When asked if they had checked the hazard map of the area where they live, about 70% answered that they had "confirmed", while nearly 30% said that they had "never confirmed". I answered.

NHK conducted a poll for three days from the 9th of this month using a method called "RDD" that calls fixed-line and mobile phone numbers randomly generated by computers for people aged 18 and over nationwide.

The number of people surveyed was 2090, and 59%, or 1224, responded.

I asked if you have ever checked a map or hazard map showing dangerous places such as floods and landslides in your area.

67% answered "I have confirmed it" and 28% answered "I have never confirmed it".

When asked what information is most important when evacuating in the event of a disaster, 48% answered "TV and radio", 17% answered "Internet and SNS", 24% answered "Disaster prevention radio for local governments", and "Family". "Calls from acquaintances" was 7%.

You can also check the hazard maps of each area on the "NHK News / Disaster Prevention App".

Hazard maps of sediment-related disasters and floods are posted.

You can check in advance what kind of disaster risk you have in your area.

This app can be downloaded for free.

Search for "NHK News / Disaster Prevention" in the app store.