38% of the respondents confirmed their inability to pay the fees

People of determination demand an approved classification of treatment centers

Governmental centers for people of determination provide educational, training and rehabilitation services.

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"Emirates Today" conducted a survey on its digital platforms, following complaints from families and parents about the difficulties they face in choosing an appropriate rehabilitation center to treat their children of determination.

The results of the survey showed that 70% of the participants find it difficult to choose a well-known center, based on a classification and evaluation issued by the competent authorities, while 38% of the respondents confirmed that they are financially unable to provide the centers fees.

A number of parents conveyed their suffering, which was translated by a set of questions, which "Emirates Today" sent more than two weeks ago, to the Ministry of Community Development and the Community Development Authority in Dubai, but it was not possible to obtain a response from both sides.

The difficulty of choosing an appropriate center for the treatment and rehabilitation of people of determination, among a large list approved by the Ministry of Community Development, raises a question about the reason for the lack of classification and evaluation of the level of these centers in terms of the quality of their services, similar to the classification adopted in educational institutions and centers, which makes families confused and anxious From determining the qualified center to provide treatment services for their children.

One of the mothers told "Emirates Today" that she fell into a psychological predicament, in addition to her shock to learn that her child had a disability, because when she began looking for a solution to treat it by a specialized authority, she discovered a large number of approved centers that provide rehabilitation and treatment services, but they are not classified or known level, at a time when the lowest annual cost of treating a child in these centers is between 100,000 and 120,000 dirhams.

The mother added that the problem is also that each center requests the evaluation of the child himself, even if he has been examined and his problem identified by a specialist, adding that the evaluation fees conducted by the centers are not less than 4000 dirhams, and are not counted in the cost of treatment, at a time when there is no It has a rating that reassures the family that it has used the appropriate position.

The father of another child explained to "Emirates Today" how he spent several months in the cycle of searching for a center, due to his great concern about the exorbitant fees in exchange for receiving a service that was not evaluated by a competent authority.

He added that the provision of treatment costs in those centers is another problem, which is difficult to solve, in light of the high prices that exceed the monthly capabilities and resources of the largest proportion of families.

A number of families complained that dealing with these centers is based on profitability, and does not take into account their need to obtain treatment for their children that may last for several years, at a time when it is difficult to provide the high costs required to continue for the child to obtain the required rehabilitation and treatment.

One of the Emirati mothers said that there are a number of government centers that provide quality services in the treatment and rehabilitation of people of determination, but the problem facing families lies in the lack of vacant places in those centers for all numbers, or certain types of disabilities, in addition to the problem of housing the child in A different emirate for the location of the appropriate center for treatment.

She added that private centers impose fees that exceed the capacity of national and resident families, because they are at best not less than 120 thousand dirhams annually, while there are many other responsibilities required of parents.

• 120 thousand dirhams, the cost of treating a child in treatment centers for people of determination.

• The fees for the evaluation conducted by the centers shall not be less than 4000 dirhams.

21% use bank loans to pay fees

A three-question survey conducted by "Emirates Today" in the wake of complaints submitted by parents revealed that about 70% of the respondents confirmed that they find it difficult to choose an appropriate center for the rehabilitation and treatment of their children of determination, as confirmed by 82% of the respondents. Their opinions about treatment costs are that the prices and fees of rehabilitation centers for people of determination are very high, while 13% of them said that they are not commensurate with the level of services provided in some centers.

In response to a question about how to provide the financial resources required for the treatment of their children, 38% of the respondents confirmed that they are financially unable to provide the fees, compared to 21% of them who said that they use bank loans and charities to pay the annual payments required of them.

58 centers

The Ministry of Community Development provides a list of 58 rehabilitation and treatment centers for people of determination in the various emirates of the country, provided with contact information with the center, the costs of treatment sessions, transportation fees, and other fees, but it does not specify the level and degree of quality of services in these centers.

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