CPC Central Committee and State Council

About supporting the high-level reform and opening up of Pudong New Area

Opinions on building a leading area for socialist modernization

(April 23, 2021)

  Shanghai occupies a very important position in the overall work of the party and the country, and the development and opening up of Pudong opened a new chapter in the deepening of my country's reform and opening up.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, Pudong has achieved world-renowned development achievements, providing the most vivid proof of the advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, and contributing to reform, opening up, and society. The modernization of socialism provides the most vivid portrayal of practice.

On the new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way, in order to support the Pudong New Area's high-level reform and opening up, create a leading area for socialist modernization, lead the construction of Shanghai’s "five centers", better serve the overall situation of the country and promote the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta For the implementation of the strategy, the following opinions are hereby put forward.

1. General requirements

  (1) Guiding ideology.

Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Plenary Sessions of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, adhere to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, and scientifically grasp the new development stage , Unswervingly implement the new development concept, serve and integrate into the new development pattern, support Pudong to take the heaviest burden, gnaw the hardest bones, and strive to become a pioneer of higher-level reform and opening up, and a pioneer in building a modern socialist country in an all-round way , A practical example that demonstrates the "four self-confidence", and better demonstrates the Chinese philosophy, Chinese spirit, and Chinese road to the world.

  (2) Strategic positioning.

Promote Pudong’s high-level reform and opening up, provide an important channel for better use of domestic and international resources, build the central node of the domestic cycle and the strategic link between the domestic and international double cycles, and better play the leading role in the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta Radiation role, creating a window for the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country.

  -Pioneer of a higher level of reform and opening up.

Adhere to the system concept, strengthen the organic connection and integration of reform measures, and promote various reforms to move closer to a more complete system.

From the opening of elements to the opening of the system, it is the first to establish a new open economic system that is in line with internationally accepted rules.

Create special economic function zones throughout Pudong and increase the risk stress test of an open economy.

  ——A benchmark of the times for independent innovation and development.

Give full play to the institutional advantages of the new nationwide system and the super-large-scale market, identify the focus of the government and the market in promoting technological innovation and improving the level of the industrial chain, build the core area of ​​an international technological innovation center, enhance independent innovation capabilities, and strengthen high-end industry leadership Function to promote the upgrading of the national industrial chain and enhance global influence.

  ——The functional highland of global resource allocation.

Take the service and joint construction of the "Belt and Road" as the entry point and breakthrough, actively allocate global capital, information, technology, talents and other essential resources, build Shanghai's international financial center, trade center, and shipping center core area, strengthen the ability to serve the real economy, and take the lead in building A high-standard international economic and trade rule system will create a functional highland where my country is deeply integrated into global economic development and governance.

  ——A model guide for expanding domestic demand.

Efforts to create high-quality products and service supply, continuously improve the level of specialization, branding, and internationalization, cultivate new consumption models and new formats, lead and drive domestic consumption upgrade demand, create new product launches for the global market, and lead the vane of consumer trends, Build an international consumption center.

  ——A model for modern urban governance.

Build a comprehensive, scientific, standardized, and effective urban governance system, improve the level of scientific, refined, and intelligent governance, improve the ability to respond to major emergencies, improve the development pattern of people’s livelihood, continue the city’s characteristic culture, and create a livable and business-friendly Urban governance model.

  (3) Development goals.

By 2035, Pudong’s modern economic system will be fully constructed, the modern urban area will be fully completed, modern governance will be fully realized, and the city’s development level and international competitiveness will be among the top in the world.

By 2050, Pudong will become an important bearing area of ​​cities with strong attraction, creativity, competitiveness and influence in the world, a global model of urban governance capabilities and governance effectiveness, and a shining jewel of a modern socialist country.

2. Make every effort to strengthen the innovation engine and create a new highland of independent innovation

  Facing the frontiers of world science and technology, facing the main economic battlefield, facing the major needs of the country, and facing the people’s lives and health, strengthen basic research and applied basic research, fight for key core technologies, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productivity, and improve the level of the industrial chain. Many new contributions are made to the stability of the supply chain of the national industrial chain.

  (4) Speed ​​up the research and development of key technologies.

Accelerate the construction of Zhangjiang Comprehensive National Science Center, focus on integrated circuits, life sciences, artificial intelligence and other fields, accelerate the construction of national laboratories, arrange and build a number of national engineering research centers, national technology innovation centers, national clinical medical research centers and other countries Science and technology innovation base.

Promote the establishment of a large-scale open computing power, smart car R&D and application innovation platform.

Research The import link tax is exempted for drugs used in clinical research.

Allow qualified medical institutions to carry out pilot projects of self-developed in vitro diagnostic reagents in accordance with relevant requirements.

Establish a management service platform for enterprise research and development of imported trace consumables, and provide support for research in the aspects of import licensing, customs clearance convenience, and allowable distribution.

The R&D institutions recognized by Pudong are allowed to enjoy the exemption of import link tax on imported equipment for self-use, and the tax rebate policy for purchasing domestic equipment for self-use.

Actively participate in and lead the organization of major international science projects and major scientific projects, and carry out global scientific and technological collaborative innovation.

  (5) Build a world-class innovation industry cluster.

On the basis of summarizing the implementation experience of the Lingang New Area of ​​the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, we will study the production and R&D of qualified enterprises engaged in the core links in key areas such as integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, and civil aviation in specific areas of Pudong. The corporate income tax shall be levied at a reduced tax rate of 15% within 5 years from the date of establishment.

Carry out a pilot program of preferential corporate income tax policies for corporate venture capital in a specific area of ​​Pudong. During the pilot period, eligible corporate venture capital enterprises will be exempted from corporate income tax based on the proportion of individual shareholders at the end of the year and encourage long-term investment. Dividends obtained by enterprises shall be subject to personal income tax in accordance with regulations.

Strengthen the division of labor and cooperation with the industrial clusters in the Yangtze River Delta, break through a number of core components, launch a number of high-end products, and form a number of Chinese standards.

Develop a higher-level headquarters economy, coordinate the development of onshore and offshore businesses, and become an important hub of the global industrial chain supply chain value chain.

Relying on the advantages of the industrial clusters in the Yangtze River Delta, a batch of pilot incubation bases for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements have been established.

  (6) Deepen the reform of the scientific and technological innovation system.

Optimize the ecological environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, and clear the fast lane of two-way links between basic research, applied research and industrialization.

Explore the investment mechanism for the construction and operation of major scientific and technological infrastructure with the participation of central fiscal funds, local funds, and social capital.

Support new R&D institutions to implement management models based on charter management, comprehensive budget management, and performance evaluation.

Support universities and research institutes to establish specialized technology transfer institutions.

Establish a high-level intellectual property protection system and implement a stronger punitive compensation system for intellectual property infringement.

Support Pudong to set up an intellectual property service station for companies planning to be listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

It is allowed to include the design fee of scientific research process equipment into the total investment of the project, and the project construction unit shall bear the relevant design work expenses on its own and may be included in the design fee.

The R&D institutions established by the state in Pudong may study and apply the relevant regulations of Shanghai's technological system and mechanism innovation.

3. Strengthen the integration of reform systems and activate new impetus for high-quality development

  Focus on fundamental and major traction reform measures, explore and carry out comprehensive reform pilots, engage in the entire process of material development, the entire chain of industrial development, and the entire life cycle of enterprise development to plan design reforms, and strengthen the full linkage and linkage of major system innovations. Promote more complete systems in all aspects.

  (7) Innovate government service management methods.

Strengthen the coordination and decentralization of power, decentralization and management, and linkage services in various departments and fields.

Explore the pilot commercial registration confirmation system and the market access commitment system, formulate a list of special measures to relax market access in Pudong, deepen the reform of "one industry, one license", and take the lead in establishing a comprehensive industry licensing and comprehensive supervision system.

Deepen the reform of the administrative system and give Pudong greater autonomy in the overall planning and use of various establishment resources in accordance with procedures.

Improve the level of professional and refined management, and implement a remuneration system commensurate with the level of economic development.

  (8) Strengthen the basic position of competition policy.

Fully implement the pre-access national treatment plus negative list management system for foreign investment.

Actively and steadily advance the mixed ownership reform and integration of qualified state-owned enterprises.

Improve the property rights protection system based on the principle of fairness, comprehensively and equally protect the property rights of the private economy in accordance with the law, comprehensively and equally protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investment in accordance with the law, strengthen law enforcement against unfair competition, and strengthen the protection of business secrets of enterprises.

  (9) Improve the integrated operating mechanism of the factor market.

Optimize the structure and layout of construction land in combination with the compilation of national land and space planning.

After the completion of the national land and space planning, explore the total control mode implemented according to the planning period.

Support the promotion of the establishment of separate use rights on the construction land, the surface and the underground, and explore the establishment of separate use rights according to the water surface, water body, seabed, and subsoil of the sea area.

Deepen the reform of the "standardized" transfer method of industrial land, increase the supply of mixed industrial land, and explore the rational conversion of different industrial land types.

Implement an energy consumption control system that focuses on energy consumption intensity and maintains a moderate flexibility in total energy consumption.

Build an international data port and data exchange, and promote the establishment of standards and system construction for the definition of data ownership, open sharing, transaction circulation, and supervision and management.

4. Deeply promote high-level institutional opening up and create new advantages in international cooperation and competition

  Efforts will be made to promote institutional opening of rules, regulations, management, and standards, provide high-level institutional supply, high-quality product supply, and high-efficiency capital supply, and better participate in international cooperation and competition.

  (10) Promote pilot projects in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone and Lingang New Area. Make better use of the role of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone and the Lingang New Area as a "test field", benchmark the highest standards and levels, implement greater stress testing, and take the lead in achieving breakthroughs in several key areas, and relevant results will be available when conditions are met Take the lead in promoting and implementing in Pudong. Pilot institutional openings are carried out in Pudong to explore the experience of promoting institutional openings throughout the country. Promote the construction of special customs supervision areas, and support the application of the Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone policy in specific areas of Pudong where conditions are qualified for special customs supervision areas. Optimize the management of electronic account books in special customs supervision areas. Focusing on strategic emerging industries and according to the actual needs of enterprises, explore innovative regulatory arrangements in the Lingang New Area of ​​the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, and those who have the conditions can enjoy the relevant policies of customs clearance facilitation in the Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone. Strengthen the integration of commercial disputes and other fields with internationally accepted rules. Allow overseas service providers to provide more cross-border professional services in the form of cross-border delivery or movement of natural persons under the conditions of meeting domestic regulatory requirements. Support Pudong Commercial Banking institutions to independently optimize the review process of offshore resale transactions for integrity and compliance companies. Research and explore tax policies suitable for overseas investment and offshore business development in areas where Pudong meets the conditions. Under the premise of controllable risks, research and explore the value-added tax policy that supports the export of services by Pudong enterprises. Under the premise of information sharing and risk control by the supervision department, key enterprises outside the special customs supervision area are encouraged to carry out bonded maintenance services with high added value, high technology content, and compliance with environmental protection requirements. Attract more international economic organizations and corporate headquarters to settle in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Under the premise of not leading to tax base erosion and profit shifting, explore tax arrangements for pilot free trade accounts. In the designated area of ​​Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone, explore the establishment of consumer service facilities that provide supporting services for production and operation activities in the area and do not involve tax-free, bonded, and tax-refundable goods and articles, and establish a bonded display and transaction platform.

  (11) Speed ​​up the joint construction of a shipping hub radiating the world.

Accelerate the construction of a global shipping hub with the Yangtze River Delta to enhance overall competitiveness and influence.

Strengthen the integrated development of Shanghai Port, Pudong International Airport and the Yangtze River Delta port group and airport group, strengthen the close connection between rivers, seas, land and air, and explore innovative integrated management systems and mechanisms.

Pilot implementation of a ship registration management system in line with international practices in Yangshan Port.

Under the condition of reciprocity, it is studied to allow international voyage ships registered at Yangshan Port to carry out the coastal piggyback business of foreign trade containers using Yangshan Port as an international transit port.

Promote the expansion of air rights arrangements between Pudong International Airport and relevant countries and regions, further relax airspace control, and expand the supply of airspace resources.

  (12) Establish a “through train” system for the introduction of global high-end talents.

Take the lead in implementing a more open and convenient talent introduction policy in Pudong.

Further study the decentralization policy for the review of high-end talents in Pudong investment work, and provide convenience for the entry and exit of the "high-end talents" overseas talents introduced and staying in and out of the country.

Gradually liberalize the restrictions on the employment of foreign talents in professional fields, treat them as enjoying national treatment in the fully market-oriented competitive industries in Pudong, and establish an international vocational qualification certificate recognition list system.

Support Pudong in piloting more powerful personnel entry and exit and other supporting policies during the China International Import Expo, and promote normalization and institutionalization.

5. Enhance global resource allocation capabilities and serve to build a new development pattern

  Improve the financial market system, product system, institutional system, and infrastructure system, support Pudong to develop offshore RMB transactions, cross-border trade settlement and overseas financing services, build an international financial asset trading platform, and increase the price influence of important commodities, and better Serve and lead the development of the real economy.

  (13) Further intensify financial opening.

Support Pudong to take the lead in exploring the implementation path of capital account convertibility.

Pudong Support Bank facilitates cross-border fund receipts and payments by honest and compliant enterprises in compliance with the requirements of "anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing, and anti-tax evasion" and trade authenticity review.

Innovate internationally oriented RMB financial products, expand the scope of overseas RMB domestic investment financial products, and promote the cross-border two-way flow of RMB funds.

Research and explore the pilot program of RMB foreign exchange futures trading at the China Foreign Exchange Trading Center.

Promote cooperation between the financial futures market and the stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, insurance and other markets to jointly develop financial market products and tools that meet the needs of investors.

Build an offshore financial system that matches the Shanghai International Financial Center, and support Pudong to develop offshore RMB transactions under the premise of controllable risks.

  (14) Build important investment and financing platforms at home and abroad.

Support the establishment of an international financial asset trading platform in Pudong, and allow qualified foreign institutional investors to use RMB to participate in the issuance and trading of shares on the Sci-tech Innovation Board on a pilot basis.

Support the pilot reform of simplifying foreign debt registration in Pudong.

Improve the foreign debt management system and expand cross-border financing space.

Promote the interconnection of infrastructure in the Shanghai bond market.

Accelerate the unified opening of China’s bond market, including the inter-bank and exchange bond markets, to further facilitate qualified foreign institutional investors to participate in the Chinese bond market.

  (15) Improve financial infrastructure and systems.

Research on the steady implementation of a registration system centered on information disclosure in the entire securities market, and the introduction of a market maker system on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

Give full play to the active role of the Shanghai Insurance Exchange to build a world-class reinsurance center.

Support the Shanghai Futures Exchange to explore the establishment of a national commodity warehouse receipt registration center on the market, develop futures bonded warehouse receipt business, and give or implement supporting cross-border financial and tax policies.

Build a national large-scale on-site precious metal storage warehouse.

Build an international oil and gas trading and pricing center, and support the Shanghai Oil and Gas Trading Center to launch more trading varieties.

Establish a standard system for trade finance blockchains, and carry out pilot digital currency trials.

On the basis of summarizing and evaluating relevant pilot experience, we will timely study the establishment of a private equity and venture capital equity share transfer platform in Pudong in accordance with laws and regulations, and promote the development of the secondary trading market for private equity and venture capital equity shares.

Support the establishment of national-level financial technology research institutions and financial market colleges in Pudong.

Support the construction of a transaction report database covering the entire financial market.

6. Improve the modernization level of urban governance and create a new situation in the construction of people's cities

  Promote the innovation of governance methods, governance models, and governance concepts, accelerate the construction of smart cities, take the lead in building a governance system that integrates economic governance, social governance, and urban governance, and organically connects them, and builds the city into a beautiful, harmonious coexistence between man and man, and man and nature home.

  (16) Innovate and improve the urban governance system.

The concept of full life cycle management is run through the entire process of urban planning, construction, and management, and in-depth promotion of the "one network, unified management" of urban operations.

Support Pudong to explore a population management mechanism that meets the needs of economic and social development.

Promote the sinking of social governance and resources to the grassroots level, strengthen the governance and service functions of streets and communities, and open up the "last mile" of connecting and serving the masses.

  (17) Create a city with characteristics of the times.

Strengthen the guidance and constraints on building form, color, volume, height and space environment.

Implement the renovation project of the old industrial area, and build cultural creativity and leisure consumption places.

Link with the old city, coordinate the promotion of the organic renewal of Pudong City, accelerate the transformation of old communities, strengthen the protection of historical buildings and cultural relics, create a complex of buildings with Chinese characteristics, and promote organic integration with the modern city.

Strengthen the overall planning and utilization of underground space, promote the construction of sponge cities and integrated pipe corridors, and improve urban climate resilience.

  (18) Build a harmonious and beautiful ecological environment.

Implement the most stringent ecological environmental protection system, and improve the ecological environmental protection system of source prevention, process control, damage compensation, and accountability.

Optimize corporate ecological information collection and evaluation standards, and build an ecological credit system.

Deepen the reform of comprehensive administrative law enforcement for ecological and environmental protection, and improve the ecological environment public interest litigation system.

Evaluate and adjust the red line of ecological protection along the Huangpu River and the ocean.

Strictly implement the garbage classification and recycling system.

Promote green and low-carbon travel, and develop a public transportation system with networked rail transit as the mainstay.

  (19) Improve the quality of life of residents.

Coordinate the deployment of high-quality education, medical care, elderly care, culture and other public service resources with the Yangtze River Delta, increase the supply of high-quality and international education, medical and other high-quality resources, and continuously improve the level of balance and quality of public services.

Establish a system for allocating public service resources based on the permanent population.

Carry out the construction of urban residential communities to make up for shortcomings, improve the environment of alleys, and increase the construction of basic service facilities such as parking lots and charging facilities, street parks, and public activity spaces.

Carry forward the red culture, carry forward the Shanghai style culture and the Jiangnan culture, and expand and strengthen the cultural and creative industry.

7. Improve the quality of supply, relying on the strong domestic market advantages to promote the quality and expansion of domestic demand

  Accelerate the construction of Shanghai as an international consumption center city, cultivate and promote Shanghai service, Shanghai manufacturing, Shanghai shopping, Shanghai culture, and Shanghai tourism brands, and adapt, lead and create new demands with high-quality supplies.

  (20) Increase the supply of high-quality goods and services.

Give full play to the advantages of Pudong's advanced manufacturing and trade and shipping hubs, and promote the construction of consumption platforms and circulation centers.

Research and explore to relax restrictions on foreign investment in the consumer market for telecommunications services, medical and health services, and promote the upgrading of the service supply system.

Establish and improve the service consumption standard system for old-age care, housekeeping services, cultural tourism, etc.

Further deepen the implementation of "buy and refund" measures for overseas passengers leaving the country.

Support the holding of a series of activities to promote consumption in Shanghai during the China International Import Expo.

  (21) Cultivate a new model of green and healthy consumption.

Enrichment and enrichment of online consumption formats such as online medical treatment, online culture and sports, and promote the two-way acceleration of online and offline integrated consumption.

Promote the construction of terminal non-contact smart facilities and resource sharing.

Establish a fast and effective mechanism for handling consumer complaints, and implement inclusive and prudent supervision of new consumer formats.

8. Establish a firm awareness of risk prevention and coordinate development and safety

  Adhere to bottom-line thinking, establish and improve a risk prevention and control system that matches greater efforts in reform and opening up, so as to achieve simultaneous deployment, simultaneous advancement and simultaneous implementation of risk prevention and development, and maintain the bottom line of systemic risks.

  (22) Improve the financial risk prevention and control mechanism.

Improve the modern financial supervision system, establish a sound risk monitoring and evaluation framework, and explore an inclusive and prudential supervision model that is compatible with the international financial system.

Under the current regulatory framework, carry out financial innovation pilot activities in accordance with the law.

Establish and complete systems for monitoring and early warning of cross-border capital flows, macro-prudential assessment, and coordination and linkage.

Improve the information sharing platform of enterprises, governments, and third-party professional institutions, and increase the verification of the authenticity of offshore trade.

  (23) Improve the public health emergency management system.

Increase investment in the construction of special public health emergency facilities, and strengthen the system and capacity building of disease prevention and control, monitoring and early warning, emergency epidemic management and control, emergency supplies, treatment of major diseases, and scientific research on prevention, control and treatment.

Co-ordinate and build a public health emergency management system with the Yangtze River Delta region, and improve the joint prevention and control, group prevention and group control mechanism.

Improve the medical mutual assistance mechanism in response to major epidemics, establish a database of experts in the Yangtze River Delta region, build telemedicine and Internet diagnosis and treatment platforms, and promote the sharing of medical resources such as negative pressure wards.

  (24) Prevent and resolve major risks in areas such as production safety.

Establish an urban 5G security smart brain, improve port and airport security, large-scale power outages, natural disasters and other early warning mechanisms, and strengthen maritime dangerous chemical transportation safety risk prevention and emergency response.

Strengthen the construction of a professional team for emergency rescue of major risks and improve the level of response to major emergencies.

Strengthen the construction of network and information security management systems.

Nine, strengthen organization and implementation

  (25) Uphold and strengthen the party's overall leadership.

Persist in and strengthen the party's leadership over Pudong's high-level reform and opening up in various fields and aspects, and improve the party's ability and determination to set the direction, seek the overall situation, set policies, and promote reforms.

Adhere to the leadership of the party's political construction, adhere to the close integration of ideological party building and system governance, strengthen the construction of party style and clean government, and lead the development of Pudong with first-class party building.

Focus on improving organizational power, highlight political functions, strengthen the construction of grassroots party organizations, and guide grassroots party organizations and the majority of party members to play a fighting fortress and vanguard role in promoting Pudong's high-level reform and opening up.

Improve the implementation of the incentive and restraint mechanism for precise assessment and clear rewards and punishments, specify the requirements of "three distinctions", establish and improve the incentive and protection mechanism for cadres to take responsibility, and vigorously create a good atmosphere of responsibility, responsibility, and innovation.

  (26) Strengthen the protection of the rule of law.

Establish and improve the rule of law guarantee system that is compatible with supporting Pudong's bold experimentation, bold venture, and independent reform.

In accordance with the laws and regulations of the special economic zone, the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress and its Standing Committee are authorized to base themselves on the needs of Pudong’s reform and innovation practice, follow the constitutional provisions and the basic principles of laws and administrative regulations, formulate regulations, and make modifications to laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules, etc., Implemented in Pudong.

For areas where there are currently no laws, regulations or clearly specified regulations, Pudong is supported to formulate relevant management measures in advance, report for implementation according to procedures, and explore the good experiences and practices that have been formed and solidified in the form of laws and regulations in a timely manner.

All reform measures proposed in this opinion, which involve adjustments to the application of current laws and administrative regulations, shall be handled in accordance with legal procedures.

  (27) Improve the implementation mechanism.

Establish a working mechanism of central coordination, the city's overall responsibility, and Pudong's implementation.

Under the leadership of the Leading Group for Promoting the Integrated Development of the Yangtze River Delta, the National Development and Reform Commission coordinated all aspects to do a good job in the formulation and implementation of major plans, major policies, and major projects.

Relevant departments of the central and state agencies should grant Pudong greater reform and development rights in accordance with the principle of letting go. Shanghai should strengthen its guidance and services to Pudong. Pudong New Area should further strengthen its main responsibilities, refine the implementation of various key tasks, and implement policies and measures. In the implementation of the implementation, we will strengthen overall planning and connection to form a policy synergy.

Important matters should be reported to the Party Central Committee and the State Council for instructions in a timely manner.