If you could change parents for 24 hours, who would you choose?

The humorous columnist of Europe 1 Clément Lanoue asked this question in particular to a group of children.

And the least we can say is that they have a lot of imagination. 

Who has never dreamed of reversing the roles? Several children have been asked to punish their parents. Cigarettes, televisions and social networks, adults also have vices that their blond heads want to correct. And they are even considering replacing them with personalities! On this last point, the youngest are also very inventive… The humorous columnist of Europe 1 Clément Lanoue has compiled the best of their answers for you. 

"Okay now mom, you're going to do your homework, I'm fed up eh! There's a moment to work, a moment to rest!", Yells one of the first mini-interviewees, at the microphone of Europe 1. Depriving their parents of reading, television or even Candy Crush, this is how children would sometimes like to take revenge.

"Mom, stop smoking and yelling on the phone," a little boy says.

"Thank you for closing your oral cavity", imitates a second ironically.

"Stop your phone right now and take care of your children!"

"Oh no, what's embarrassing!"

And after punishing them, these sweet offspring choose to reject their parent.

Normal, a dad or a mom too clingy, "it's a shame!".

One of the children interviewed recounts this situation that we have all experienced.

"In front of the friends, you're in the car and your mother, she gives you a kiss," he says.

Just before commenting: "oh no, how annoying!".

The message got across: during the holidays, you will have to keep yourself in check.

And at the start of the school year, for the traditional kiss before the school day, a safety distance of 20 meters from the gate must be respected.

Except for a little girl interviewed, who finally understood the point of enduring any awkward moment.

"I don't care as long as I don't have to walk," she mumbles.

Jeff Tuche, Mbappé and Mister V, the dads of the year 

Finally, some children have gone to the radical solution: change parents (at least for 24 hours).

"As a dad, I would take Jeff Tuche to eat fries every day and as a mom, it would be Joséphine, guardian angel. She could show what I want to do, where I want. It would be the good life like that!", Dreams a blond head.

One of the interviewees of the day prefers to bet everything on humor.

"Me like dad, I would like Mister V like that, we hit bars every day. And like mom Dora the explorer, never to get lost," he explains.

A smart kid chooses Kylian Mbappé to have "more screen time".

But the most clever is the one that hits the mark: "I don't want to change parents because I love them even if they are sometimes annoying". She is ultimately the winner of this experience.