In western Germany, at least 19 people have died from heavy rains and floods.

In addition, about 70 people are missing, authorities say.

- This is a disaster!

We have the dead, the missing and many in danger.

All rescue forces are working non-stop and endangering their lives, Malu Dreyer, the prime minister of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, told German media.

According to some media reports, two of those who died in Germany have been rescue workers.

Four dead were found in the municipality of Schuld, where several houses have collapsed due to high flood waters.

Similarly, in the Solingen and Unna areas, for example, two people died in flooded basements.

In Altenahr, Ahrweiler district, among others, residents fled to the roofs of their houses.

Rescue workers stationed in helicopters have rescued people from the streets and roofs.

Regional authority Jürgen Pföhler urged people to stay home "and, if possible, go to the upper floors".

- The situation is very serious, he said.

The states of Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia have been hit hardest by the storms that have caused rivers to flood over the shores.

All the flood deaths now known in Germany have taken place in the territory of these two states.

In western Germany, motorway and rail traffic has been disrupted and partially cut off.

Wrecked cars in Schuld.

Photo: WOLFGANG RATTAY / Reuters

Heavy rains and floods are expected to continue in western Germany today and tomorrow.

According to preliminary media reports, at least two people have died in floods in neighboring Belgium.

One was found drowned and the other is missing.

He is also believed to have died.

In Belgium, too, heavy rains for several days have raised rivers beyond their crustaceans.

The floods have affected the French-speaking part of the country, Wallonia.

In Belgium, the army has been alerted to evacuate people in Rochefort, for example.

- The rise in water has continued all night.

We have never experienced such a situation.

Several roads are completely flooded and the flow is strong.

It is not possible to get there even by boat, Rochefort Mayor Corine Mullens told RTL TV.

The man carried his dog in the flooded Schuld.

Photo: WOLFGANG RATTAY / Reuters

In Belgium, the provinces of Liege and Namur in particular have suffered, and the spa town of Spa, for example, is flooded throughout.

Nearly 1,800 people have had to be evacuated in the town of Chaudfontaine.

France said it would help Belgium by sending firefighters and helicopters to the country.

It has also rained unusually hard in the north-east of France in recent days.