susteren, all residents will be evacuated on Thursday evening due to the high water level.

This concerns the villages of Visserweert and Aasterberg, plus residents of the surrounding low-lying parts.

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View images of the high water level of the Maas here

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Noodverordening in Roermond en Maasgouw om ramptoerisme te voorkomen
Roermond en buurgemeente Maasgouw kondigen per donderdagavond een noodverordening af. Op die manier hebben de gemeenten onder meer een stok achter de deur om ramptoerisme aan te pakken. Mensen kunnen preventief gefouilleerd worden en iedereen die in een bepaald gebied niks te zoeken heeft, moet daaruit vertrekken.

Ramptoeristen komen op het hoge water af en lopen hulpdiensten en door hoogwater getroffen bewoners voor de voeten. De Veiligheidsregio Limburg Noord roept mensen op niet naar rampgebieden te komen en de wegen vrij te houden voor de hulpdiensten.

De noodverordening bepaalt ook dat mensen in bedreigde gebieden verplicht zijn hun woning te verlaten. Volgens de gemeenten moet rekening worden gehouden met verstoring van de openbare orde. Hulpverleners en onderzoekers moeten ongestoord hun werk kunnen doen. Om dat te kunnen kan mensen die er niks te zoeken hebben de toegang tot het gebied ontzegd worden. De noodverordening geldt tot 19 juli.

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Kabinet roept overstromingsgebied Zuid-Limburg uit tot rampgebied
Het demissionaire kabinet heeft het overstromingsgebied in Zuid-Limburg donderdagavond uitgeroepen tot rampgebied. Dat heeft premier Mark Rutte bekendgemaakt. Op die manier kan de overheid sneller en meer hulp bieden aan het getroffen gebied. Bovendien wordt een deel van de schade vergoed door de Rijksoverheid. Lees hier verder.

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Premier Rutte gaat vrijdagmiddag naar getroffen gebied
Demissionair premier Mark Rutte gaat het zwaargetroffen Zuid-Limburg vrijdagmiddag bezoeken, maakte hij donderdagavond bekend. 

Eerder op donderdag bezochten koning Willem-Alexander en koningin Máxima de provincie. Zij deden Valkenburg aan en staken de bewoners van de Zuid-Limburgse stad een hart onder de riem.

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Ziekenhuis Venlo houdt rekening met evacuatie en neemt geen patiënten op
Het Venlose ziekenhuis VieCuri Medisch Centrum neemt vanaf donderdag geen nieuwe patiënten meer op. Reden voor de opnamestop is het almaar stijgende waterpeil van de Maas. VieCuri houdt rekening met een eventuele evacuatie.

De eerste opvang voor acute zorg blijft wel gehandhaafd. Alle niet-spoedeisende operaties voor vrijdag worden afgezegd. Poli-afspraken, diagnostiek en dagbehandelingen gaan vrijdag wel nog door, maar ook dat kan veranderen.

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Maas bereikt hoogste stand ooit gemeten
De waterstand van de Maas bereikt vandaag ongekende hoogte. Momenteel stroomt er bij Eijsden 3.168 kubieke meter per seconde door de Maas: de hoogste piekafvoer sinds het begin van de watermetingen. Dat is dus ruim 3,1 miljoen liter water per seconde.

De piekafvoer is ongeveer 50 procent hoger dan het laatste zomerrecord uit 1980. Dat record werd vanochtend al verbroken.

De situatie van vandaag is echter zo extreem dat zelfs het laatste winterrecord is gesneuveld. In 1993 werd een piekafvoer vastgesteld van 3.120 kubieke meter per seconde - de hoogste stand ooit gemeten, tot vandaag.

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Tweehonderd verstandelijk beperkte bewoners Maastricht geëvacueerd
Ongeveer tweehonderd verstandelijk beperkte bewoners van zorgcentrum Maasveld in Maastricht worden donderdagavond geëvacueerd. Het centrum ligt niet ver van de Maas, in de wijk Heugem, en de vrees bestaat dat het onder water komt te staan. 

Sommige bewoners zullen naar hun ouders gaan, de anderen worden opgevangen op andere locaties van zorgorganisatie Koraal, waar ook zorgcentrum Maasveld onder valt.

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Horeca roept kabinet op: verklaar wateroverlast tot nationale ramp
Horecavereniging KHN wil dat het kabinet de Limburgse wateroverlast verklaart tot nationale ramp. Hierdoor zou volgens de belangenvereniging een wet in werking treden die zorgt dat getroffen horecazaken hun schade vergoed krijgen. "Daarmee schept het kabinet duidelijkheid voor ondernemers." KHN wijst erop dat horecazaken eerst de coronacrisis voor de kiezen kregen en nu komt het noodweer erbovenop.
Ook vindt de vereniging dat hotels, kroegen en restaurants de misgelopen omzet door de overstromingen vergoed zouden moeten krijgen. Dit zou dan moeten komen uit het geld dat is uitgetrokken voor de coronaregelingen, zoals de loonsteun (NOW) en de tegemoetkoming in de vaste lasten (TVL).

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King and Queen spoke for an hour and a half with those affected.

The visit of the royal couple to Valkenburg has now ended.

The couple spoke for about an hour and a half with residents, entrepreneurs and social workers.

"They wore rain boots and sometimes had to wade through ankle-deep water," said the reporter on site. 

Willem-Alexander and Máxima also visited a bowling center where those affected were received.

The royal couple had flown by helicopter to the affected area immediately after Princess Amalia's graduation ceremony.

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During a visit to the flooded Valkenburg, the king and queen spoke to those affected and the emergency services.

Here they got on a shovel to pose with a fire team.

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Dozens of caravans are under water at Camping Hatenboer in Roermond.

Hundreds of camping guests evacuated.

Dozens of caravans under water at camping in Roermond

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in Belgium

rise to eight In Belgium, the number of fatalities from the flood has risen to eight.

In the hard-hit Pepinster in the province of Liège, a body was found under a bridge that has partly collapsed, Belgian media report.

The number of deaths in Verviers rose to five.

Two people died elsewhere.

Four people are still missing.

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View images of the king's visit to Valkenburg here

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