Former Auditor General Choi Jae-hyung, who became the presidential candidate for the opposition party, entered the power of the people today (15th). There were many prospects in the meantime, but the decision was made earlier than expected. At the news of his entry into the party, former President Yoon Seok-yeol expressed that he respected the choice but had no intention of doing so right now.

Correspondent Lee Hyun-young.


Choi Jae-hyeong, former Chief of the Audit and Inspection Service, met with Lee Jun-seok, CEO of People's Power.

Joining the party was swift enough to fill out the application form on the mobile phone on the fly.

[Jaehyung Choi / Former Chairman of the Audit Committee: I decided that it was the right idea to join a political party and become a subject to change politics together.]

He also said that the center of regime change should be the power of the people, the first opposition party, but resigned as

Chairman of the Audit Committee

17 This is the answer to the neutrality controversy caused by going directly to the first opposition party in one day.

[Choi Jae-hyung/Former Auditor General: I thought it was important to design the future of our country as well as me and make an effort to make it together… .] An

official from Lee's side told SBS reporters, "Choi had a strong will to join the party." "'Unlike Yoon Seok-yeol' felt like his strategy."

Unlike former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol, choosing to join the party quickly is interpreted as a 'differentiation strategy'.

Although it is mentioned as an alternative runner, there is also an analysis that the situation where there is a large gap in approval ratings with former President Yoon was taken into consideration.

[Yoon Tae-gon/Director of Political Analysis Department of Themore: Because it lacks public awareness or such, you have to join the party early and win (it seems to have been judged)] The

Democrats attacked with greed for the presidency.

[Song Young-gil / Democratic Party Representative: It is necessary to give an explanation to the public how it will affect the independence of the Board of Audit and Inspection by declaring politics and joining a certain party or opposition party after

resigning from office


Former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol, former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon I met the president and got advice on the presidential challenge.

At the entrance of former Director Choi, "I respect the choice," but he indicated that he had no intention of doing so right now.

[Yoon Seok-yeol/Former Prosecutor General: I made it clear that I would walk consistently in the direction I set once, even if there was a loss.]

What kind of variable will Choi's 'entrance to the party' be in the composition of the opposition, the number of more than ten opposition runners? The fight is expected to start in earnest.

(Video coverage: Ha Seong-won, Kim Heung-gi, Video editing: Sang-bo Sang)