Paris (AFP)

The operator of a place that fails to meet future health pass control obligations will be liable to a fine of up to 45,000 euros and one year in prison, according to the draft law incorporating the new provisions announced. by Emmanuel Macron, and that AFP obtained on Wednesday.

The text also creates a new reason for dismissal, and extends to any infected person the solitary confinement measures for ten days.

"The fact, for an operator of a place or establishment, the person in charge of an event or an operator of a transport service, of not controlling the detention by the people who wish to access it (of the sanitary pass) is punishable by one year of imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros ", Article 1 states.

The Head of State announced Monday that the presentation of the health pass will condition access to theaters and cinemas from July 21, and cafes, restaurants, shopping centers or trains and planes from July 1. August, although some "flexibility" measures will apply for adolescents.

All customers from the age of 12 of the places and transport concerned must have their pass, as well as their employees (restaurant waiters, train controllers, etc.) but not the police or gendarmes.

A reprieve until August 30 has been decided for children aged 12 to 17 and employees.

The project also provides that employees subject to compulsory vaccination (nursing staff, in contact with vulnerable populations, firefighters) will no longer be able to carry out their activity in the event of a breach on September 15, and may be dismissed if the situation continues during the two months that follow.

The text must be adopted Monday, July 19 in the Council of Ministers and then examined by the Parliament during the week.

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