The municipality of Nice likes to claim to be in charge of the safest city in France.

Nothing serious can support this claim but its solid network of CCTV cameras undoubtedly played a role in the arrest of five individuals who are accused of having attacked the Ariane police station in the night. July 14, according to information from France Bleu.

I wanted to give our support, on behalf of @cestrosi, to our Ariane police officers, who arrested 5 individuals following the mortar fire last night.

We are waiting for exemplary sanctions!

Bravo to the #police officers for their courage! # Nice06

- Anthony Borré (@anthony_borre) July 15, 2021

The municipality has video recordings and intends to make them available to investigators.

The attackers reportedly used fireworks and molotov cocktails.

In France, more than 600 people were arrested overnight from Wednesday to Thursday for urban violence committed on this national holiday.


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July 14: More than 600 arrests during a night of urban violence

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