In the course of the investigation into the attack on Haiti's President Jovenel Moïse, four members of his bodyguard were arrested.

Among those arrested is the head of the life guard, Dimitri Herard, as the police chief of the Caribbean state, Léon Charles, announced on Thursday.

Another 24 officials are being investigated.

All the members of Moïse's bodyguard present had survived the July 7th attack by a murder squad unharmed.

Shortly after the crime, this raised suspicions that bodyguards might have been privy to and involved in the assassination plans.

The police in Colombia announced a few days ago that Moïses' security chief Herard had traveled to the South American country several times.

According to the Colombian police chief Jorge Luis Vargas, 26 Colombians were involved in the attack.

18 of them were caught and three were killed by the Haitian security authorities.

According to Vargas, the arrested Colombians stated during interrogation that they were hired to arrest Moïse and hand over to the US drug control agency DEA.

Two Colombians with leadership roles in the attack - one of whom was killed - told their fellow compatriots involved that it was an "arrest operation".

Colombia cooperates

The Colombian police are cooperating with the Haitian authorities in the investigation into the attack.

According to the Haitian police, two suspects who are both Haitian and US citizens have also been arrested.

You are suspected of being the mastermind behind the attack.

One of these two men is Christian Emmanuel Sanon, who describes himself as a doctor and lives in the US state of Florida.

According to police chief Charles, Sanon is said to have planned the attack for "political motives".

He is suspected of having recruited 26 of the perpetrators through a Florida-based Venezuelan security company called CTU.

Charles said a few days ago that the group had originally planned to arrest Moïse.

“The mission then changed.” The second suspect arrested, a dual citizen of Haiti and the United States, James Solages, is also said to have been linked to CTU.

Assassination allegedly planned in the neighboring country

According to the latest information from the Haitian police chief, the attack was said to have been planned at a meeting in the Dominican Republic bordering Haiti.

A photo circulating in the online networks shows Sanon and Solages together with the former Haitian opposition senator Joel John Joseph.

Joseph is being searched for with an arrest warrant.

Charles has now confirmed that the three men had met in a hotel in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.

In the photo, the “architects” of the attack plan can be seen at a table.

The photo also shows the head of CTU, Antonio Emmanuel Intriago Valera.

Moïse was shot dead in the middle of the night in his home in the capital Port-au-Prince. The attack sparked fears that the Caribbean country, plagued by instability and poverty, could slide further into chaos. Haiti is the poorest country on the American continent.