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Here we will keep you informed about the floods in Limburg, Germany and Belgium.

The most important thing you need to know:

  • The south of Limburg has been declared a disaster area.

  • Evacuations in Central and North Limburg.

  • VieCurie hospital in Venlo evacuated as a precaution.

  • Defense deploys hundreds of soldiers.

  • Mark Rutte will visit the affected area today.

  • The damage is also enormous in Belgium and Germany.

    More than a hundred were killed there.

Evacuation in German Wassenberg due to dam breach

At the German city of Wassenberg, about fifteen kilometers southeast of Roermond, a dam broke on Friday evening and about 700 inhabitants were evacuated, broadcaster




Mayor Marcel Maurer tells


that the dam has broken because the weirs in the Roer on the Dutch side are closed.

According to the broadcaster, the mayor is now contacting the Dutch authorities to reopen the locks.

A spokesperson for the Limburg-North Safety Region says he does not yet know what the dam breach means for the situation in the Roer in Limburg.

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The Limburg South Safety Region provided an update on the high water peaks in various places on Friday night.

The high water peak in Roermond lasts until 6 a.m. on Sunday.

In Venlo/Blerick the peak runs from Saturday 5 a.m. to Sunday 7 p.m.

In Mook, the peak runs from 9 a.m. Sunday to 5 a.m. Tuesday.

Note: information can still change based on new calculations.


Author Limburg-North Security RegionMoment of places23: 09 - 16 July 2021

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More than 100,000 Germans without power

In German states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, more than 100,000 people are still without power, local news channel

WDR Aktuell


Friday evening.

Energy company Westenergie is working hard on a solution,

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Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte visited Limburg on Friday.

Rutte emphasized in the flood-stricken Venlo that "we can all learn something from the resilience of Limburg".

Rutte: 'Can everyone learn something from Limburg's resilience'

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Maastricht Aachen Airport will once again remain open all night

At the request of the South Limburg Security Region and the police crisis organization,

Maastricht Aachen Airport will once again remain open

all night.

For example, helicopters from the police, defense and other emergency services can also land and depart after 11 p.m.

The helicopters provide assistance in the high water area in Limburg and monitor situations from the air.

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Evacuated Roermond


cannot return for the time being

The thousands of residents who were evacuated in Roermond on Thursday and Friday cannot return home on Friday evening. According to the municipality, the main reason is that the long-lasting high water can weaken or even cause dikes and quays to collapse.

The Maas in Roermond reached its highest level around 3 p.m., but that level has fluctuated since then. The Meuse is not sinking, it can even rise slightly, according to a spokesperson for the security region. "The peak lasts for a long time, can fluctuate," she said. "May even increase. After all, they are only forecasts that we give. The danger has not passed."

Meanwhile, the Roer also rises to an unprecedented level with an unprecedented discharge of 300 cubic meters per second, where previous records hovered around 120 cubic meters.

About 270 people living in the neighboring municipality of Roerdalen aan de Roer therefore had to leave their homes on Friday.

The peak of the Roer is expected to last for 30 to 48 hours, according to the municipality.

It is unclear what this means for the magnitude of the nuisance in the overflow area of ​​the Roer.

The Limburg-North Safety Region introduced two new emergency regulations on Friday evening.

These are mainly intended to enable evacuations and to tackle disaster tourism.

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Prime Minister Mark Rutte also took some time in Limburg to visit the Red Cross crisis center in Venlo, to speak with volunteers there.

Special visit to the crisis center in Venlo!

@MinPres Rutte came by and spoke to our volunteers who work hard to help the people in Limburg.



AuthorRed CrossMoment of places18: 08 - 16 July 2021

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Evacuees Meerssen may not be able to sleep at home tonight

Evacuated residents who live behind the


Julianadijk in the municipality of Meerssen must prepare to spend the night elsewhere, reports the South Limburg security region.

It is not expected until around midnight whether residents will be able to return.

There are several reception locations available throughout the municipality for people who cannot go to family or acquaintances.

Among other things, a community house, a gym, a library, a school and a childcare center have been set up as childcare locations.

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Rutte: We will not abandon Limburg in 'follow-up


' either

"The weather is nice now, but a disaster has occurred," said outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte this evening during his visit to Venlo about the flooding in Limburg. He promised that the Netherlands will not abandon Limburg not only now, but also after the disaster, "the follow-up disaster if the damage becomes visible". "That is the least we should do," said Rutte.

The Prime Minister also expressed his appreciation for all aid workers and everyone who has made a contribution to tackling the flooding in Limburg. "The fact that you stand shoulder to shoulder in such a disaster and help each other is a business card for the whole of the Netherlands," he said.

Rutte spoke in Venlo, among other things, with affected entrepreneurs and he visited the crisis center of the Limburg-North Security Region.

He called it "terrible" for the catering entrepreneurs in Venlo, who first had to experience all the corona misery "and now this".

Later in the evening, Rutte will also visit the Vie Curi hospital in Venlo, which will be evacuated tonight as a precaution to prevent a possible flooding of the Maas.

The hospital is right along the river.

In addition to the hospital, more than ten thousand people will be



in the municipality of Venlo.

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When the mayor of the Belgian town of Pepinster was interviewed on Friday, a house collapsed in the background.

Pepinster is one of the municipalities hardest hit by the floods.

At least 20 houses collapsed and six deaths are known.

House collapses during interview with Belgian mayor

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Better weather in Germany on the way

The chance of even more severe weather in the west of Germany will slowly but surely decrease next weekend.

The German Meteorological Service (DWD) predicts that the storm depression Bernd, which has wreaked havoc in recent days, especially in the western states, can cause local nuisance on Friday evening and also Saturday with heavy showers and thunderstorms.

After that, a high pressure area takes over.

The DWD expects gradual improvement for the regions where the high water levels cause a lot of misery.

Only in the southwest of Germany can it still rain hard during the day with in some places 20 millimeters or more.

The level of the Rhine will continue to rise for a while and will reach a probable peak of 8.10 meters on Saturday.

On Wednesday, the water level near the city was 5.47.

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Flooding has left a car in a cemetery in the German community of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler in western Germany.

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Why the rainfall in Germany and Belgium is more deadly than with us

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Vaccination locations GGD Limburg-Noord open 

Despite the weather conditions, the vaccination locations of GGD Limburg-Noord are open on Fridays.

The GGD calls on people to keep an eye on the traffic information, because not all access roads may be available.

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Belgium announces day of national mourning

Belgium announces a day of national mourning for the victims of the floods for Tuesday.

The national holiday, a day later, will be much more sober than usual.

The day of national mourning "will be a moment to reflect on the great human loss," said Prime Minister Alexander De Croo.


least twenty people

have died as a result of the


, nine of whom have now been identified, says Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden.

Another 20 people are still missing.

The governor of Liège previously spoke of 23 dead.

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Hundreds of firefighters from the country come to the rescue



Hundreds of firefighters from thirteen safety regions offer help in flood-stricken Limburg. The fire brigade has set up a special action center in Zeist for specific requests for help from Limburg. These are divided among the safety regions, according to industry organization Brandweer Nederland.

In addition to helping hands, the fire brigade has already sent 130,000 sandbags and a thousand submersible pumps with aggregate to Limburg. In addition, emergency services in Limburg can knock on the door of the action center for help from specialists and for advice.

Chairman Tijs van Lieshout of the Netherlands Fire Brigade is very proud of the decisiveness of the corps, he says.

"It's great, but it has to be, the problems are big. I wish all colleagues in Limburg, Belgium and Germany every success."

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Dike near Meerssen closed after breach, situation 'controllable'

Soldiers and firefighters have succeeded in closing the hole in the dike along the Juliana Canal in the South Limburg municipality of Meerssen, just north of Maastricht.

Hundreds of sandbags were used.

The situation has been manageable again since 4.15 pm, the security region reported.





UPDATE 16:15 With united forces and hundreds of sandbags, soldiers and firefighters have temporarily closed the hole in the dike of the Juliana Canal near Meerssen and Bunde.

The original post continues below.


Author Ministry of DefenseMoment of places15: 02 - 16 July 2021

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Staff in Venlo empty hospital due to flood risk

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Red Cross opens helpline for people in emergency Limburg disaster area

The Red Cross has opened a helpline for people in the Limburg disaster area from 4 p.m.

Anyone who needs manual labor can contact the number 070-445 888. Volunteers are ready to help people in the flood area, according to the organization.

For example, help is offered with clearing work, filling sandbags and offering a listening ear.

Other requests for help can also be shared, such as psychosocial help or practical help, such as calling in knowledge of electricity if, for example, there are problems with the power supplies.

For now, the helpline will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Also on weekends.

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This drone photo of the high water level in the Maas was made near the hamlet of Aasterberg in the middle of Limburg.

The river has overflowed its banks here.

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Venlo hospital: 'Evacuation is the worst that can happen'

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Evacuations in all

Meuse municipalities in North and Central Limburg Evacuations are taking place in all municipalities along the Meuse in North and Central Limburg. This usually concerns streets or neighborhoods, said a spokesperson for the Limburg North Safety Region on disaster channel



More than ten thousand people will be evacuated on Friday evening in the municipality of Venlo. According to a spokesperson for the municipality, this concerns 10,700 residents of 4,746 homes. This mainly concerns the low-lying parts of villages along the Maas, such as Arcen, Lomm, Velden, an area in Venlo itself, Tegelen, Steyl, Belfeld and Hout-Blerick, the municipality announced on Friday afternoon. People who cannot go to family or acquaintances are accommodated in community centers and other public buildings.

The evacuations will start at 6:00 PM.

That is earlier than planned because the water is rising faster than expected, and because the municipality does not want people to leave the house at night.

The peak of the high water of the Maas reached Roermond today at 3 p.m.

At that time, the Maas had a height of 20.7 meters above NAP.

The peak of the high water wave is expected to reach a height of 18 meters above NAP at 3:00 AM on Saturday morning near Venlo.

The security region calls on residents of the Meuse municipalities to keep an eye on the website of their own municipality.

It will then be announced which measures will be taken and who has to leave temporarily.

The spokesperson also said that all GGD corona test locations in the affected area will remain open.

However, it is possible that access roads are under water and there are diversions.

In South Limburg, the water level of the Maas is falling.

Dijkgraaf Patrick van der Broeck of the Limburg Water Board said on Friday that the Grensmaas project has worked.

That is the protection of the Maas in South Limburg against flooding.

The Grensmaas project followed the floods of 1993 and 1995, in which large areas in Limburg flooded.

Since then, not only have dikes been strengthened, but the Meuse has been given more room to overflow without damage to the rivers, particularly through excavation.

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LCPS: other hospitals are ready for patients VieCuri Venlo

Hospitals in other parts of the country are ready to take over patients from the Venlo hospital VieCuri. This is reported by the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS), which helps with the operation. The center previously arranged for the relocation of corona patients from overcrowded hospitals to other parts of the country.

The complete evacuation of the VieCuri hospital in Venlo is being accelerated.

According to chairman IJsbrand Schouten of the board of directors of VieCuri, this is necessary because the water of the Meuse is rising faster than expected.

About two hundred patients have to be moved.

This includes babies in an incubator.

Transport is done by ambulances and ambulance buses.

That can be completed within 24 hours, the LCPS estimates.

No patients go to Germany or Belgium.

The Venlo hospital will remain closed at least until Monday.

in 4 days

Evacuations in all North and Central Limburg Meuse


Evacuations are taking place in all

municipalities along the Meuse in North and Central Limburg. This usually concerns streets or neighborhoods, said a spokesperson for the Limburg North Safety Region on disaster channel L1. The security region calls on residents of the Meuse municipalities to keep an eye on the website of their own municipality. It will then be announced which measures will be taken and who has to leave temporarily.

She also said that all GGD corona test locations in the affected area will remain open. However, it is possible that access roads are under water and there are diversions.

The peak of the high water of the Maas reached Roermond on Friday at 3 p.m.

The Meuse has reached a height of 20.7 meters above NAP.

The peak of the high water wave is expected to reach a height of 18 meters above NAP at 3 a.m. Saturday morning near Venlo.

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Interpolis has already received at least 700 damage reports due to severe weather in Limburg

Insurer Interpolis has already received 700 damage reports as a result of the flooding in parts of Limburg. The insurer indicates that it expects "another multiple" of this number, since not everyone has yet had the chance to report the damage suffered. Nine out of ten reports concern damage to homes, the rest concern damage to cars. 

"Damage experts and repair companies are present in South Limburg with maximum effort. We try to reach customers there as best as possible. And we will approach customers directly via text message, because we cannot get everywhere easily. busy with the first reception and support of customers with damage",says a spokesperson.

in 4 days

Images from Bunde, one of the places affected by the dyke breach in the Juliana Canal.

People are now working with all their might to close the hole in the dike.


AuthorWeerplaza.nlMoment of places13: 26 - 16 July 2021

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Inwoners van dorpen in Noord-Limburg gevraagd om te vertrekken
Inwoners van de dorpen Aijen en Bergen in het noorden van Limburg krijgen het dringende advies om zo snel mogelijk het gebied te verlaten, "uiterlijk voor zonsondergang". De beide dorpen zijn straks misschien niet meer bereikbaar voor hulpdiensten als het peil van de Maas stijgt. "Wanneer u besluit om in uw huis te blijven doet u dat voor eigen risico, op eigen verantwoording. Realiseer u dat u dan onbereikbaar bent voor hulpdiensten", aldus burgemeester Manon Pelzer van de gemeente Bergen, waar de dorpen onder vallen.

Bewoners kunnen opgevangen worden in recreatiecentrum Den Asseldonk in Nieuw Bergen. De gemeente liet eerder een pendeldienst rijden tussen Bergen en Nieuw Bergen, maar die kan in de loop van de dag waarschijnlijk niet meer rijden.

over 4 dagen

Militairen helpen gat in dijk bij Meerssen te dichten
Militairen gaan de brandweer van Zuid-Limburg helpen het gat in de dijk van het Julianakanaal bij Meerssen te dichten. Ook gaan ze helpen bij de evacuatie van mensen die in het stroomgebied wonen, meldt Defensie. Het gaat om militairen die al in de buurt waren om ondersteuning te bieden bij de watersnoodramp.

Afgelopen nacht legden militairen al een noodbrug aan in Valkenburg, nadat het huidige exemplaar door het water was weggeslagen. Ook hielp Defensie onder meer bij het evacueren van inwoners van Maastricht en omliggende dorpen. 

Het waterpeil van de Maas in Zuid-Limburg lijkt inmiddels weer te zakken. De circa honderd militairen en 25 vrachtauto's van Defensie zijn daar daarom niet langer nodig. De inzet wordt verplaatst richting het noorden van Limburg om hulp te bieden op plaatsen waar de situatie steeds nijpender wordt, zoals in Roermond. Daar hebben militairen onder meer geholpen bij het plaatsen van zandzakken. In heel Limburg zijn nu zo'n tweehonderd militairen actief. Dat aantal kan volgens Defensie worden opgeschaald, mocht de situatie daarom vragen.

This afternoon, the VieCuri hospital in Venlo announced that it will evacuate all patients preventively to prevent a possible flood.

Patients are transferred to other hospitals.

If necessary, the military can also help with this, according to the Ministry of Defense.

Four military ambulances with specialist personnel and equipment are also standing by.

in 4 days

Due to a dike breach, there is currently no train traffic possible between Maastricht and Sittard and vice versa.

Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances in Limburg, it is very difficult to indicate how long this will take.

Check your travel planner before you leave.


AuthorProRailMoment of places12: 52 - July 16, 2021

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The death toll due to the floods in Belgium has now risen to 23. The governor of the province of Liège Hervé Jamar told Belgian media on Friday.

People are still missing.

in 4 days

Drone films flooded streets in Meerssen

in 4 days

These images of the Oude Maas were made shortly before the dyke breach at Bunde (Meerssen) in the more northerly town of Echt.


Current image (@MariaKolossa) at Echt, Central Limburg!

Both the Maas and Juliana Canal have been flooded, with absurd flow rates, >50% above all-time summer record.

If you want to learn about causes, better @KNMI than your neighbor.

Summer downpours have already doubled in NL.


Author Rolf SchuttenhelmMoment of places10: 21 - 16 July 2021

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Sirenes gaan af vanwege dijkdoorbraak in Meerssen
In de Zuid-Limburgse gemeente Meerssen is vrijdagmiddag een dijk langs het Julianakanaal doorgebroken. Inwoners van het gebied worden opgeroepen zo snel mogelijk te vertrekken, maakt Veiligheidsregio Limburg-Zuid bekend. 

Er is een groot gat ontstaan in een dijk in het Julianakanaal. Inwoners van Bunde, Voulwames, Brommelen en Geulle (beneden) moeten zo snel mogelijk hun huis verlaten. Dit gebied komt onder water te staan. Dit is ook de reden dat de sirenes in de gemeente momenteel afgaan. Lees hier meer.

over 4 dagen

VieCuri Venlo hospital is being evacuated

VieCuri Medical Center in Venlo is being

completely evacuated


In this way, the hospital located close to the Maas is trying to prevent a possible flood, reports the Limburg-Noord Safety Region.

On Friday afternoon, 140 patients will be transferred to other hospitals.

Emergency patients will be diverted to other hospitals from 6 p.m.

in 4 days

Soldiers help strengthen the dike ring between Thorn and Wessem, near Roermond in the middle of Limburg.

in 4 days

A79 near Heerlen will remain closed until after the weekend

The A79 between Heerlen and the Kunderberg interchange will remain closed in both directions until after the weekend, Rijkswaterstaat reports.

The weekend will be used to carry out repairs to the road, so that road users can safely drive over it afterwards.

The stretch of highway has been flooded several times in recent days, forcing the road to close again and again.

Earlier today, Rijkswaterstaat announced that the A76 between Simpelveld and Geleen will open again.

This stretch of highway was also closed in recent days due to flooding.

in 4 days

Vlodrop braces itself for severe flooding

in 4 days

Parts of the Rhine also blocked by high water levels

In addition to the Meuse, parts of the Rhine are also blocked due to the high water level.

These are blockages at Spiers and Maxau in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate and at Basel, Switzerland.

The Rhine may also be closed to shipping at Koblenz on Saturday.

It was already clear earlier that inland shipping on the Maas in Limburg is expected to be blocked until after the weekend due to the very high water levels and strong current velocities.

Floating waste and driftwood also pose a danger to the steering of inland vessels.

This concerns, for example, trees, shrubs and branches, but caravans would also have ended up in the Meuse.

in 4 days

Webcam images show high water level in Roermond

in 4 days

Meer dan 100 doden door noodweer Duitsland
Door het noodweer in het westen van Duitsland zijn zeker 103 mensen om het leven gekomen, aldus de autoriteiten. Dat zijn er tientallen meer dan aan het begin van de dag bekend was. Een onbekend aantal mensen wordt vermist.

De deelstaten Noordrijn-Westfalen, Rijnland-Palts en Saarland worstelen met ernstige wateroverlast en overstromingen. Hierdoor zijn gebouwen ingestort en beschadigd. Een aantal gemeenten is onbereikbaar geworden. Reddingswerkers hebben ook 's nachts mensen in veiligheid gebracht.

over 4 dagen

Onze verslaggever is inmiddels in Vlodrop, waar men zich schrap zet voor hevige wateroverlast. Ter info: de rivier op de afbeelding is de Roer. Normaliter moet het water tussen de twee blauwe streepjes passen.

Without seeing it with your own eyes it is difficult to imagine how big the flood is, but this may give a nice picture.

The Roer normally runs between the blue stripes…


AuthorJob van der PlichtMoment of places09: 54 - July 16, 2021

in 4 days

Reporter Job van der Plicht spoke to residents of Valkenburg who saw their village being washed away.

Read more here.

in 4 days

Militaire noodbrug over de Geul in Valkenburg aangebracht
Militairen hebben in de nacht van donderdag op vrijdag een noodbrug gebouwd over de Geul in het Limburgse Valkenburg. De noodbrug is aangelegd aan de Wilhelminalaan. De oude brug is daar gedeeltelijk weggespoeld en zou het kunnen begeven volgens Defensie. Daardoor werd een deel van Valkenburg een eiland. Nu kunnen hulpverleners de andere kant van de rivier weer bereiken.

De militairen hebben een 11 meter lange zogenoemde Medium Girder Bridge gebouwd, vergelijkbaar met de bekendere baileybrug. Zo'n noodbrug wordt opgebouwd uit losse onderdelen, die op het water als puzzelstukken in elkaar worden gepast. Een Medium Girder Bridge kan zwevend tussen twee vaste plaatsen op de wal worden gebouwd.

In Valkenburg hebben nog altijd ruim zeshonderd huishoudens geen stroom. Zevenhonderd huishoudens hebben wél weer elektriciteit, doordat noodaggregaten beschikbaar zijn gesteld. Voor alle overige gezinnen wordt vandaag een plan opgesteld.

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