Millions of residents of the western United States and Canada have been hit by another heat wave with extreme temperatures this weekend.

Measures have been taken in several places, such as road closures and evacuation orders.

Due to the heat, several heat records were broken again.

Death Valley, which is considered the hottest place in the US, may have recorded a record temperature of 54 degrees on Sunday.

This would be the highest recorded temperature on Earth.

Whether this is really correct and not a measurement error is still being checked.

In Las Vegas in the western state of Nevada, the record temperature of 47 degrees was equaled on Saturday.

That happened only four times before.

Also in western Canada, a large part of the region is burdened by the extreme heat, which is now also moving further inland.

High temperatures spread west of the Rocky Mountains this weekend.

Another 50 new wildfires have started in Canada in the past two days.

In total, there are now nearly 300 active wildfires in the province of British Columbia.

The Canadian government has taken a number of measures to combat the fires, such as partially shutting down train traffic.

Trains regularly cause forest fires because sparks can occur when braking.

At the end of June, the North American west coast was also hit by extreme temperatures.

In various places in the US and Canada, the heat record was broken and forest fires started.

In western Canada, the heat wave led to more than 100 deaths.

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