The death of the girl Jouri .. The Lebanese Minister of Health orders an investigation .. And her father: To whom will I vote for crocodiles?

The Lebanese Ministry of Health announced on Sunday the opening of an investigation into the death of a baby girl whose family said that she had not received the necessary treatment in the hospital, amid the depletion of medicines in the country and a strike by pharmacies.

The 10-month-old girl, Jouri Al-Sayed, died Saturday in the village of Mazboud, southeast of Beirut, after three days, during which she suffered from a sharp rise in temperature, which caused her pneumonia, and she was subsequently transferred to the hospital.

Her uncle, Ayman al-Sayed, told AFP that the girl died "due to a lack of hospital care and a lack of medicine."

He added, "The medicine was not available in the hospital, so her father went to the pharmacy to buy it and found it locked."

He continued, "The negligence of officials .. We are in a country where hospitals do not have medicines, and pharmacies are closed."

But Mazboud Central Hospital, where the girl died, denied any negligence on his part.

He said in a statement that the girl was "given the full and appropriate treatment with all the necessary medicines," noting that the girl died minutes after she was taken out to be transferred to another hospital.

Doctor Kamal Murad said in response to a question by AFP that the girl was transferred to another hospital "without consulting our medical team."

The announcement of the death of a girl caused a sensation on social media and in the Lebanese media. The Ministry of Health issued a statement saying that the Minister of Public Health, Hamad Hassan, instructed “to open an investigation into the circumstances of the death of the girl, Juri al-Sayed;

All concerned medical and administrative authorities and the girl's family were contacted, with the aim of preparing a detailed report that will be studied in the Pediatric Committee at the Ministry of Public Health to take the necessary action.

And spread on social media, a video of the girl's father carrying his daughter wrapped in a shroud, saying, "What will compensate me for my child... to whom did I deliver my voice?"

For the whales and crocodiles who left the country closed?

A large number of pharmacies in Lebanon have closed since Friday, based on a call for an open strike in protest of the depletion of medicines due to the severe financial and economic crisis that the country is going through.

The Pharmacy Owners Association, which called for the strike on Sunday, announced its suspension for two days to give the authorities a deadline to secure medicines.

The Syndicate of Medicines Importers has been warning for weeks that its stock of "hundreds of essential medicines that treat chronic and incurable diseases are running out".

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