The mobile scandal was already described in the autumn as very extensive.

- My assessment is that it is the largest fraud scam that has affected Sweden, said fraud expert Peter Forsman to SVT.

Since then, SVT's review has shown that a total of over a hundred companies may be involved, and that there are links to serious organized crime as well as to major players such as the multinational mobile distributor Brightstar.

- This is devastating for Brightstar's brand, commented Anders Björkenheim, expert on fraud prevention.

During the spring, the tangle has grown further, and among other things, a company in Värmland of more than a billion in missing VAT is now required.

Million seizure in Örebro

The Örebro company Mobile Experience / Telegrossen received a tax cut of 40 million in December after an investigation in which the Tax Agency concluded that it "knew or should have known" that it had participated in a VAT fraud, and the company has also had 40 million seized.

The company denies all fraud allegations and has appealed the million seizure, but so far without success.

The company's owner refuses an interview with reference to the fact that he has been banned from opening the ongoing preliminary investigation (see video above).

The giant company Brightstar, headquartered in Miami, has also been greatly affected by the mobile scam during the spring, as the Swedish Tax Agency demands over a quarter of a billion from the company in the absence of VAT.

Brightstar has rejected both the demand and the accusations that it had been involved in the mobile looting, and announced in May its intention to leave the Swedish market as a direct result of what is perceived as unfair treatment by Swedish authorities.

Brightstar has since tried to get through a so-called corporate reorganization of its Swedish company to avoid bankruptcy, but has been given the nod by the district court after the Swedish Tax Agency opposed the solution.

Brightstar has appealed the decision to the Court of Appeal.

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This is how we examined the VAT coup Photo: SVT