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The Public Prosecution Service (OM) has demanded life in the Amsterdam court on Wednesday against the two men suspected of the "abhorrent" murder of lawyer Derk Wiersum on September 18, 2019. Justice assumes that assisting Nabil B., the key witness in the Marengo trial, the motive is for the murder.

"A black Wednesday", that is how the public prosecutor described the day in September on which Wiersum was shot.

A murder "described as an attack on the rule of law and one that shows how subversive organized crime can be," the officer said.

Investigation into the client for the murder is still taking place, but the Public Prosecution Service is convinced that the 32-year-old Moreno B. and the 37-year-old Gërmo B., who are not related to each other, are the executors.

Wiersum was shot at when he wanted to leave his home in Amsterdam and died on the spot.

It is suspected that Moreno B. is the one who pulled the trigger, because the shooter had a striking gait and Moreno B. has a medical abnormality on his foot.

"A strong indication, but too little evidence to definitively speak of Moreno as a gunman," said the officer.

Although it is not certain who the shooter is, both men are suspected of co-perpetrating the murder and they are both equally charged.


Police share new images of getaway car shooter Derk Wiersum

Vehicle found in Almere

Soon after the murder, a white Opel Combo came into view.

That vehicle was used in so-called preliminary reconnaissance and was used on the day of the murder to drive the shooter to the crime scene and to flee after the attack.

All this can be seen on camera images.

The Opel was located in Almere on September 23 and the police established that Gërmo B. was the user.

Blood traces of Wiersum were found in the van, which, according to the OM, were transferred by the shooter.

DNA of Giermo B. and Moreno B. was also found in the vehicle.

DNA of the pair was also found in a Volkswagen Transporter, also used to monitor Wiersum.

Other evidence that the men are involved in the murder include two telephones attributed to the suspects.

Phones that went live on September 6 and went off the air a day before the murder.

The telephones radiated masts near Wiersum's home.

In addition, the victim was also called via one of the devices that would have been used by Moreno B..

The lawyer's phone shows that he has sent his business card to Moreno.

The suspect would have had contact with Wiersum

The Public Prosecution Service suspects that the suspect pretended to be someone who was looking for a lawyer or wanted business contact to find out where Wiersum was.

In any case, the suspects seem to be aware that the lawyer stayed in Brazil for a period and was back on September 16.

From that moment on, Wiersum was again monitored at his home.

Wiersum probably escaped an attempt on his life twice because he did not leave his home by car, but on his bicycle.

Things will be different on September 18.

"Then he (Wiersum, ed.) is shot dead after a short contact moment and after the weapon still refused," the officer told the court.

"A murder is a serious fact and the fact that it concerns a lawyer gives that seriousness extra weight," the OM continued.

"A young and happy family has been destroyed and the suffering is enormous."

Justice has taken into account in the sentence that a completely innocent citizen has been shot and that has an aggravating sentence.

Both men deny involvement.

The defense will take the floor on Monday 19 July.

It is not yet known when a decision will be made.