The floods that have plagued Western Europe have so far claimed the lives of dozens of people.

According to the latest data from Thursday night, nearly 60 people had already died in western Germany.

In neighboring Belgium, at least six people were reported killed.

In addition, dozens are still missing from heavy rains and the ensuing flooding.

Flood-damaged cars in Verviers, Belgium on 15 July.

Photo: Francois WALSCHAERTS / AFP / Magazine photo

People removing flood water from a destroyed apartment in Schuld in western Germany.

Photo: Bernd Lauter / AFP / Journal

Floods have been described as occurring once in a generation.

Extensive damage has occurred, at least in Germany and Belgium.

Luxembourg and the Netherlands have also been affected by the floods.

The floods have so far killed dozens of people in western Germany.

Photo: Bernd Lauter / AFP / Journal

The states of Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia in western Germany have been hit hardest by the storms that have caused rivers to flood over the shores.

It has rained heavily in Erftstadt, Germany.

Photo: WOLFGANG RATTAY / Reuters

A firefighter working at the flooded Hagen-Priorei main railway station in western Germany.

Photo: Sascha Schuermann / AFP

German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the devastation as a disaster.

He said he was shocked by the situation where many people are in flooded areas.

- My thoughts are with the families of dead and missing people, he said during his state visit to the United States.

Floodwaters have collapsed several houses in western Germany.

Photo: Bernd Lauter / AFP / Journal

A car destroyed by a flood in Schuld, Germany.

Photo: Bernd Lauter / AFP / Journal

Several media outlets have reported the deaths of two rescue workers in Germany.

Rescue workers stationed in helicopters have rescued residents fleeing the roofs of their houses.

In the municipality of Schuld, for example, several houses have collapsed due to high flood waters.

Flood-piled cars at a roundabout in the city of Verviers in Belgium.

Photo: Francois WALSCHAERTS / AFP / Magazine photo

The entire campsite is covered with water in Roermond in the Netherlands.

Photo: Rob Engelaar / AFP

In Germany and Belgium, the army has carried out evacuations.

Nearly 1,800 people have had to be evacuated in the city of Chaudfontaine in Belgium.

Hundreds of people were evacuated from the hospital in Leverkusen, Germany.

The river Geul is flooded in the center of Valkenburg in the Netherlands.

Photo: Sem Van Der Wal / AFP

In Belgium, floods have wreaked havoc, especially in the provinces of Liege and Namur.

Rochefort Mayor Corine Mullens told RTL on Thursday that the situation was exceptional.

According to the mayor of Rochefort, the water has covered several roads in the city throughout.

Photo: Anthony Dehez / AFP

Flooded street in Rochefort.

Photo: Anthony Dehez / AFP / Lehtikuva

- Several roads are completely flooded and the flow is strong.

It is not possible to get there even by boat.

Heavy rains and floods are expected to continue in western Germany on Friday. Many schools in the area have been closed on Thursday. Motorway and rail traffic has been partially cut off, and at least 200,000 people have been left without electricity.