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120 of 600 Urk fishermen come to GGD prick campaign

At a prick campaign by the GGD Flevoland, 120 of the 600 employees of the Urk fishing fleet were vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine on Saturday, a spokesperson for the GGD reported to Seventy Urkers and fifty Filipinos received a shot.

The fishermen were vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine, because they are then ready after one shot. Since the employees spend a lot of time at sea, it would have been difficult for them to schedule two prick appointments.

The GGD Flevoland reports that a further 140 migrant workers have been vaccinated, 40 of whom work in Urk. About 80 percent of all migrants come from Poland. The GGD says it is "quite satisfied" with the turnout, "but more is always better."

In Urk, vaccination readiness is at the lowest point in the Netherlands,

De Stentor 


earlier. The RIVM has already sounded the alarm several times about the willingness to vaccinate in the village. About 20 to 40 percent of the residents would like a shot.

Israel offers the vulnerable third shot

Vulnerable residents of Israel can now receive an extra shot of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

Health Minister Natzan Horowitz announced this.

He is still considering whether the rest of the population will also be given the option of a third shot.

The additional vaccination is available for people who have a weakened immune system, for example as a result of medical conditions or recent surgery.

For a long time, Israel led the way in vaccinating the population, but thanks in part to the advance of the delta variant, the number of infections in the country is rising again.

It is not yet known whether a third injection is indeed of added value for people with a medical risk.

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Slightly fewer positive tests reported

Today RIVM reports 9,398 new positive tests.

That is slightly less than Saturday, when more than 10,300 positive tests were reported.





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Gommers: 'Rutte and De Jonge should have apologized at the press conference'

IC doctor Diederik Gommers believes that outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) should have apologized for the corona policy during the press conference on Friday evening. "I do not understand why Rutte and De Jonge did not just say sorry at the press conference," Gommers writes on Instagram on Sunday.

Behavioral scientist Reint Jan Renes also found Friday's press conference remarkable, the expert told

Nieuwsuur on


. Renes believes, among other things, that the cabinet could have done more with self-reflection. "The '

Sorry, that wasn't all very useful

, we are all going to tackle it again together ', they can actually say that for a while.

That is really necessary."

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German corona figures remain low despite rise

The number of corona


in Germany has risen for the fifth day in a row, but remains at a low level compared to many other European countries.

In the past 24 hours, there were 745 new infections and six deaths from COVID-19.

The Robert Koch-Institut (RKI), the German counterpart of the RIVM, reported an average of 6.2 infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

A week ago, that figure was 5. Nearly six in ten Germans have now received a vaccine.

More than 40 percent is protected with two doses.

Other European countries, such as England, Portugal, Russia and Spain, are seeing a much higher increase as a result of the very rapidly transferable delta variant.

In the Netherlands things are moving very fast.

Some parts of the country have more than 400 infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

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Twelve-year-olds born in the first half of 2009 can schedule a corona jab



born before June 30, 2009 can make an appointment for a corona vaccination, said outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) on Sunday.

Children born in the first half of 2009 can

schedule an appointment

from 10:00

. They can make an appointment via the website or call the national appointment number (0800-70 70). They don't have to wait until they receive the invitation to do so.

Young people born after 30 June 2009 can make an appointment from their birthday.

You do not have to wait for the invitation letter.

Is it your birthday this month?

Then you will receive that letter at the beginning of August.

If you celebrate your birthday next month, you will receive the invitation letter in September.

Information for the group that turns twelve in September or later will follow later.

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The Netherlands is turning red: situation is 'very serious' in more places

No corner of the Netherlands escapes the

latest revival

of the corona virus.

On the latest corona map of the Netherlands, which will be determined on Tuesday, several regions are at the highest alarm level.

The situation is now 'very serious'.

The Netherlands will probably also change color on the European corona map next week.

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OMT member fears that infections 'seep through' to the vulnerable.

The enormous increase in the number of corona

infections is

worrying Menno de Jong, virologist at Amsterdam UMC and member of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT). "We have to take into account that the infections

still seep through

to the vulnerable population," he says to the Amsterdam channel 


Vulnerable groups have been vaccinated, but he believes the vaccines offer less protection against the current delta variant. "Plus the most vulnerable population has been vaccinated early in the year, which means that protection is already starting to expire."

De Jong is shocked by the current increase in the number of infections.

"I don't think anyone expected this, such a big increase two weeks after the relaxations. This is also above all expectations in the models. That also means that the models no longer give the compass. Now that we see these numbers, we don't know what's going to happen."

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Indonesia and Myanmar report shortage of oxygen cylinders Oxygen cylinders are

running out in more and more places in Indonesia and Myanmar.

Oxygen is of great importance in the fight against the corona virus, especially now that the number of infections in those countries and elsewhere in Southeast Asia is rising rapidly.

In Myanmar, a record number of 4,377 new infections were registered in the past 24 hours.

The country's Ministry of Economic Affairs therefore wants to speed up additional imports of oxygen.

Indonesia has already turned to China and Singapore for oxygen.

The United States and United Arab Emirates have also offered to help.

The shortages are particularly acute in Java.

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Australia reports first corona death of the year 

Australia reported the first corona death of 2021 on Sunday. With 77 new cases, a record number of infections was also registered for this year in the state of New South Wales. That state is dealing with an outbreak of the highly contagious delta variant.

New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian said numbers in and around the country's largest city, Sydney, which has been on lockdown for three weeks, are expected to rise further in the coming days. "I expect the number in New South Wales to exceed a hundred tomorrow," Berejiklian told a televised briefing. "I'll be shocked if it's less."

On Saturday, there were fifty cases, the previous record of 2021. This brings the recent outbreak to 566 infections.

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Belgian woman (90) infected with two virus variants

A ninety-year-old woman from Belgium who previously died from the consequences of the corona virus was infected with both the alpha and the beta variant at the same time.

Belgian researchers announced this on Sunday.

According to them, this rare phenomenon may be underestimated.

When medical personnel tested for the presence of variants of concern, they found that the woman was carrying both the alpha strain (which is native to Britain) and the beta variant (which was first discovered in South Africa). "Both variants were circulating in Belgium at the time, so it's likely she was co-infected with different viruses from two different people," said molecular biologist Anne Vankeerberghen of the OLV Hospital, who led the study. "Unfortunately, we don't know how she got infected."

Vankeerberghen says that it is difficult to say whether the co-infection played a role in the rapid decline of the patient.

The research, which has not yet been submitted for publication to a medical journal, will be presented at a European conference.

Vankeerberghen stated in a press release that there are "no other published cases" of similar co-infections and added that the phenomenon is "probably underestimated".

According to her, this is due to limited testing for worrisome virus variants.

She calls for more rapid PCR testing to detect known mutations.

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Much less Testing for Access appointments after press conference

Many people canceled their test appointment at Testen for Access on Saturday after Friday night's press conference. The test organization took into account 50,000 test appointments, but in the end only 16,000 tests were carried out, a spokesperson reports. More than 102,000 tests were taken on Friday.

Due to the new measures, a lot fewer tickets are suddenly needed. For example, outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) and outgoing prime minister Mark Rutte announced during a press conference on Friday evening that multi-day events may no longer be held for the time being. Until August 13, an event may last a maximum of 24 hours. It is one of the measures taken by the cabinet to stop the growing number of infections with the corona virus.

The corona admission ticket, which allowed an exception to the one and a half meter rule, will no longer be used for the catering industry until 13 August.

Discos and nightclubs are closing completely.

Events, cultural venues and sports competitions are accessible, but everyone must have a fixed seat and sit 1.5 meters apart.

When using the corona admission ticket (testing for access), extra public may be present at these locations.

The available space is limited: a maximum of two thirds of the capacity may be used.

An access test for a corona ticket is valid for 24 hours instead of 40 hours from next Tuesday.

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WHO records four million corona-related deaths

Health organization WHO has registered more than four million corona-related deaths worldwide.

The number was reached on Friday.

Most corona-related deaths have been recorded in the United States.

That country, with a population of 330 million, reported more than 600,000 deaths.

China, where the coronavirus first emerged, reports more than 5,566 corona-related deaths out of nearly 1.4 billion inhabitants.

In the Netherlands, almost 18,000 of the 17.5 million inhabitants have died from COVID-19 since the start of the corona pandemic.

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