About 323,000 passengers went abroad from Sweden in June this year, last year there were about 62,000 passengers.

- Swedes are more hungry for travel than in a long time.

We were a bit hesitant last year but now we actually travel quite a lot, says Sandra Miller Kinge, communications manager at Apollo.

The picture is shared by Adam Györki, communications manager at Tui:

- Since a week before midsummer and onwards, there has been a very high booking pressure on travel during the summer.

It is quite unusual when we have such weather as we have now, he says.

1.5 million covid certificates issued

That there are many who are hungry for travel is also noticeable among the covid evidence, which shows whether the traveler has been vaccinated.

The evidence is there to facilitate travel in Europe.

To date, more than 1.5 million covid certificates have been issued by the e-health authority since the beginning of July.

- We have seen a large increase in travel since the covid evidence came, people travel a lot when they have been vaccinated, says Sandra Miller Kinge.

There is still a long way to go until travel levels are as they were before the pandemic.

In June 2019, there were 1,625,000 departing passengers abroad.

- Usually you book your summer trip in January and now you may only book a few weeks before you go.

But if we continue at the booking pace we have seen now, the July trips will sell out, says Adam Györki.

Increased infection in many countries

At the same time as there are more trips abroad, there are also reports of increased spread of infection around the world, partly due to the delta variant.

In Spain, for example, infection has increased among young people and several restrictions have been lifted at nightclubs.

- Should something get worse, or if there are new restrictions or recommendations, we will of course act on it.

But so far it feels safe and you have to be careful to take responsibility yourself, says Sandra Miller Kinge.

The Swedish Public Health Agency now recommends everyone who has traveled abroad to take a PCR test when they return home to Sweden.

- We urge our travelers to follow the restrictions that exist, even when you are on holiday, says Adam Györki.